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The fourth and final part of this Best Year Of Your Life series is all about letting go of judging ourselves, letting go of comparing ourselves to others, and simply deciding to shine our own light fully and completely. It’s about embracing who we are, loving who we are, and then becoming the full embodiment of our highest potential through the sharing of our gifts, skills, and talents. Here are the links to the previous entries, if you would like to revisit them:

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And now, let’s wrap this thing up:

  • Understanding Your Uniqueness

In order for us to fully unlock all of our potential, it’s important that we realize our own uniqueness. Did you know that you are completely and totally unique? There is no one else who is exactly like you anywhere in the world. Almost seven billion people on the planet, but only one you. There is no one else who has your unique sensibilities, your unique point of view, your life experiences. You are truly one of a kind.

So easily we can get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. We notice something that we like in someone else, and then we start wanting to be like them. If only we could have their skills, their talents, their strengths. If only we could just be a little more like that. But whenever we think in such ways, we are giving away the gift of our own uniqueness. We’re trading in our own unique nature in order to try and be like someone else.

If we truly want to unleash our full potential, it’s important that we let go of comparing, and instead decide to be the only person we can ever be in this particular lifetime: ourselves.

Of course it’s great to have role models. I have quite a few of them myself. They are the ones that inspire us, we look to them as examples of what’s possible. Oftentimes they may act as our mentors, we may learn a great deal from them, and we may certainly be influenced by them. But there is a difference between looking up to a person we admire, and attempting to emulate that person.

Sure, in some cases we may even be quite similar. But we must always remember that, despite that, we are all on our own unique journey. It does no good to compare our own life journey to that of someone else. In fact, someone once said, “comparison is the fast track to misery.” And nothing could be more true.

Whenever pondering the idea of uniqueness, I love to think about the snowflake analogy.

Did you know that there are no two snowflakes that are exactly alike? Consider for a moment the countless numbers of snowflakes that form all across the world all throughout the year. At first glance they may all look the same. But if you were to examine each of them under a microscope, you’d find that not only are snowflakes made up of absolutely beautiful frozen crystal structures, but every single one of them is unique in the way and shape that these crystals are formed.

Well, and just like all snowflakes are unique, every single one of us is unique. And regardless of what experiences we may have had, regardless of what conditioning we may have picked up along the way, regardless of how flawed we may think we are, the truth is we are all perfect just the way we are.

In fact, let’s dig a little deeper into this idea of our own perfection. Are you ready for this? Are you truly willing to remind yourself of what at the soul-level you already know? Okay. Then here we go:

We are all unique ways in which Divine Intelligence is expressing and experiencing Itself right here on earth. Every single one of us is a unique idea in the mind of God, and as such we are all perfect just as we are. We are unique ways in which Love, Divine Beauty, Creativity, and GENIOSITY are happening on this planet.

Allow yourself to just take that in.

Does that resonate with you on some level?

Allow yourself to be reminded today of Who You Really Are. Allow yourself to remember that your existence didn’t begin with your birth in time in space. How could that even be? You’re not merely what you can see and feel with your physical senses. You are not a collection of flesh and bones that’s somehow learned to walk and talk and think and imagine and create and have dreams.

The truth is you are an eternal, infinite, timeless Being. You are pure Divine Intelligence. You are made up of pure one hundred percent God. That’s what’s meant by we are made in the image and likeness of God.

And, friends, you’re not here because you fell off a cloud, or because you have to prove yourself “worthy.” You are here BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE!

You’re here because you knew that coming here would be a great adventure! You knew at one point that life is an adventure that’s forever unfolding, and you knew that the very life you’re living right now would add immeasurably to your own joyous growth and expansion, and to the expansion of ALL THAT IS!

You came to this planet at this time in human history because you said you were going to express your gifts, skills, and talents; you said you were going to be a blessing by simply being yourself; you said you were going to become the embodiment of the Divine Qualities of Love, Joy, Health, Well-being, Prosperity, Harmony, Creativity, Beauty, Wisdom, Peace, and Eternal Joyous Expansion! You said you were going to let it rip!

You chose the exact time in history in which you’d be born; you chose your gender, your personality traits, your dreams and preferences; you chose your gifts, skills, and talents. And you made all of these choices from a vantage point that’s not limited to space, time, and the five senses. Much rather, you made these choices from the full, wondrous, limitless vantage point of the Infinite Being that you truly are!

Now. Ain’t it just grand to actually know this? Seriously. Isn’t it amazing to just even be considering the possibility?

Because the truth is, most people have become so fully absorbed in matters of space and time, the material things of life, that they’ve completely forgotten that they came from beyond space and time. They’ve lost touch with their connection to this broader perspective.

Let’s make a decision that that’s not going to be you and me!

Let’s decide that we’re going to live our lives from this place of heightened awareness, this place of remembrance. Let’s decide that we’re going to live what we’ve been calling the awakened life. Let’s decide that we’re going to live a conscious life.

A life lived consciously is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give to ourselves, and one of the most magnificent blessings we could ever receive.

  • Fall In Love With Your Magnificent Self

Once we’re able to get back to remembering the truth of ourselves and our reality, it becomes easier to perceive our own intrinsic perfection. Once we can truly begin to grasp that our life is not an accident, and that we are not at the mercy of forces that are external to us, we can begin to see that just perhaps we’re okay just the way we are. Just maybe we can start to let go of looking at what we think are our flaws and shortcomings, and we can start to notice that we’re actually doing just fine.

As I sat down to write this article, I felt guided and inspired to simply just remind us all of Who We Really Are. Because if we want to make 2012 our best year yet, if we want to go beyond all past limitation, if we want to live our lives at our highest potential, it’s important that we can love that person that we see every time we look in the mirror.

Begin to embrace the fact that your journey is uniquely yours. Realize that, just like the snowflake, you are completely unique, one of a kind, and like the snowflake’s crystal structures, absolutely beautiful and magnificent.

Start to consider that all the experiences you’ve had were necessary to simply get you to where you wanted to go. Start to realize that whatever your dreams are, whatever your aspirations, you are never as far off course as you may have thought. In fact, you are exactly where you need to be right now.

The entire Universe, All That Is, is supporting you in getting you to where you want to go. The life of your dreams truly is the life you came here to live!

And if you’re facing a challenge, have the courage to open yourself up to the idea that just perhaps there’s something for you to learn, just perhaps there’s an opportunity there for you to become more fully yourself. Start looking for the gift. Begin to ask, “What Divine Quality is seeking to emerge through me here?” And then make yourself available to it. By doing that, you are letting go of being a victim, and instead you begin to take charge of your life once again.

  • Shine Your Light, Sing Your Song, Dance Your Dance

Remember some of these questions that I asked in the post on ?

What are the things you enjoy doing?

What are you drawn to?

What are you passionate about?

What is it that you absolutely love?

The answers to these questions are signs that are pointing you towards your very reason for being here. So decide that you’re going to shine your light, sing your song, and dance your dance. Decide that you’re going to do what you came here to do. And let’s together declare these statements of intent:

“I choose to embrace the unique and wondrous nature of my own Being! I love myself, I appreciate myself, and I choose to fully shine my Light in my own, wonderfully unique way! I am available to what wants to unfold in my life! I am available to become the full embodiment of my highest potential! I know that I am One with All That Is, I know that my nature is one of Love, Light, and Beauty; and I am open to receiving the guidance and direction of my Highest Self! I am here to live an extraordinary life! I am here to live a joyous life! I am here to fully express all of my gifts, skills, and talents! I give thanks that this is now so, and with deep appreciation, I simply allow it to be! And so it is!”

  • Wrap Up

I hope you’ve found this Best Year Of Your Life series helpful. Of course all of this applies at any time throughout the year, so regardless of when you read this, I hope you find it helpful. ;)

Feel free to post comments, responses, or questions in the comments section bellow. Naturally, everything that’s said here can only truly be beneficial if it’s applied on a regular basis. So experiment with it. Take what resonates with you and put it to use in whatever way feels right to you. And please also feel free to share any of the material on this blog as you see fit. The idea is to collectively create this shift in how we look at ourselves and our life, break past any and all old limitations, and start living the extraordinary lives we’re all here to live.

May you be blessed beyond your wildest expectations!

May 2012 be your best year yet!

Much Love and Blessings to you!

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A desire originating from a pure heart is a wonderful blessing. It’s part of the unfolding of the evolutionary impulse of the Universe.

What do we mean by “pure desire?”

A pure desire is one that comes from a place of Love, it originates in a place of joyous expansion.

It’s a desire free from lower energy frequencies such as fear, lust, greed, the need to control, the need to prove oneself, the need to be right. Those are all lower desires. Lower desires originate from a fearful and confused ego.

However, pure desire originates from Spirit.

Pure desire originates for one reason alone. For the sheer joy that it brings.

Pure desire is free from the baggage of fear. Instead, it radiates that pure, sweet, innocent, joyous quality that is at the heart of everything in nature.

As we grow and mature spiritually, our task is not to let go of desire. The contrary actually. Pure desire is always an indicator of how the Great Unfolding of Divine Qualities is to take shape in our lives. It’s an indicator towards how we can become more fully ourselves, how we can live our lives at our highest potential, how we can become the full embodiment of all that we came here to be.

Within the acorn is the pure desire to become an oak tree.

Within the larva is the pure desire to become a butterfly.

Within the newly planted seed is the pure desire to become a beautiful rose.

Everything in nature radiates pure desire.

It’s not something that must be controlled or obsessed over. It’s not something that requires us to manipulate events, people, and situations.

If left alone, if not resisted, a pure desire has already within itself the mechanics for its own fulfillment.

No one has to teach the acorn how to become an oak tree, no one has to show the larva how to become a butterfly, no one has to manipulate events in space and time to turn the seed into a beautiful rose.

Similarly, the acorn, the larva, and the seed do not worry about whether or not they’ll eventually become the full embodiment of their potential.

Instead, there is something within them, deep at their core, that just knows.

They relax. They are available. They simply allow it to be.

If we can simply relax, make ourselves available, and allow it to be, we will be in alignment with the Great Unfolding. We will be in alignment with All That Is.

Will we still need to take action?

Of course. But from this place of alignment, any action we take will be joyous. Every step along our journey will be one filled with delight, love, and beauty.

We’re not concerned with having to arrive someplace, because we’re already loving where we are. We’re loving the very journey itself.

Go within.

Listen to what wants to emerge.

And then, just like the acorn, the larva, and the seed, decide that you’re going to be available to it. Decide that you’re going to allow yourself to become the full embodiment of your highest potential.

Much Love and Blessings to you!

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One of the most powerful tools that we can apply in our day to day lives in order to experience more peace, joy, and lasting happiness, is the tool of observing stillness.

Most people are trapped in the prison of the conditioned mind, yet they do not realize this. Their attention is constantly focused on thinking.

This thinking either involves obsessing over the past or the future, or it involves complaining in one form or another.

Whenever we’re in such a state of mind, we’ve allowed ourselves to get identified with thinking, thus the mind has taken us hostage. We’ve forgotten that we are not our thoughts.

We are the observing presence, the field of awareness in which thinking happens.

An easy way to notice this is to just become still. Just stop. Just for a few moments. You can do it right now. Allow yourself to become completely present. And then observe whatever thoughts arise. Just allow them to be.

Notice them.

Watch them.

With no judgement.

Just let them be.

They’re drifting by like clouds in the sky.

As you learn to do this, you will find that, gradually, the mental chatter will begin to clear away, and you will experience moments of pure stillness.

And in that stillness you will notice something extraordinary:

When all thoughts cease, you are still there.

The thoughts are gone, but you remain.

That is because you are not your thoughts.

With this realization, you learn to not always take your thoughts so seriously, particularly when they become infused with negativity.

All forms of negativity are merely conditioned mind patterns.

You learn to see beyond the patterns.

You learn to see beyond the clouds of illusions.

You learn to rediscover the Real You that lives in a space beyond all thought, beyond all judgement, and beyond all negativity; it lives in that space that so many of us have forgotten even exists. The space of eternal stillness.

That space is pure bliss, pure love, pure joy.

It’s your home.

And it’s your natural state of being.

May you experience this profound peace in your life each and every day!

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One of the most powerful and most important constants at work in the Universe is the Law of Circulation, or as it’s also known, the Law of Attraction. It’s one of the most important constants because it affects our lives in each and every moment. In fact, it’s the process through which we create our lives in each and every moment, whether we’re doing so consciously or not.

For a definition of universal laws please refer to my previous post on the subject of beyond belief, Getting Down To The Heart Of Matters. But just to briefly recap, when we’re talking about universal laws, we are referring to constants that exist regardless of whether or not we believe in them. I had used the law of gravity to illustrate this. Gravity exists. We all know it does, and so belief in it is not necessary.

Just as there are universal laws in our physical time/space reality, there are universal spiritual laws. And the Law of Attraction is without a doubt the one that is at the heart of all our experiences.

The Law of Attraction has become widely known after the success of the 2006 movie, The Secret. You may have seen it. If you haven’t, you most likely have heard about it. But while The Secret was merely the mainstream population’s introduction to the idea that we create our own reality, in truth the Law of Attraction is an ancient principle that dates as far back as recorded history.

This principle says that what goes around, comes around. Our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations literally become the things and events of our life.

And this, my friends, could not be more true.

We’ve all heard it in one form or another. I have yet to meet someone who claims the opposite, that our thoughts do not impact our life whatsoever. But what I think many of us may not realize is just how powerful this principle is. Because the truth is, our thoughts do not only impact our experience of life.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are what are CREATING our experience of life!

But remember, this isn’t about merely taking on a new belief. This is about developing a knowing. Because if you want to take charge of your life, you must let go of any and all doubt. So I invite you to examine this a little closer. Oftentimes it’s easier to notice these things in others. Look at the people in your life. Aren’t their lives basically a representation of what they think, believe, and expect? You may have noticed that the people who are dissatisfied, worried, and upset, will always have something to be dissatisfied, worried, and upset about. Conversely, the people who are happy and joyous will always have something to be happy and joyous about.

But there’s something here that most of us have backwards.

We use the physical manifestations in our lives to support whatever our beliefs, thoughts, and expectations are. We look at outside reality and whatever shape it takes as the verification of our beliefs.

Yet any physical manifestation, no matter what it may be, is merely a REFLECTION of our beliefs, thoughts, and expectations.

Not realizing this always leads to dysfunction because, inevitably, we will try to change the physical circumstances without changing our internal state of being first. This creates the illusion that there’s an outside force or power that we have to overcome in order to be successful, happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

But there’s another approach to life. One that is more effective, less strenuous, and it always yields better results. And that is to look at every event, every circumstance or interaction, in fact everything that surrounds you, as merely a reflection of your internal state of being. It’s just like the reflection in the mirror.

  • The Physical Universe as your Spiritual Mirror

Imagine for a moment that you went to your bathroom mirror one morning and, for one reason or another, you didn’t like the reflection it was showing you. Maybe you felt you were looking messy or for some reason you didn’t like the way your hair looked that particular day. Now, what if your response to that unwanted image in the mirror was to simply smash the mirror, and then go about your day?

That would be pretty crazy, right?

But metaphysically speaking, people are walking around, smashing mirrors all the time, yet failing to do something about what’s causing the unwanted reflection. And the cause is always our internal state of being; it’s our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations that are being reflected back to us.

Spiritually speaking, the physical universe is just like a mirror, always reflecting back to us what’s going on inside of us. As we begin to awaken to deeper levels of awareness, we start to realize that we are always at cause. As a result, we realize that complaining, faultfinding, or taking on a victim mentality, is always useless and simply a waste of time and energies. And moreover, it perpetuates the experience, always bringing us more of the unwanted.

So our task must be to instead change what’s going on inside. Rather than smashing the mirror, we can use the mirror. After all, the mirror is our friend. Imagine if you had to comb your hair, shave, or put on makeup with no mirror. You would have no way of knowing how effective your actions were, because you would have no way of knowing how you looked.

Well, in the same way that we use our bathroom mirror, we can use our spiritual mirror. We can use it as a feedback system that lets us know what our dominant internal state is.

And, as always, there is no judgement involved. The mirror doesn’t say, “Look at you, you just can’t get it right. Why are you even trying?” The mirror simply presents us with an accurate and non-judgmental reflection of ourselves.

Bellow are some easy steps that you can take on a day to day basis to start using your spiritual mirror in a way that will be beneficial to you and to what you’re seeking to create in your life.

1. Focus your attention on what you want

Most people have been conditioned to keep their attention on what they don’t want, be it through expressing their disapproval, complaining, or simply discussing it with pretty much everyone they know. A better way of using our spiritual mirror is to simply acknowledge whatever unwanted condition there is, accept it, and from this place of peaceful acceptance we then choose to place our attention on how we’d rather like things to turn out now. What we’re doing is creating a shift in energy that will begin to bring us into alignment with the change that we’d like to experience.

2. Visualize

One of the most powerful tools to help us create any change is the tool of visualization. Whenever you visualize or imagine something, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. Over time this will have a profound impact on your internal state of being. And remember, once your internal state of being shifts, the reflections surrounding you must shift as well. It’s universal law.

3. Become more aware of how you feel

Our emotions are always an indicator of what’s going on inside of us. They always let us know whether we’re focused on something wanted, or if our attention is on something unwanted. By simply stopping a few times throughout the day and noticing how we feel, we begin to raise our level of awareness. This puts us back in a place of being able to choose. Because by simply noticing that our attention has moved towards something unwanted, we can then change that by turning our attention towards something that is more pleasing.

4. Write down things you’re thankful for

This is one of the most powerful things we can do. By spending some time every day to write down things we’re thankful for, we’re training ourselves to focus more in the direction of what’s wanted. Whenever we feel true gratitude and appreciation, we’re literally sending out a signal to the Universe, asking for more things to be thankful for.

5. Think thoughts that are beneficial

We are not at the mercy of our thoughts. We can always choose to think a new thought, we can always choose to think thoughts that reflect the Divine Qualities of Love, Joy, Appreciation, and Well-being, rather than thoughts that reflect limitation. We can always choose to think thoughts of possibility, rather than thoughts of despair. Make it a habit to think more intentionally throughout the day. Rather than considering worst case scenarios, consider best case scenarios. Think about all the ways that things could turn out in your favor. Think about all the reasons for why you’re bound to succeed in whatever it is you’re pursuing. Begin to ponder your own limitless Divine nature, and train yourself to become more consciously aware that the Universe is reflecting your thoughts back to you.

As always, I hope you find this helpful. There are many more ways to create internal shifts, but these are certainly some of the more basic approaches.

I would love to hear from you with any comments or feedback you may have. Are you new to this kind of thinking? Or do you already have some experience with the Law of Attraction? Do you visualize and/or keep a gratitude journal?

Here’s to living our lives at our fullest potential!

Until next time.

Much Love and Blessings to you!

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It goes without saying that we live in a society that thrives on consumerism. It seems that whenever we turn on the television there’s a new add, telling us of the latest thing, the latest product, the newest technological gadget that we need and why having it is going to make our lives absolutely amazing. The underlying message seems clear: get more stuff and you’ll be happy.

While it’s certainly nice that most of us live in a part of the world where a broad variety of material things are available, the dysfunction only sets in once we allow matters to get out of balance. If we pay too much attention to the media, we may be tempted to go from using material things for what they were intended, which is to enjoy the comforts of life in time and space, to thinking that we need to have material things in order to feel fulfilled. Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t need anything to feel fulfilled because experiencing true fulfillment is purely an inside job.

But to be clear. We’re not talking about turning our backs on material things, selling all our possessions, and trading in our day to day lives for going off to live in a cave somewhere. That would be going to the other end of the extreme, renouncing everything material, thinking that’s what’s necessary in order for us to be truly spiritual.

Spirituality does NOT equal being poor.

The contrary actually. God isn’t poor, God owns the entire universe. God owns everything. I certainly wouldn’t call that being poor. Furthermore, this isn’t a universe of lack and scarcity, it’s a universe of infinite abundance. Its supplies are inexhaustible, and there is a constant wellspring of good that is forever unfolding.

So rather than turning to either one of these extremes, our task as spiritually mature and awakened individuals should be to live in a state of balance.

When we’re in a state of balance we understand that we can have whatever we want or desire, but we’re also aware that we don’t need one more thing to be happy and fulfilled.

That’s the art of living!

Being able to live from that space of constant expansion where our life is an adventure that’s forever unfolding, new ideas are constantly being born through us, new dreams and new desires are emerging, we discover new avenues through which to express our gifts, skills, and talents, we’re constantly evolving into greater versions of ourselves.

We’re in that state of constant expansion, yet at the same time we’re aware that we have everything we need right here and right now.

That’s what’s been called the sweet spot of creation, because that’s where effortless creation is allowed to take place. It’s the place from which God creates.

God never creates from a place of, I need this, or I need that. Or, I’m so lonely and unhappy, I need to bring more stuff into my life so I can feel better. Not from a place of neediness; but much rather from a place of eternal, joyous unfolding. Being in that state is an experience of pure bliss, a state of effortless ease, a state of pure spontaneity, of pure creativity.

That’s how we want to live our lives as we become receptive to 2012 being our best year yet.

But how do we go about doing that? It sounds good in theory, right? But how can we actually make that a tangible reality in our day to day lives? Well, let’s go into the practicality of matters and have a look at some ways for how we can start moving into that space right now:

  • Moving Into the Sweet Spot of Creation

In order for us to truly allow our lives to flourish, I believe it’s important that we move away from being overly focused on getting, and instead focus our attention towards being of service.

Now, this is a delicate balance and it requires a certain degree of spiritual maturity (which, if you’re reading this, you most certainly have) since we’re not talking about renouncing desires. This does not contradict anything that was shared in Part One and Part Two of this series respectively. Much rather does this build on the previous two entries.

Because once we’ve enlarged our capacity to receive and we’ve surrendered to the Great Unfolding, our intentionality now becomes to be in that place of perfect balance, the sweet spot of creation, where rather than us trying to manipulate events in space and time to try and get some desired outcome, we bring ourselves into alignment with the creative force of the universe. It’s only from this place of alignment that we can truly allow all of our desires to manifest.

The physical universe will always reflect our internal state of being back to us. It’s like our spiritual mirror, always letting us know what our deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations are. And so if we’re too overly focused on waiting for things to happen, as in waiting for our dreams and desires to manifest, we’re actually holding ourselves apart from the very manifestations that we’re waiting for. The reason being that a state of wanting will always result in more of the same: more wanting.

So why not turn things around instead? Why not approach life from the perspective that everything you need and desire is already a done deal?

The moment you asked, God, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, responded. And that means that whatever it is you asked for is now in the process of coming into your life.

Knowing this frees us up to no longer approach every situation from the perspective of, what’s in it for me, how can I best manipulate this situation to get what I want or need? Instead, we’re now free to approach every interaction with the intentionality that we are going to be of service! We’ve decided that today we’re going to be a blessing to someone! Today we’re going to give more of ourselves! Today we’re going to add to the light of the world!

What it really boils down to is trust.

We start to trust that the Universe really is on our side; we start to trust that God isn’t some reluctant deity that answers some prayers and says no to others; we start to trust that Love, Joy, Beauty, Well-being, Harmony, Creativity, Generosity and Prosperity are Divine Qualities that are forever unfolding; we start to trust that whenever we ask, God always answers; and we understand that, at the deepest level of our Being, we do not have to ask for anything because everything’s already been given! That’s when we understand the true meaning of the Biblical phrase, before you ask I will have answered.

But it always begins with a choice.

Remember, we have self-reflective awareness (aka free will), which means it’s up to us to make a choice. So why not choose to ask each and every day, “How can I serve today? How can I be a blessing to someone today? How can I uplift someone? How can I make a difference today?”

As we do this, we’ll begin to feel this load taken off our shoulders. We feel a great sense of relief as this powerful shift in energy takes hold. We begin to feel the lower frequencies of fear, doubt, and worry melting away, and suddenly we realize that wherever we go, whoever we’re with, we can be a blessing!

As we begin to live our lives from this place of sacred service, we begin to experience that sweet joy, that immense bliss that we get when we’re living for the joy of giving.

  • Living for the Joy of Giving

We’re all inherently drawn to be of service. At the end of the day, we all want to know that our lives mattered. There is no feeling more rewarding, more joyous, than the feeling you get when you know you’ve truly made a difference in someone’s life.

Most people never allow themselves to experience this feeling simply out of fear. Deep down they may want to, but they’re afraid that if they give too much, they may end up not having enough for themselves.

But that’s NOT you and me!

Let us together make a decision that we’re going to let go of this fear based mentality once and for all, and instead live each day of our lives knowing with absolute certainty that all our needs are met.

Not sometimes. Not most of the time. All of the time!

So with that knowing in our heart, let’s together declare these statements of intent:

“Today and on all days of my life, I am available to serve! I let go of any and all perceptions of lack, limitation, and scarcity, and instead I surrender to the Great Unfolding of Divine Qualities in my life! I am available to the everlasting wellspring of Good, and I understand that all my needs are met! Today I am going to be a blessing! Today I am going to shine the light of consciousness! Today I am going to live for the joy of giving!”

And the kind of giving that we’re talking about here can be anything. It can be material, but it can just as well be giving someone your time, giving someone your attention, giving someone your love, letting the people around you know that you appreciate them, sending someone a prayer of well-being, giving someone a hug, giving encouragement. We’re talking about simply offering to be of service in whatever way we can.

As we do this, the Universe will reflect our new state of being back to us, and suddenly we begin to find that the more we are a blessing, the more we are blessed!

And when we’re in that state where we’re truly being a blessing for no other reason than the joy that it brings us, we find ourselves being showered with miraculous synchronicity, the right doors opening at the right time, and before we know it all our dreams and desires will begin to effortlessly and spontaneously fall into place.

That’s when we know beyond any doubt that we’re in the sweet spot of creation.

We live in profound times. More people than ever before are beginning to awaken all across the planet. Let’s be a part of that! Let’s decide that we’re going to live our lives at our highest potential, and that we’re going to become open channels for the Light of Divinity to shine forth through us each and every day.

May you be blessed beyond your wildest expectations!

May this be your best year yet!

Much Love and Blessings!

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As we move along our path of spiritual growth and self-discovery, it is helpful to remind ourselves from time to time that the creative impulse of the universe is Love.

Love is the power that creates and sustains infinite worlds.

Love is the experience of Oneness and Unity.

Love is being able to see oneself in the other.

For Love knows that, in truth, there is no “other.”

Everything, seen and unseen, has originated from a Source that could be described as Pure, Infinite, Unbounded, Unconditional Love. A radiant, non-local field of indescribable Light, Beauty, Bliss, and Perfection.

Yet for us to be able to perceive this, we must be willing to let go of anything that would obstruct our vision. We must be able to see beyond the debris field of the past, and return to that state of sweet, loving, and joyous innocence that we see in little children.

The only reason we’re able to perceive such innocence is because it is within us.

At our core, the sweet innocence of the little child is who we are, regardless of our physical age.

We learn to see with clarity by letting go of the only thing that could ever block and distort our vision: fear.

But fear is not real.

It’s merely the absence of Love.

As darkness is the absence of Light.

As such, fear and darkness have no power of their own.

Fear comes in many disguises. Anger, hatred, doubt, worry, and other similar lower energy frequencies.

But as we simply switch on the light, something amazing happens. Darkness disappears.

And as we choose to Love, fear disappears.

This must become our conscious practice then.

To choose to be the Light. To choose only Love.

So let us have the courage to shine our Light wherever we go. Let us shine it freely, and let us watch as its radiance lights up the world.

By doing this, we align ourselves with the creative impulse of All That Is.

We make ourselves available to miracles.

We allow our lives to be radically transformed to reflect and to reveal our true unbounded nature, and we effectively say to the Universe, “Yes, I am available to what’s unfolding! I am available to be a bringer of the Light! I am available to be part of the transformation that’s occurring at this time in human history! I choose to be a part of THAT! I choose to BE the change that I want to see!”

May you experience this profound transformation in your life each and every day by becoming the very embodiment of it.

And may you be blessed beyond your wildest expectations!

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There are certain laws, or principles, at work in the universe that are undeniable. These principles transcend belief, meaning they exist regardless of whether or not we believe in them. The law of gravity would be one of them. If I walked up to you and asked, “do you believe in gravity,” most likely you’d look at me to see if I was feeling alright. The reason for that is of course quite simple: gravity is. It exists. It’s a fact. It’s not something that we have to believe in. Because regardless of whether or not we believe in gravity, if we step off a building, it’s safe to say we’ll be going down every single time, and not up. It’s a universal constant.

There are several of these universal constants, or principles, of which gravity is only one. In order for us to truly have a better understanding of our reality and our role in it, it’s important that we have an awareness of what these constants are.

But we can’t develop this awareness through merely an intellectual understanding. In fact, merely having an intellectual understanding is never truly sufficient when it comes to spiritual matters. The reason being that if you just believe in something because it seems to make sense, or because you were raised that way, there will always be room for doubt to creep in.

Spiritual awakening is a gradual letting go of all doubt.

So instead of just having an intellectual understanding, we must instead get down to the heart of matters. And we do that through experience. The moment you have the experience of something, belief in it no longer becomes necessary. Concepts, which we derive from intellectual ideas, are something that we can either believe in or not; but experience allows us to know.

The path of spiritual growth and awakening is one that takes us from BELIEVING in something, to actually having the EXPERIENCE of it.

Going back to the example of gravity. Why do you know that gravity exists? How can you know with absolute certainty that there is such a thing as gravity? Is it because someone told you about it? Have you read a book about it? Do you believe in gravity because everyone else around you believes in it?

If I had to guess, it’s probably none of the above.

The reason you know beyond any doubt that gravity exists, is because it’s part of your experience each and every day. It’s the very reason you’re able to sit on a chair, or stand on the ground, or even walk for that matter. Gravity is what keeps you tied to the earth. It’s the reason you’re not floating to the ceiling of the room or off into space right now.

Now, the great news here is that we can develop this same kind of experiential knowing when it comes to our spiritual growth.

In fact, isn’t that what, at some level, we’re all longing for? Going from merely knowing about God as this idea, this concept of a creator in which we can either believe in or not, to actually experiencing the Divine as a very real part of our lives each and every day.

And that’s what living the awakened life is all about. Experiencing the Divine Qualities in our lives by allowing them to express and to reveal themselves through us as we become the living embodiment of them.

  • Going Beyond Belief

My intention is not to present you with something new to believe in. My goal for this website is not to promote any ideologies or belief systems, but instead to guide you beyond the world of beliefs and ideas towards a deeper reality.

This deeper reality transcends all space, time, form, and matter. And as such, it can be very tricky to try and explain it with words. For clarity purposes, I like to refer to it as Ultimate Reality.

Whenever we experience glimpses of Ultimate Reality, we experience Bliss. We experience a state of Pure Unconditional Love, a sense of Union and Oneness with All That Is. All doubt melts away because our experience has shifted to include this deeper realm. And as we make accessing this deeper level of awareness our daily practice, we begin to find that it becomes a more and more dominant part of our lives. We notice this because we start feeling more joyful, more alive, and more “on track.” Our joy starts to become independent of our outside circumstances. The reason for that is that we’re no longer looking to outside circumstances to make us happy. Instead, we’ve found the only place where any real, lasting happiness can ever come from: from the everlasting wellspring that is within each and everyone of us.

Whenever I find myself talking about these matters, I will invariably say, don’t believe what I’m saying. Don’t accept it on good faith. Instead, put it to use. Try it out. See how you feel about it. Find out if it’s true for you.

One of the greatest misperceptions in our society today is that universal truths cannot be known. After all, how could we possibly comprehend the mind of God? And even if we could, what does that even mean?

Well, the truth is that we can know the mind of God. We can know it as our own experience through turning our attention away from the distractions of superficial matters, and instead going inward. And doing that is a lot easier than many of us have been taught to believe.

Bellow are five easy steps you can take to start cultivating a deeper awareness which will help you go beyond the world of beliefs and concepts.

  • Five Steps To Develop An Experiential Knowing

1. Quiet Your Mind

One of the easiest ways to leave behind the world of concepts and ideas is to simply turn your attention from it by quieting your mind. Make it a daily practice to become quiet for at least a few minutes, twice a day. Ideally, you would do this early in the morning and then again at night before going to sleep. Simply sit for a few minutes with no intention other than to simply be with yourself.

2. Become Aware Of Your Thoughts

As you sit in silence you will start noticing thoughts as they arise. When this happens, don’t try and resist them. Instead, simply allow them to be there. Observe them. You’re now deepening your awareness. Most people are unaware of their thoughts because they’re identified with them. But by becoming the observer, you begin to separate yourself from your thoughts and beliefs, and that is the first step towards transcending them.

3. Ask for Guidance from your Higher Self

Make it a practice to ask your Higher Self, God, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, whatever you like to call it, for guidance. Make yourself available to it by saying, “I surrender to what wants to unfold in my life! I am willing to raise my awareness by going beyond any all old concepts and limitations! I am willing to see clearly!” Similarly, you would of course also ask for guidance and insight when it comes to specific events in your life.

4. Act On Your Intuitions

Whenever you put out a question to the Universe, there will always be an answer. But it’s up to us to be open to this answer, in whatever form it may come, and then, to act on it. Next time you have a hunch or an intuition, rather than try and analyze it, take action on it. See where it takes you. By making it a practice to follow your intuitions, you will deepen your receptivity and clear the channels between you and your Higher Self. Over time you will find that you are becoming more intuitive on a regular basis.

5. Be open

Finally, just allow yourself to be open. The best way to go beyond beliefs is to be open, to not put yourself and your world in this little box. Be willing to surrender to the unknown, be willing to let new perspectives and insights flow into your life and guide you. Realize that life is an adventure that’s forever unfolding. I love this quote from Rumi that says, sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.

In my next post on going beyond beliefs, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most fundamental and most powerful metaphysical universal constants, and how we can practically apply it in our day to day lives: The Law of Attraction and Circulation.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you find this helpful. I have been absolutely loving writing this blog so far, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. For example, what are some of your ways of getting in touch with your Higher Self?

Until next time.

Much Love and Blessings to you!

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