Meditative Thought: Taking Pleasure In Allowing The Infinite To Surprise Us

There always comes a great joy and relief when we allow ourselves to remember that it is not our job to work out the details of our lives. Meaning that when we intend to bring anything into our lives—be it abundance, perfect health, right relationships, or ideal employment—it is not necessary for us to work out how it will come to pass. Our task is to simply hold the intention, realizing that in the Mind of God it is already done. And all we must do is allow ourselves to come into alignment with this beautiful truth.

So let us relax into the awareness that our Silent Partner is always working on our behalf, and let us get comfortable in fact with not knowing how something is going to happen. Let us take pleasure in allowing the Infinite to surprise us with its boundless goodness, and with the vastness of its limitless miracles that are always standing by to come bursting into our lives. When we do this, we give permission for our lives to move into the realm of the miraculous, and our every step is accompanied with an ease and a grace that is truly our natural state of being.

2 thoughts on “Meditative Thought: Taking Pleasure In Allowing The Infinite To Surprise Us

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  2. Hi This is an amazing video! Being a feormr Massage Instructor I understand what and why this works. The teachings John Assaraf in his book The Answer sound just like the first part of this video it’s all in the perception how we think use our minds! Very well presented ! Well done, Dale Werner

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