Meditative Thought: The Most Rewarding Journey

As we progress on our spiritual journey, there will invariably be some life changes that will begin to emerge. Slowly but surely, we may find that we are letting go of old habits, we are releasing the things that no longer serve us. We are essentially saying good-bye to the lesser so that we may welcome in its place the higher.

This is a natural byproduct of living an awakened life. And though the process may be gradual – it is inevitable. We simply cannot help but become more of our True Selves. We cannot help but to demonstrate more of our limitless nature, we cannot help but to actualize more of our inborn divine genius coding.

So as you engage in your spiritual practice – as you take time to mediate, to affirmatively pray, to contemplate, and to tune into the highest vision for your life – know that you are in fact creating the space within your own awareness that will allow for this sweet transformative process to occur. And there is no journey more rewarding than the journey that takes you back to your True Self.

2 thoughts on “Meditative Thought: The Most Rewarding Journey

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