Conscious Evolution & Birth 2012

So today is December 21, 2012. And maybe you’re wondering, “Now what?” This particular date has been one that many individuals all over the world have been anticipating for some time. While some have looked towards this date with a sense of uncertainty or even fear, others have looked towards it with a sense of hope, a feeling that it will usher in a new beginning for humanity. And then there’s those who’ve just shrugged it off as something with no special meaning whatsoever, not giving it a second thought.

So now that the date has arrived, what should we make of it? The fact that you’re reading these very words right now would indicate that the world hasn’t ended just yet. So is today’s date just another collective myth or does it indeed have a special meaning?

I believe the latter is the case.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to check out this video posted yesterday. It is an interview with – a visionary who has been described as “the voice for conscious evolution of our time,” and who is the co-founder and chairperson of the . Discussed in this interview are some of the extraordinary evolutionary changes that are currently happening on our planet. Keep an eye out for more videos on this particular subject as Awakened Life Now contributes to spreading the word about this powerful planetary shift in consciousness. And I also recommend that you check out , which is hosting free live programming covering Birth 2012 all day today and tomorrow.

So since you are a reader of a site called Awakened Life Now, I would venture a guess and say you probably realize that the doom and gloom that some people have been foreseeing is not at all what today’s date is about. Doom and gloom is simply a misinterpretation of what’s really happening. Because the truth is, these are indeed what we could describe as the “end times.” Yet “end times” does not refer to the actual end of the world. Much rather does it refer to, as I like to say it, “the end of the old world.” The end of the old world is not something that suddenly happens from one day to the next. It is a continual process of unfoldment. So “the end of the old world” is what has been going on for quite some time actually. For clarity’s sake, let’s have a look at what we mean by the “old world.” And let’s examine just how it may come to an end, and why it coming to an end is actually very good news.



What we may refer to as the “old world” is simply the world that has been created and sustained by the ego. It is a world that has been brought about by a collective consciousness in which the popular belief was that we are separate and apart from everything and everyone around us. And so we have proceeded under the assumption that we live in a world of materialism, that reality is confined to what we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, and that “heaven” is some far off place that we may get to go to when we die — if we behaved really well during our time on earth, that is. This superstition of materialism is also what has caused many humans to perceive themselves as separate even from their idea of “god.”

So as a result the old world is one in which the flawed concepts of lack, limitation, and scarcity run rampant – all of which leading to a fear-based way of living. This fear-based way of living is perpetuated by the condition of radical separatism. In other words, individuals thinking they’re separate from everything, including their own good, live under the impression that they must horde and withhold in order to ensure that they will get their share. And they also tend to believe that they must do what they can to try and trump whoever their competition happens to be. Now we’re not saying that every single human being in the old world is like this. Of course not. But these are some of the popular beliefs and viewpoints that have led to the state of crisis in which the old world finds itself.



It goes without saying that the old world is highly unsustainable. And that is because its flawed premises are out of synch with the fundamental unity of all life. The truth is that lack, limitation, and scarcity are conditions that only exist in the human mind. They have no actual reality in and of themselves. There’s no scarcity in the Universe. The physical Universe is an expression, a manifestation, of the Infinite. It matters not what words we choose to use to describe this timeless and formless Source of All That Is. With its very nature being infinite, and the physical Universe being an expression of it, the physical Universe must naturally have within itself all of the resources and capacities needed to sustain itself and everything within itself. After all, if the Infinite Mind that is God were capable of demonstrating lack, scarcity, and not-enoughness, God would be finite. God would be limited. Yet God is not finite, and God is not limited.

So if there’s no such thing as lack, limitation, and scarcity, why do so many humans experience these conditions in their day to day life?

The answer is that we live in a belief-driven universe. Our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are constantly creating our experience of reality. And so what has led to the physical manifestation of these lesser conditions has simply been a limited understanding of the way things really are, coupled with a limited understanding of Who and What We Really Are, and how we create our realities.

All of this has led to a large number of structures that are now beginning to collapse, for the exact reason that they have been out of alignment with the way things really are. An economical system that is based upon withholding, hording, and a sense of greed, is so out of synch with Ultimate Reality that sooner or later it will simply have to crumble apart. And so this collapsing of old structures is what we’ve been seeing happening in the world for some time now.



In the midst of the old falling apart, there has been something new arising. And that is the birth of . Conscious evolution has been defined as evolution by choice rather than by chance. Furthermore the website describes it as follows:

“Conscious evolution is the evolution of evolution, from unconscious to conscious choice. While consciousness has been evolving for billions of years, conscious evolution is new. It is part of the trajectory of human evolution, the canvas of choice before us now as we recognize that we have come to possess the powers that we used to attribute to the gods.

We are poised in this critical moment, facing decisions that must be made consciously if we are to avoid destroying the world as we know it, if we are instead to cocreate a future of immeasurable possibilities. Our conscious evolution is an invitation to ourselves, to open to that positive future, to see ourselves as one planet, and to learn to use our powers wisely and ethically for the enhancement of all life on Earth.”

Conscious evolution, we might say, is a result of self-reflective awareness. It means that we know that we have a choice. The choice is to evolve or continue with the old ways. Yet with the old ways being unsustainable, it follows that they couldn’t possibly lead to a future on our planet that we’d deem desirable. And so it becomes clear then that our choice must be to evolve. How do we choose to evolve? We choose to evolve by awakening to our true nature, by discovering Who We Really Are as individualized expressions of the one Life there is. We choose to evolve by beginning to see the Divine in ourselves and in every being that we meet, by perceiving the sacredness of all Life. We choose to evolve by moving beyond the mere realm of ideas, concepts, and mental patterns, and instead enter into the realm of experience. As we enter into the realm of experience we realize that, having been made in the spiritual image and likeness of the Ineffable, we already have everything we need within us – not as some pious religious concept, but much rather as the very truth of our experience resulting from our higher awareness.

An Illustration of the Sacred Story of Creation



Going back to the beginning of this article and the question of what should we make of the December 21, 2012 date. My answer is that December 21, and particularly December 22, are symbolic dates that carry enormous meaning. December 22, 2012 is what has been referred to as . It is the day of . It is humanity’s birthday. It is the birthday of a new humanity, the destiny of which will be unfolding in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

How long will it take until humanity reaches its full potential on a global scale? No one can tell, and really that’s a good thing. Let us not get lost in overly focusing upon the future, but much rather let us all be present here and now. That way we may each ask ourselves every day how we, on an individual basis, may be contributors to that which is seeking to emerge. How can we demonstrate our awareness that we are one with all of our global family? How can we ensure we are moving away from fear-based living into a greater awareness of our true limitless nature?

The quality of your awareness comes down to the kind of questions you ask yourself. Whatever your question, the Universe will answer. So let’s all ask ourselves these enlightened questions on a regular basis. And let’s be receptive to the answers. Because the truth is, powerful transformations always happen on an individual level first. Sooner or later, as more and more individual lives are transformed, a society is transformed.

So join me in celebrating this milestone in the grand unfolding of humanity’s story. Be sure to check out the for the that’s happening right now and all day tomorrow. And let us contemplate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for us all.

Much Love and Blessings!

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