Meditative Thought: New Beginnings

Ultimately every choice we could ever make, will ever make, and have ever made, comes down to a variation of the one choice there is. And that is the choice between love and fear. Today, and on all days of our lives, let us be proficient in choosing love. Let us be willing to look with our Inner Eye and “see” that we are intimately connected with every single being on this planet and beyond.

And so in this time of change, in this time of new beginnings, let us be the ones who have the vision to see the endless possibilities that lie ahead for all of humanity. Let us dare to be visionaries. Let us dare to be revolutionaries of Oneness. And let us have the courage to think new thoughts.

And finally, let us send light and love to every corner on this planet, to every individual, and to all of the nations. In doing so we shall be mindful to bless not only every being, but also to bless the earth herself. What we are doing all over the world is creating a powerful vibratory field of love, the impact of which will extend far beyond our surface mind’s ability to comprehend.

One thought on “Meditative Thought: New Beginnings

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