Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

When we turn our attention inward through prayer and meditation, as we engage in that intimate communion with Spirit, we are in that instant moving out of the realm of time into the realm of eternity. The realm of Spirit is timeless and eternal. God’s world exists outside of any conception of time as we know it. As we become aware of this eternal realm within the depths of our own consciousness, we are aligning ourselves with an inexhaustible supply that always stands ready to give us whatever is required.

We may then begin to see that a miracle is simply an instant demonstration within the world of time and space of that which is already done in the Mind of God. Miracles are always seeking to happen. So let us expect them. Let us expect them to happen for us, to us, as well as through us. We will find that not only do we transform our own lives, but we also become the dispensers of divine blessings that we’re all here to be.

One thought on “Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

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