Peace of Mind: A Meditation On Our True Nature

Take a deep breath… and allow yourself to get centered as you contemplate these words…

There is an intelligence at work in the universe that is greater than our own. In fact, this intelligence is so great it is infinite.

And while we could never grasp the vastness and complexity of this Infinite Intelligence, each and every one of us is a unique emanation of it. Each of us has been made in its image and likeness. Each of us has been gifted with its creative faculties and its divine qualities. Each of us is here so we may demonstrate these faculties and these qualities in our own unique way. Each of us has been born into this world of time and space so that we may reflect and reveal the glory of this One Life, this One Intelligence… which is within us… and which is also everywhere else, for there is no place where it is not… and it is now experiencing itself as us.

This Infinite Intelligence, no matter by what name we choose to call it, is pure Love. So we are talking about an Infinite Intelligence and an Infinite Love. We are talking about a Love that is forever available to all of us, regardless of our religion, our race, our gender, our nationality, our social status, or our ancestral backgrounds. It is available to whom we might label “saints” and “sinners.” It is available regardless of where we’ve been or what we’ve done. Each of us may tune into its sheer joy, its indescribable peace, and its boundless bliss by simply being willing to receive it.

How great the joy of knowing our divine birthright. How great the peace that shines in the hearts of those who recognize their Oneness with their Divine Source. What great things shall those do who have transcended the narrow perceptions of the surface mind, and who have tapped into the boundless storehouse of good that is at the center of our very Being.

So as we prepare to move into a new year, and as we continue to celebrate the birthing of a new world, a new era for all of humanity, let us make it our intentionality to always be mindful of that Great Something that cannot be seen, yet without it we would not be able to see. Let us be aware of that Ineffable Presence which though hidden to the senses, is always available to the Inner Eye and the Inner Ear.

Let us be mindful that this Presence is looking at us through the eyes of every stranger and through the eyes of our loved ones, and that in truth there are no strangers, for we all share in the One Life, in the One Mind, in the One Being.

Let us extend our arms and hearts to include our global family.

Let us do away with the illusion of separation.

Let us celebrate with those who have received great blessings, and let us feel compassion for those whose lives have been struck by tragedy.

Let us feel our intrinsic Oneness with all of these Sacred Beings right now.

And let us desire for them what we desire for ourselves. For they are us, and we are them.

I invite you to turn within…

Even as you read these words… allow yourself to be still and centered.

Allow yourself to feel the spaciousness of your Being.

Become aware of the I Am.

The I Am that is experiencing this moment.

This Now. Right Now.

That silent space of awareness… in which these letters are appearing on a screen… and are being translated into words.

Where are the letters? Where are the words? Where is the screen?

All of it is in you.

It is within the sacred space of your awareness.

And you are the one who has placed it there.

For you are indeed the creator of your experience.

Know this now, and claim your spiritual dominion over the world of effects.

This is what has been called “dominion over the earth.”

We have been told about it for as long as we remember. Now… let us claim it.

Take a deep breath…

…and give yourself permission to accept and receive all that Divine Beloved is seeking to bring into your life. Let yourself be aware that everything you’ve asked for, everything you’ve prayed for, it’s lined up, it’s ready and waiting. You have asked, God has answered.

Now it’s up to you to say “yes,” and give the answered prayer permission to flow into your life.

Let these words speak to the depths of your Being.

The words are a reminder. For there is a part of you that already knows.

And finally, let us conclude with these sweet affirmations.

I am so loved! I am so worthy! I am so precious! I am available to more good than I could even imagine!

I am ready and willing to activate all of the gifts of Divinity within me!

And I am willing to let the Divine be manifest in me, through me, as me!

Peace, love, and richest blessings to you!

3 thoughts on “Peace of Mind: A Meditation On Our True Nature

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  2. We are on the same page. The truth is beautiful. I have a gift for healing that came from love. I held my sick daughter and loved her. Five minutes later her flu was gone. If you haven’t already done so, when you enter that peace, a sick person may be healed, in your presence or mind. Words always fall short of Truth. No offense intended. Bless you.

  3. That’s very true, words do fall short of Truth. In a way what we’re doing here is trying to describe with words that which ultimately can’t be articulated. So I suppose we have to try and do our best. :)

    That’s a wonderful experience you’ve had with your daughter! The power of Love and the power of knowing and being in alignment with the Truth is truly beyond measure. Thanks for sharing and commenting.

    Much peace and blessings!

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