Meditative Thought: The Highest And The Best

As we look at the vast number of possibilities that are always before us, we may find some of them to be less desirable than others. Knowing that whatever we place our attention on we are drawing into our experience, let us be aware that the Mind of God only thinks in terms of the highest and the best. This means that the Divine Reality is always the most joyous, the most loving, the most harmonious, the most peaceful, and the most beneficial for all concerned. And it is up to us to make ourselves available to it so that this Divine Reality may demonstrate in our day to day experience.

So let us make ourselves available to truly “more good than we can imagine.” Because the truth is that, no matter how good we may have been visualizing something, God’s vision for our lives will exceed even our wildest expectations. That is because God only perceives the highest and the best in us, in everyone around us, and in all of humanity. So let us stretch ourselves in how much good we let flow to us and through us.

One thought on “Meditative Thought: The Highest And The Best

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