Casting a Vision for 2013, Spiritual Living Video, Weekly Recap, and Affirmations

Beloved readers,

Here we are for our final weekly recap of 2012!

I always like to remind people that this is a wonderful time to go within and reflect back at the year, contemplate the things you’ve experienced, realize how you’ve grown and evolved throughout the year, and especially contemplate all the things that happened that you can be grateful for!

We want to take our gratitude factor to a whole new level, essentially taking nothing for granted. Let us make it habit to wake up in the morning and have the first words that come out of our mouths be: “Thank you, beloved God Within, for another beautiful day! Thank you for all that I have, for all that I am, and for all that I’m in the process of becoming! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

And in this consciousness of appreciation, let us tune into our vision for the coming year. The truth is there are limitless opportunities that are always before us, yet it is up to us to create the conditions within our awareness that will allow us to be able to see these opportunities. So allow yourself to go within and get in touch with what is seeking to happen in you, through you, and as you.

Give yourself permission to break past some old boundaries in 2013! Say every day, “I am available to more good than I could even imagine!” As you project this into the Law, what happens is that you will begin to draw to you more of these limitless opportunities, and you will begin to receive guidance and insight that, when acted upon, will lead to some very real and measurable changes in your life.

I have spent these past few days doing exactly what I’ve just described—reflecting back on 2012, and casting my vision for 2013. And something that has come through for me is to continue committing fully to Awakened Life Now, continue growing this online presence, expanding it with the adding on of more videos, music, and audio files, and essentially turn it into a full blown “online ministry” that is here to inspire and empower us, and provide practical tools for us to cultivate our awareness of our True Nature as spiritual beings having a human incarnation.

As I always like to say, what this means is that we already have everything we need within us, and we are here so we may set it free and allow our lives to be the living demonstration of who we really are! Rather than living under the illusion that our good is separate from us, and looking to the world of effects to get from it what we think we need to be happy or to survive, we move through our days with an awareness that we are here to allow Life to fully express through us, according to our unique set of gifts, skills, talents, capacities, and sensibilities. This means that the lives of our dreams are the lives we are here to live! This means there’s no holding back involved here; we are here to let our lights shine fully and completely!

Practicality is obviously crucial. So the focus of the articles and messages on Awakened Life Now will always revolve around how we may go about putting these spiritual principles to use in our day to day lives. We are entering an age in which spiritual enlightenment and self actualization will no longer be reserved for the few and far in between, but much rather will we be seeing more and more individuals getting in touch with the deeper Reality of their being. So let’s decide to be a part of that, and let’s be a blessing to ourselves and to everyone whose lives we touch.

Now, as always at this time of the week, what you will find bellow are the links to all of the latest content of this past week, followed by our weekly affirmations. But before we get to that I wanted to share a beautiful little video with you that I came across yesterday. I find it describes perfectly the philosophy behind Awakened Life Now and the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom traditions that are shared here.

Enjoy, and let it speak to the part of you that already knows.

Happy New Year! Happy New Era! And Happy New You!

Much love and blessings!


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I begin the new year with the awareness that each and every moment of each and every day offers the grand opportunity for a joyous New Beginning in God!

The Light of Divinity is animating every fiber of my Being, and I am here to set free that which is already within me!

The Presence of God is perfect health! The Presence of God is love and joy! The Presence of God is prosperity and plenitude! This Presence lives in me and expresses through me!

I am a Dispenser of the Divine Blessings!

I begin each day with an awareness that there is a celebration going on throughout the Cosmos; and I choose to be a conscious participant in this celebration!

Thankfully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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