Daily Guide For Inspiration: Highest Potentiality

Deep within us lies that part of us that is completely untouched by human experience. Regardless of what has occurred on the surface level of our lives, regardless of what we may have been through, beneath all of it, in the sweet stillness of our being, lies that part of us that is timeless, eternal, and forever at peace. It is the part of us that is conscious of its oneness with All That Is. As we make accessing this deeper dimension of our being our daily practice, we will find that we no longer get carried away with whatever appears to be happening in the seeming external. Instead we will have developed a peacefulness, a divine reassurance, a knowingness that as we just remain anchored at the center of our being, simply surrendering to what is seeking to happen, we will most assuredly be guided into the highest potentiality for our lives. As we do this, we are letting go of old limitations, and we are truly making ourselves available to the boundless good that is always seeking to be revealed in our experience.

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Song of Silence

There is a sweet spot deep within all of us to which we may turn on a regular basis. This sweet spot is found as we turn within and give ourselves permission to listen to that deep silence within our very being. No matter how busy our lives may get on the surface level, beneath the surface that silence is always there. Though inaudible to the physical ear, it is always singing that sweet song filled with rich beauty and infinite divine wisdom. We can hear this song of silence as we make it a practice to listen with the Inner Ear. When we do this we may feel as though we’ve returned home into the sweet embrace of the All-Good. Yet in actuality what has occurred is that we have never left home—and we’re simply allowing ourselves to remember this beautiful truth.


Everything originates as a state of being. A loving state of mind will produce loving encounters. A peaceful state of mind will lead to peaceful relationships. And a heart filled with joy will lead to joyous experiences. Yet always and with no exception the state of being comes first. So in order to live our lives with intentionality we must choose ahead of time what we wish to embody in consciousness. As we choose to feel the kind of feelings that we want to feel, regardless of conditions, we then allow our experiential reality to fill in the details in the form of new harmonious experiences. And as we make it our intention to always embody the highest and the best, we may rest assured that we are moving through our lives in joyous alignment with that vast creative power of the cosmos that effortlessly creates new galaxies out of nothing but pure potentiality.

Meditative Thought: The Highest And The Best

As we look at the vast number of possibilities that are always before us, we may find some of them to be less desirable than others. Knowing that whatever we place our attention on we are drawing into our experience, let us be aware that the Mind of God only thinks in terms of the highest and the best. This means that the Divine Reality is always the most joyous, the most loving, the most harmonious, the most peaceful, and the most beneficial for all concerned. And it is up to us to make ourselves available to it so that this Divine Reality may demonstrate in our day to day experience.

So let us make ourselves available to truly “more good than we can imagine.” Because the truth is that, no matter how good we may have been visualizing something, God’s vision for our lives will exceed even our wildest expectations. That is because God only perceives the highest and the best in us, in everyone around us, and in all of humanity. So let us stretch ourselves in how much good we let flow to us and through us.

Video Message, Recap and Affirmations For The Week

As we like to do every Sunday in this corner of the internet, posted bellow you will find the recap for last week, followed by our affirmations.

As I always say, allow yourself to really feel the power behind the words when reading the affirmations. Especially as you contemplate them and repeat them throughout the week, you will find that they have the ability to have a powerful impact on your life. What’s beautiful is that they are short phrases that you can repeat to yourself anytime you like, and anywhere you are. So I always recommend that you truly take advantage of them and put them to good use.

Also bellow is a re-post of yesterday’s video message, titled “From Now And Then To All Here Now.” If you haven’t done so already, allow yourself to check it out. And while you’re at it, you may also want to listen to the beautiful song, titled “Genesis,” from the , posted underneath the video message. The song speaks nicely to the message’s “back to the beginning” theme.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! It is my hope and prayer that you be blessed by all that you find here. And definitely feel free to share any of it, and recommend us to whomever you feel might benefit from this.

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Video Message: From Now And Then To All Here Now

Peace of Mind: The Law of Perfect Reflection

Meditative Thought: Staying Focused Upon The Here-And-Now-Moment

Meditative Thought: Contemplating Oneness

Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

Meditative Thought: Soul-Language


I am receptive to the loving guidance and insight coming to me from my Highest Self!

This moment is my Point of Power as I walk in the awareness that I am intimately at one with the Divine Presence of God!

I am living from the inside out, feeling the vibrant Presence of the All-Good within me!

I freely radiate the luminous love and joy of God!

I am a radiant presence of light, calling forth divine harmony in every encounter!

I am willing to step out of my comfort zone, knowing that I have a Silent Partner that always supports me with whatever I may need!

My Soul is filled with overflowing gratitude and deep appreciation for the gift of existence itself!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Peace of Mind: The Law Of Perfect Reflection

“All’s love, yet all’s law.” Robert Browning

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

                                                                                                                  Luke 6:37 & 38

We live in a universe that is governed by perfect divine law.

What this means is that nothing in this universe ever happens by accident. As we allow ourselves to truly take in what surrounds us, we will come to find that there is an indescribable and unfathomable intelligence at work everywhere we look. This intelligence is what is keeping the planets spinning in perfect orbit around the sun; this intelligence is what is beating our very hearts at this moment; and this intelligence is what is causing the sweet song of nature to always sing in a perfect rhythm and with a melody so harmonious that it cannot help but declare the magnificence of All That Is.

As we take in this vast complexity of Existence—as we allow ourselves to truly see it, to truly contemplate it—we will find that the presence of this Infinite Intelligence cannot be denied. In what way could such an intelligence function other than by the means of a perfect divine law that is always and forever in motion?

  • What are Universal Laws?

When we speak of universal laws, what we are referring to are constants that are always operating regardless of whether or not we know about them. Indeed, regardless of whether or not we believe in their existence! The law of gravity is perhaps the most well-known example that points to such a universal law. Gravity is always working. In fact, it’s what’s keeping us attached to the earth right now.

Universal laws are always impersonal, meaning it doesn’t matter who is using them. They will work for all of us regardless of who we may consider ourselves to be. The law of gravity does not care about our past deeds. Whenever we toss something up, we may rest assured that it will come back down.

In our society we generally know a great deal about universal laws in our physical world—such as the law of gravity or the law of electromagnetism—yet what many individuals are still unaware of is that, just as in our world of physicality, there are universal laws that exist in the metaphysical or spiritual realm.

So as we grow and mature throughout our spiritual path, it will certainly serve us well to develop a clear understanding of these universal spiritual laws. The reason being that, once we realize that these laws exist and we understand how they work, we may move out of the realm of blind faith—which always leaves room for doubt—into developing something of a calm knowingness instead. This calm knowingness comes from realizing the harmonious perfection that underlies everything in existence. It’s the knowingness that recognizes that the flow of All That Is is always geared towards greater expansion, evolution, and self-expression; and that, as all of us are part of one indivisible Whole, there can never be anything against us other than a mistaken perception we may have held about ourselves and our world.

So our task becomes to develop such a knowingness that will allow us to move beyond merely believing in something towards actually embodying the very essence of it. When we speak of this knowingness, we are indeed referring to “knowing the Truth that makes us free.” It will allow us to not only turn our own lives into those magnificent works of art that they are meant to be, but it will also cause us to radiate such luminosity, such calm, peace, and poise, such a powerful presence of love that we cannot help but shine as that bright beacon upon a hill.


When we speak of the Law of Perfect Reflection, what we are referring to is what Jesus the Christ is describing in the above quote taken from Luke 6:37 and 38. This law states that our outer experience will always and with no exception reflect back to us whatever our internal state of being happens to be. This means that our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations indeed create our experience of reality.

There are many ways we might go about describing this universal constant. Yet regardless of how we choose to articulate it, what matters is that we have an awareness of it. What matters is that we realize that, regardless of what our experience, it is never about punishment or reward but much rather about a perfect reflection within the world of time and space of what is happening within the depths of our own consciousness.

So as the above scriptural reference indicates, as we cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards life, we will find that we will not be judged. The reason for this is that anytime we feel that we are being judged, this is actually an indication that somewhere, in some area of our life, we ourselves have been harboring some form of judgement. Our spiritual mirror is simply reflecting our own judgment back to us.

In the same manner, we can only feel condemned if we have already been carrying around the energy of condemnation. That is to say if we do not condemn, we will not be condemned simply because the energy of condemnation is not active within the vibration of our being.

As we give, we participate in the law of circulation. This means that whenever we give from a deep sense of willingness and inner sincerity, our giving will be mirrored back to us in the form of us becoming recipients as well as distributors of the blessings. Again, there is no reward or punishment involved here. Reward and punishment are human concepts that exist merely at the level of the surface mind. These do not exist in Ultimate Reality. What’s happening here is that, rather than us being “rewarded” for our acts of kindness, our generous spirit is simply being reflected back to us on our spiritual mirror. Indeed, a perfect reflection.

As the above reference also indicates, it will be given back to us “pressed down, shaken together, and running over.” This implies that, if we allow it, we will always receive back more than we have originally given. This points to the fact that the universe is in a constant state of expansion. Evolution only goes one way. So it is in the nature of All That Is to always become more, and never less. As we participate in the law of circulation, we may rest assured that—so long as we are receptive—we will always receive back in greater ways than we may have thought possible.

The key here is that we must train ourselves to give not in order to get something back. Because once we give for the mere reason of getting back, this would imply conditionality and a sense of withholding; we would not be giving if we didn’t know we’d be getting something back. And yes, this sense of withholding would then be reflected back to us in the form of things being withheld from us. This is why we speak of PERFECT reflection. We cannot fool or mislead the universe. So we must learn to instead give freely, without expecting anything back. And the paradox is that once we do this, we have opened ourselves up to receive back pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

A good way to get in the habit of doing this is to just be mindful that when it is given back to us, it will not necessarily happen through the individual to whom we have given. The reason being that we are not receiving back from a particular person, we are receiving back from the Source of all Creation. We are receiving back from the Ineffable Divine Presence that is always ready to shower us with more good than our surface mind could fathom.

So the great Teacher in the above quote then concludes with: “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” In other words, whatever we’re putting out there in the form of thoughts, beliefs, or expectations, will be perfectly reflected back to us on our spiritual mirror which is our experiential reality.

Remember, universal laws are constants. Universal laws do not play favors. They are simply, just as the law of gravity, ingrained deeply within the fabric of Reality. So our task is to become aware of these laws,  and then to learn how to use them consciously in order to allow powerful transformations to take place within our experience.

As we do this, we go from being unconscious participants in the eternal dance of creation, to being conscious participants. Because the truth is, we will be participants either way simply just because we are here. We exist. We are and always will be part of All That Is. So we might as well be conscious about it.

Life is indeed magnificent! Let’s taste this sweet magnificence today as we allow it be the reality of our experience!


Everything I observe in the seeming external is a reflection of my internal state of being!

I walk in an awareness of Love! I walk in an awareness of Perfect Spiritual Reality! Perfect God! Perfect Life! As this becomes my dominant state of being, my experience is shifted into the realm of the miraculous!

Meditative Thought: Soul-Language

A powerful way to remain in touch with our deepest innermost Self is to simply pay attention to how we feel. Feelings are what we might refer to as Soul-Language. It is how the Soul communicates whether or not we are in alignment with our true essence. Our true essence is an individuated expression of the Presence of God, made in its very own spiritual image and likeness. When we are in alignment with this magnificence within, we experience a sense of ease and well-being. When we are out of alignment, we feel a sense of discomfort and unease.

As we learn Soul-Language, we begin to use our feelings as a guide. Our feelings always have the ability to gently coax us back into an awareness of our true nature, which is untouched by any surface-level experience. Naturally as we reconnect with that timeless essence within, we are bringing ourselves back into alignment with the fundamental order and harmony of the cosmos. And the more we are in alignment, the more our lives will sour into that indescribable realm of the great miraculous.

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

When we turn our attention inward through prayer and meditation, as we engage in that intimate communion with Spirit, we are in that instant moving out of the realm of time into the realm of eternity. The realm of Spirit is timeless and eternal. God’s world exists outside of any conception of time as we know it. As we become aware of this eternal realm within the depths of our own consciousness, we are aligning ourselves with an inexhaustible supply that always stands ready to give us whatever is required.

We may then begin to see that a miracle is simply an instant demonstration within the world of time and space of that which is already done in the Mind of God. Miracles are always seeking to happen. So let us expect them. Let us expect them to happen for us, to us, as well as through us. We will find that not only do we transform our own lives, but we also become the dispensers of divine blessings that we’re all here to be.

Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

It is nice to remember from time to time that, though we may occasionally experience states of temporary forgetfulness, the truth is that all of us have all of the answers within ourselves. There is a part within us that always knows the truth about us and everyone we come into contact with. And as we make it a habit to turn within and commune with this part of ourselves, we will come to find that all the wisdom, guidance, and insight we could ever need will come pouring into our awareness.

When this occurs, let us be mindful to trust our inner guidance. Let us learn to have faith in that still small voice that always stands ready to bring us any form of enlightened wisdom and knowledge that we may need. As we learn to trust our inner guidance, we will find that there is a lightness, a joy, a constant sense of ease and grace that accompanies us wherever we go.