Living For The Joy Of Giving – Making 2012 Your Best Year Yet, Part 3

It goes without saying that we live in a society that thrives on consumerism. It seems that whenever we turn on the television there’s a new add, telling us of the latest thing, the latest product, the newest technological gadget that we need and why having it is going to make our lives absolutely amazing. The underlying message seems clear: get more stuff and you’ll be happy.

While it’s certainly nice that most of us live in a part of the world where a broad variety of material things are available, the dysfunction only sets in once we allow matters to get out of balance. If we pay too much attention to the media, we may be tempted to go from using material things for what they were intended, which is to enjoy the comforts of life in time and space, to thinking that we need to have material things in order to feel fulfilled. Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t need anything to feel fulfilled because experiencing true fulfillment is purely an inside job.

But to be clear. We’re not talking about turning our backs on material things, selling all our possessions, and trading in our day to day lives for going off to live in a cave somewhere. That would be going to the other end of the extreme, renouncing everything material, thinking that’s what’s necessary in order for us to be truly spiritual.

Spirituality does NOT equal being poor.

The contrary actually. God isn’t poor, God owns the entire universe. God owns everything. I certainly wouldn’t call that being poor. Furthermore, this isn’t a universe of lack and scarcity, it’s a universe of infinite abundance. Its supplies are inexhaustible, and there is a constant wellspring of good that is forever unfolding.

So rather than turning to either one of these extremes, our task as spiritually mature and awakened individuals should be to live in a state of balance.

When we’re in a state of balance we understand that we can have whatever we want or desire, but we’re also aware that we don’t need one more thing to be happy and fulfilled.

That’s the art of living!

Being able to live from that space of constant expansion where our life is an adventure that’s forever unfolding, new ideas are constantly being born through us, new dreams and new desires are emerging, we discover new avenues through which to express our gifts, skills, and talents, we’re constantly evolving into greater versions of ourselves.

We’re in that state of constant expansion, yet at the same time we’re aware that we have everything we need right here and right now.

That’s what’s been called the sweet spot of creation, because that’s where effortless creation is allowed to take place. It’s the place from which God creates.

God never creates from a place of, I need this, or I need that. Or, I’m so lonely and unhappy, I need to bring more stuff into my life so I can feel better. Not from a place of neediness; but much rather from a place of eternal, joyous unfolding. Being in that state is an experience of pure bliss, a state of effortless ease, a state of pure spontaneity, of pure creativity.

That’s how we want to live our lives as we become receptive to 2012 being our best year yet.

But how do we go about doing that? It sounds good in theory, right? But how can we actually make that a tangible reality in our day to day lives? Well, let’s go into the practicality of matters and have a look at some ways for how we can start moving into that space right now:

  • Moving Into the Sweet Spot of Creation

In order for us to truly allow our lives to flourish, I believe it’s important that we move away from being overly focused on getting, and instead focus our attention towards being of service.

Now, this is a delicate balance and it requires a certain degree of spiritual maturity (which, if you’re reading this, you most certainly have) since we’re not talking about renouncing desires. This does not contradict anything that was shared in Part One and Part Two of this series respectively. Much rather does this build on the previous two entries.

Because once we’ve enlarged our capacity to receive and we’ve surrendered to the Great Unfolding, our intentionality now becomes to be in that place of perfect balance, the sweet spot of creation, where rather than us trying to manipulate events in space and time to try and get some desired outcome, we bring ourselves into alignment with the creative force of the universe. It’s only from this place of alignment that we can truly allow all of our desires to manifest.

The physical universe will always reflect our internal state of being back to us. It’s like our spiritual mirror, always letting us know what our deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations are. And so if we’re too overly focused on waiting for things to happen, as in waiting for our dreams and desires to manifest, we’re actually holding ourselves apart from the very manifestations that we’re waiting for. The reason being that a state of wanting will always result in more of the same: more wanting.

So why not turn things around instead? Why not approach life from the perspective that everything you need and desire is already a done deal?

The moment you asked, God, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, responded. And that means that whatever it is you asked for is now in the process of coming into your life.

Knowing this frees us up to no longer approach every situation from the perspective of, what’s in it for me, how can I best manipulate this situation to get what I want or need? Instead, we’re now free to approach every interaction with the intentionality that we are going to be of service! We’ve decided that today we’re going to be a blessing to someone! Today we’re going to give more of ourselves! Today we’re going to add to the light of the world!

What it really boils down to is trust.

We start to trust that the Universe really is on our side; we start to trust that God isn’t some reluctant deity that answers some prayers and says no to others; we start to trust that Love, Joy, Beauty, Well-being, Harmony, Creativity, Generosity and Prosperity are Divine Qualities that are forever unfolding; we start to trust that whenever we ask, God always answers; and we understand that, at the deepest level of our Being, we do not have to ask for anything because everything’s already been given! That’s when we understand the true meaning of the Biblical phrase, before you ask I will have answered.

But it always begins with a choice.

Remember, we have self-reflective awareness (aka free will), which means it’s up to us to make a choice. So why not choose to ask each and every day, “How can I serve today? How can I be a blessing to someone today? How can I uplift someone? How can I make a difference today?”

As we do this, we’ll begin to feel this load taken off our shoulders. We feel a great sense of relief as this powerful shift in energy takes hold. We begin to feel the lower frequencies of fear, doubt, and worry melting away, and suddenly we realize that wherever we go, whoever we’re with, we can be a blessing!

As we begin to live our lives from this place of sacred service, we begin to experience that sweet joy, that immense bliss that we get when we’re living for the joy of giving.

  • Living for the Joy of Giving

We’re all inherently drawn to be of service. At the end of the day, we all want to know that our lives mattered. There is no feeling more rewarding, more joyous, than the feeling you get when you know you’ve truly made a difference in someone’s life.

Most people never allow themselves to experience this feeling simply out of fear. Deep down they may want to, but they’re afraid that if they give too much, they may end up not having enough for themselves.

But that’s NOT you and me!

Let us together make a decision that we’re going to let go of this fear based mentality once and for all, and instead live each day of our lives knowing with absolute certainty that all our needs are met.

Not sometimes. Not most of the time. All of the time!

So with that knowing in our heart, let’s together declare these statements of intent:

“Today and on all days of my life, I am available to serve! I let go of any and all perceptions of lack, limitation, and scarcity, and instead I surrender to the Great Unfolding of Divine Qualities in my life! I am available to the everlasting wellspring of Good, and I understand that all my needs are met! Today I am going to be a blessing! Today I am going to shine the light of consciousness! Today I am going to live for the joy of giving!”

And the kind of giving that we’re talking about here can be anything. It can be material, but it can just as well be giving someone your time, giving someone your attention, giving someone your love, letting the people around you know that you appreciate them, sending someone a prayer of well-being, giving someone a hug, giving encouragement. We’re talking about simply offering to be of service in whatever way we can.

As we do this, the Universe will reflect our new state of being back to us, and suddenly we begin to find that the more we are a blessing, the more we are blessed!

And when we’re in that state where we’re truly being a blessing for no other reason than the joy that it brings us, we find ourselves being showered with miraculous synchronicity, the right doors opening at the right time, and before we know it all our dreams and desires will begin to effortlessly and spontaneously fall into place.

That’s when we know beyond any doubt that we’re in the sweet spot of creation.

We live in profound times. More people than ever before are beginning to awaken all across the planet. Let’s be a part of that! Let’s decide that we’re going to live our lives at our highest potential, and that we’re going to become open channels for the Light of Divinity to shine forth through us each and every day.

May you be blessed beyond your wildest expectations!

May this be your best year yet!

Much Love and Blessings!

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