Your Authentic Self: Set It Free!


For the longest time I would secretly harbor the desire to be someone else, usually below the level of my conscious awareness. I would look to others and would essentially see myself emulating them—their skills, their talents, their abilities, whatever the case may be. Yet at some point I finally realized that the only way I could ever truly activate my own potential, the only way I could ever truly tap into the gifts, skills, talents, and capacities within me, was to not try so much to be like anyone other than myself.

I believe most of us have experienced this. We may see individuals we admire, and before we know it we may get caught up in trying to emulate what they have done, rather than looking at that vast treasure house that is within our very own being. Of course it’s natural and wonderful to have role models. Yet we must be careful to not get trapped in the mistaken perception that there is something missing within ourselves, or that the greatness we admire in another isn’t already within us as well.

So the topic of today’s article is “Your Authentic Self: Set It Free!” And your authentic self actually encompasses a couple of levels, which we will be exploring a bit further down below. But first, let me start by saying what I always like to say from time to time, and that is that the true nature of each and every one of us—regardless of who we are, where we’ve come from, or what our past experience has been—is greatness, limitless potentiality, and endless joyous expansion. There is a genius within each and every one of us, awaiting to be recognized and to be set free.

Yet in order for us to recognize what I like to refer to as the inborn genius coding within our Soul, we must be fully committed to our authentic self. We must have the courage and the willingness to truly get to know ourselves, to truly have a conscious awareness of who we really are and what we are all about. Why did we choose to come here? What is the purpose of our current incarnation? Make no mistake, none of us are here by accident. And not only are we not here by accident, we are here by choice. We chose to be born and to experience a human lifetime during this particular time in history. And we made that choice from the highest level of our awareness, which means we definitely knew what we were doing, and we must have had a pretty good reason for coming here and for being exactly who we are now. So let us get back in touch with this reason, and let us vow to do what it was that we set out to do prior to our birth.

  • We Can Only See What We Are

Now with the inherent nature of all of us being divine greatness, we may also begin to realize that whenever we see greatness in someone else, we are actually seeing our own greatness reflected back to us. We are only able to see what we are, and the reason for that is that, in truth, there is only one of us. We are all individuated expressions of the Most High God, the indescribable Source of love, beauty, and intelligence. We are unique emanations of that great unified field of intelligence that governs the universe, that permeates every single atom in existence, and that is everywhere present in its fullness. To deny our own greatness would be to deny the greatness of our Source. So rather than getting trapped in a mistaken notion of insecurity masquerading as modesty, let us have the courage to recognize our true limitless nature, and let us make a commitment that, as we head into the new year, we are going to activate all of the gifts of divinity within us. As we do this, we prepare to launch into that extraordinary and joyous adventure that our life is truly meant to be, and we open ourselves up to more good than we could even dare to imagine.

Whenever we see greatness in someone else, we are seeing our own greatness reflected back to us.


The Levels Of Your Authentic Self

  • Your Authentic Self On The Surface

A common myth that pervades much of our society is that pleasure, joy, and fun must be kept separate from career, work, and livelihood. What I mean by that is that many individuals have been taught to believe that not only can you not have fun all of the time, you certainly ought to not be having too much fun while you’re at work—whatever your work may be. As a result many people live their lives basically for the weekends. They will work at their jobs to make money without really loving what they’re doing—or in some cases even downright hating it—and their only sense of joy comes from anticipating Friday rolling around, which is when they finally head off into the weekend. This, as you probably know, is fairly common. And if this happens to be you, sit tight—you’re going to love this!

Then there are those of us who truly love what they do. Their work doesn’t feel like work to them. These are the ones who get up in the morning excited about their day. These are the ones who move through their days with passion and enthusiasm. These are the ones who go to work not merely to collect a paycheck, but because they have a sense of purpose about what they do. Mark Twain said that “true success is making your vocation your vacation.” I absolutely love that quote. And the truth is that this kind of joyous lifestyle isn’t reserved for the few and far in between. Every single one of us can and is meant to be living like this. And that’s because one of the innate qualities of our authentic self is pure joy.

So what is it that you truly enjoy doing? What are you naturally good at? What are you drawn to? If we truly give ourselves permission to contemplate these questions, each and every one of us will find answers.

Now this is where once again we may have to undo some of the worldly “training” we’ve received. Because perhaps we know what we’d like to do, but we just don’t quite see how we’d actually make money doing it. Or maybe we know what we want to do, but we don’t quite know how it could ever happen. Or maybe we’ve told ourselves that we’re too old, or that we’re too young, or that we’re not enough of this or that.

Well, this is where I’ve got more great news for you. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have heard me say this before. And that is that how is not your business. In fact, you may just want to make that an affirmation that you repeat to yourself. How is not my business!

Our business is to define the what. Once we’re clear on the what, the how will show up. But this is where we must cultivate within us the receptivity that will allow for the manifestation of our dream to come into our experience. This is where spiritual practice comes in. This is why we meditate; this is why we affirmatively pray; this is why we use visualization and visioning; this is where we do the inner work that’s required for us to live in an awareness that the Infinite Intelligence of the universe is handling the “hows.”

Once we’re clear on the what, the how will show up. But we must cultivate within us the receptivity that will allow for the manifestation of our dream to come into our experience.

An important thing I want to point out here is that there is no big or small. This isn’t about external success symbols. It’s not about accumulating the most stuff. Much rather living our authentic self simply means that we love what we’re doing, we’re doing what we’re passionate about and what is meaningful to us—regardless of whether we’re a famous artist, a great musician, a healer, an author, a teacher, a speaker, or someone who works at their “regular” job and simply loves what they do. There is no big or small.

So allow yourself to contemplate over these next few days exactly what it is that is seeking to emerge in you and through you. And then, give yourself permission to say “yes” to it.

  • Your Deepest Authentic Self

Our deepest authentic self has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re doing, and is all about what we’re being. Our authentic self at the deepest level is that Self (with a capital “S”) that knows who we really are. It’s that Self that does not identify with externals or anything in the material world. It’s that Self that does not identify with its thoughts and belief systems. It’s that Self that is untouched by human experience. It’s our True Self. It’s the Self that is the silent witness behind everything that’s happening in our lives—the Self that always knows and remembers its Oneness with All That Is.

Our deepest authentic self has never been born and will never die. It is timeless, formless, and eternal. Our deepest authentic self transcends space, time, and matter, and is thus capable of miracles. If we are experiencing lack or limitation, our deepest authentic self has the capacity and the ability to transform our experience into one of abundance. If we are experiencing any form of illness or dis-ease, our deepest authentic self has the capacity and ability to transform our experience into one of perfect health and well-being. If we are experiencing confusion, our deepest authentic self holds the peace and wisdom we’ve been seeking. If we’re experiencing anger or resentment, our deepest authentic self holds the awareness of forgiveness. If we feel diminished in some way, shape, or form, our deepest authentic self remembers our innate greatness, our divine perfection, our limitless potentiality.

Our deepest authentic self has nothing to do with what we’re doing, and is all about what we’re being.

All you need is within you, waiting to be set free!

Our deepest authentic self is the one that has the most power. And so our task becomes to seek first an awareness of our deepest authentic self—to seek first the Kingdom of God, which is a state of consciousness—and then, as we live our lives from that place, allow our life structures to rearrange themselves around our higher awareness. In other words, if we make it our habit to live from our deepest authentic self, our authentic self on the surface level will naturally reveal itself to us.

As you may know, we have recently celebrated the birthing of a new era for humanity. So allow this time of new beginnings to also be a time of new beginnings in your life. Let a new era begin in your own life as you make that declaration to live your life from the inside out, from an awareness of your deepest authentic self which is forever seeking to guide and nudge you towards your reason for being here on this planet at this particular time in human history. Make it a habit to stop throughout your day, take a deep breath, and just feel the sacred presence of your deepest authentic self, your real self, your Self with a capital “S.” It’s the Self you’ve been born to rediscover. It’s the Self you’re here to set free. It’s the Self that when actualized and embraced becomes a powerful force for good on this planet. It’s the Self whose Light shines forth so freely that it transmutes seeming darkness into Light, always holding that serene awareness that, in actuality, this Light that is shining forth is All There Ever Is.



I make it a practice to turn within daily and commune with my deepest authentic self. As I do this, I am aware that there is but one Presence, one Power, one Life, one Infinite Intelligence back of all things. This Infinite Intelligence is everywhere present fully. My deepest authentic self is always aware of this, and so I allow my conscious awareness to be flooded with this joyous realization. I am aware that what I enjoy most, what I am passionate about, and what is meaningful to me, is what I have set out to do—and so I give myself permission to welcome more opportunities for expansion and self-expression into my life. I give thanks for all that I have, for all that I am, and for all that I am in the process of becoming. I give thanks as these words of truth take root in my awareness, and I make myself available to more good than I have ever imagined, seen, or manifested. It is done. I let it be. And so it is. Amen.

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