Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

It is nice to remember from time to time that, though we may occasionally experience states of temporary forgetfulness, the truth is that all of us have all of the answers within ourselves. There is a part within us that always knows the truth about us and everyone we come into contact with. And as we make it a habit to turn within and commune with this part of ourselves, we will come to find that all the wisdom, guidance, and insight we could ever need will come pouring into our awareness.

When this occurs, let us be mindful to trust our inner guidance. Let us learn to have faith in that still small voice that always stands ready to bring us any form of enlightened wisdom and knowledge that we may need. As we learn to trust our inner guidance, we will find that there is a lightness, a joy, a constant sense of ease and grace that accompanies us wherever we go.

One thought on “Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

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