Meditative Thought: Soul-Language

A powerful way to remain in touch with our deepest innermost Self is to simply pay attention to how we feel. Feelings are what we might refer to as Soul-Language. It is how the Soul communicates whether or not we are in alignment with our true essence. Our true essence is an individuated expression of the Presence of God, made in its very own spiritual image and likeness. When we are in alignment with this magnificence within, we experience a sense of ease and well-being. When we are out of alignment, we feel a sense of discomfort and unease.

As we learn Soul-Language, we begin to use our feelings as a guide. Our feelings always have the ability to gently coax us back into an awareness of our true nature, which is untouched by any surface-level experience. Naturally as we reconnect with that timeless essence within, we are bringing ourselves back into alignment with the fundamental order and harmony of the cosmos. And the more we are in alignment, the more our lives will sour into that indescribable realm of the great miraculous.

One thought on “Meditative Thought: Soul-Language

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