Daily Guide For Inspiration: Selective Thinkers

There is no doubt that we will become what we think about the most. We always draw to us that which we first embody in consciousness. So one of the most important skills we could ever master is to be selective thinkers. Rather than buying into the latest popular belief, let us instead decide to contemplate the deeper truths of our being. Let us contemplate that all we could ever hope, want for, or desire is already within us. Let us consider that our nature is one of limitless potentiality. Let us realize that within us is tremendous power and luminosity, all of it making up that unique pattern of perfection that is us, and that is calling out to be expressed in its fullness. Let us respond to this call! Let us set it free! As we learn to keep our thoughts centered on that which is Real and True, we inevitably come to find that our life experience begins to reflect the joyous essence of our new contemplations back to us.

One thought on “Daily Guide For Inspiration: Selective Thinkers

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