Daily Guide For Inspiration: Your Permission To Be Great

Everything always starts with our permission. To experience anything in our lives we must first give it permission to come into our experience. So today let us give ourselves permission to be great. Let us give ourselves permission to shine our light regardless of external circumstances. Let us be loving, kind, and generous, and let us allow ourselves to fully and completely express those sacred qualities of Spirit that are at the core of our being—those sacred qualities that are, in fact, who and what we really are. So right now in this moment, acknowledge that you have your own permission to be great. Acknowledge that you have given yourself your authorization to let your Deepest Authentic Self shine today. You will transform your experience in wondrous and magnificent ways.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: All We Are, All We Have Been, All We Ever Will Be

A wonderful spiritual practice is to begin to see ourselves the way God sees us. The eyes of God are too pure to behold iniquity, meaning that the Highest and Best can perceive in us only those qualities that correspond with its own sacred and eternal qualities. In simple terms, regardless of what mistakes we think we’ve made, regardless of what shortcomings we thought we had, the truth is that the Divine Presence only sees our beauty, our potentiality, our inherent well-being, our capacity for love and compassion, and that joyous impulse to always become more and never less of our true selves. Anything that does not correspond or align with those perceptions are miss-perceptions that have originated within a mind that had perceived itself as separate from its Divine Source. So our mission—which yes, we choose to accept—is to release these lesser concepts so we may join in the higher realms of awareness with that part of us that knows that all we are, all we have ever been, and all we could ever be, is intimately and intricately at one with that blissful, infinite, and radiant Love-Intelligence that makes all things by becoming all things.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Uncovering That Sweet Golden Essence

It is delightful to realize that when we speak of spiritual awakening, we are not talking about trying to fix ourselves. Rather than trying to improve apparent flaws, our task is to simply release and let go of that which has been covering up our true nature which is inherently divine. The truth is that, no matter how far off we may appear to be, at the core of our being each and every one of us is already an enlightened being. We are already the spiritual image and likeness of love, beauty, pure intelligence and infinite potentiality. So as we make it our practice to release whatever limiting beliefs, old mental patterns and coping mechanisms may have been covering up our True Being, we will find that within us is a sweet golden essence, a radiant luminosity that has been there all along, calling out ever so gently, seeking to be recognized by us and expressed through us.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: The Divine Idea For Our Lives

Everything in the seen originates from that which is unseen. This means that for every blade of grass, for each beautiful rose, and for all of the marvelous sunsets in the world, there exists in the Mind of God a perfect idea that is the basis for the unfoldment that is occurring in the realm of the visible. In much the same way there is a perfect idea in the Mind of God for the unfoldment of our lives. This Divine Idea is the path which yields the greatest joy, is filled with the most meaningful experiences of love, and it contains the greatest embodiments of peace and well-being—all of which out-picture as harmonizing prosperity and creative self-expression. How great it is to realize that this is already a done deal in the Mind of the Infinite! Yet as beings of free will it is incumbent upon us to make ourselves available to this highest and best. This we do through letting go of lesser perceptions, freeing ourselves from the debris field of the past, and realizing that each new moment offers a new opportunity for us to enter into the timeless and eternal realms of Truth that are found within our very own awareness. It is there that we meet with the Divine Idea for our lives. And as we become its very embodiment, our lives quite spontaneously take on a quality we might describe as miraculous.

Power Affirmations & Weekly Recap and Video Message

It’s affirmation Sunday!

Posted bellow you will find our affirmations for the week. As always, I invite you to really feel the power behind these words as you read and say them to yourself. And then re-read them throughout the week, and really allow yourself to become the embodiment in consciousness of these statements. What you embody in consciousness you will experience in your life!

Much peace and blessings!


I am compelled into divine right action as I follow the voice of Spirit within me!

My body temple radiates perfect health, luminous beauty, and divine well-being!

I am fully fueled and funded by the bountiful and limitless supply of the All-Good!

I greet each new moment with the calm assurance that all there is is God!

God fully manifests in all areas of my life in me, through me, as me!

Joyously I participate in the ongoing circulation of the everlasting good!

I am tuned into the better-than-I-can-imagine-scenarios, knowing that the Highest and Best is the divine plan for my life!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


Daily Guide For Inspiration: That Fresh, All Things New Flavor

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Our Highest Priority

Daily Guide For Inspiration: We Are Inclined To Live Extraordinary Lives

Daily Guide For Inspiration: The Embodiment Of All We’ve Come Here To Be

Daily Guide For Inspiration: The Practice Of Radical Gratitude

Video Message: “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Beloved community,

You will find the latest video message posted bellow. This week’s message is titled “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”, and what we’re talking about is shifting our perspective so we can come into an awareness that our needs are met (remember, consciousness precedes form), and then giving ourselves permission to place our attention on our sacred life purpose.

Awakened Life Now has truly evolved into what I like to call a “virtual spiritual center,” meaning that these weekly messages are just like messages you might hear when attending an in person spiritual community. So I hope these messages are a blessing to you. I believe that if you allow yourself to listen to them and as you apply the spiritual principles that they entail, you will open yourself up to allow your life to be transformed in powerful ways. And of course the intention is to reach as many individuals as possible, so please feel free to re-post and/or share any of what you find here with anyone you feel may benefit from it as well.

We live in an age of great awakening! And there is something extraordinary trying to happen in all of our lives right now! Our task is to simply be available to it through raising our level of expectancy, surrendering to the Highest and the Best which is the Divine Reality, and through always being open to those better-than-we-can-imagine-scenarios.

So I hope you will check out the video. And feel free to post any comments, feedback, or questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you!

Much love, peace, and blessings!


“The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Daily Guide For Inspiration: The Practice Of Radical Gratitude

Happiness is our natural state of being. Yet we are not talking about happiness for any particular reason. Much rather are we referring to happiness as a continual sense of peace, joy, love, harmony, and inner fulfillment. The truth is not one thing needs to change in the external in order for us to experience this. The fastest way to enter into this natural state of well-being is to engage in the practice of radical gratitude. When we are thankful not merely for what we have labeled good or desirable, but instead when we make gratitude our way of life—appreciating the very gift of existence itself—we will have created a powerful shift in our perspective. Suddenly we realize that it is not necessary to base our happiness on what seems to be occurring at the surface level of our lives. Rather than relying on condition-based happiness, we have uncovered the source of true happiness which can only be found within. And as we make living from that place our priority, naturally the seeming outer reality cannot help but rearrange itself around our new internal state of being.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: The Embodiment Of All We’ve Come Here To Be

One of the greatest gifts we could ever receive is a lifetime lived consciously. Living in this world of physicality while yet maintaining an awareness of who and what we really are is perhaps the greatest blessing of them all. And the wonderful news here is that you have already received this blessing! So as we appreciate this gift of an awakened life, let us live with the intentionality to put it to use in the most beneficial way possible. Rather than getting distracted by the seeming turmoil of day to day living, let us keep our attention upon that part of us that we know to be our True Selves. Let us walk in that calm assurance that our steps are being guided by the Highest and the Best. We may be certain that as we simply resolve to shine our light—no matter what appears to be happening around us—and as we set free those magnificent qualities of divinity within us, we are becoming the very embodiment of all we’ve come here to be.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: We Are Inclined To Live Extraordinary Lives

It is the nature of All That Is to always be nurturing, life-giving, and self-sustaining. So by definition there could not ever be anything against us other than our own perception. We might say then that the odds are heavily stacked in our favor. We are truly inclined to live extraordinary lives! So with this in mind, let’s give ourselves permission to contemplate these truths of our being on a daily basis. As we shift our perspective towards our spiritual power, we inevitably find that things cannot help but unfold with joyous harmony, with a delightful ease, and a sweet divine grace. The outer always responds to the inner by out-picturing what it is we have been holding in consciousness. So let us hold thoughts of truth and empowerment. Let us hold images of love, compassion, and inspiration. Let us be mindful of the limitless potential that lies within us. And let’s decide that we’re going to set free this potential, so we may shine our lights upon the world in a powerful way.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Our Highest Potentiality

One who is grounded in an awareness of their spiritual power does not appear all that out of the ordinary at first glance. It is only gradually that we might begin to sense that there is a continuous calm that accompanies such an individual. There is a radiant sense of love and compassion that emanates from such beings. There is a calm assurance, a divine confidence, a peace that truly passes all human understanding. All of us may access this powerful realm of spiritual dominion. What’s required is that we be willing to step out of our comfort zone, leaving behind familiar coping mechanisms, and instead allow that still small voice within to speak to us. As we learn to pay attention to this voice, it will invariably guide us into greater and greater heights of awakening. It will guide us back to ourselves, to our True Selves. And it is when we meet our True Selves in the sweetness of our own awareness that we realize that others who are grounded in spiritual power—all the avatars, enlightened beings, and spiritual masters of the ages—have all been reflecting our own highest potentiality back to us all along.