I joyously become more fully myself as I surrender to the Highest and Best within me!

Infinite overflowing good bursts forth into expression through me!

All areas of my life are resurrected with joy, plentitude and success as I allow Divine Love to have its way with me!

My body temple is a vibrant expression of perfect health and radiant luminosity!

I am a receptive vehicle for more of God to reveal itself in me, through me, and as me!

I joyously embody the high vibration of these words!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Giving Up The Lesser For The Greater

True growth happens once we have given ourselves permission to die to the lesser and be born to the greater. So when facing any challenge, rather than thinking that something has gone wrong, realize that everything has gone right. The challenge is there because it is a stepping stone. Its purpose is to help you let go of whatever you may need to release so that you may step into a greater activation of your potential. What this entails is a continuous giving up of what is unreal, and a constant embracing of what is Real. As the old paradigms fall away you may temporarily feel like your very life is falling apart—that’s what it means to be dying to the lesser. Yet soon you come to realize that nothing has fallen apart at all, but much rather has everything been coming together. Then suddenly you awaken one day to find that you are no longer who you once were. The old self has died. And you discover that to be “born again” really means to return to your True Self—the Real You. It is a rebirth, a rediscovering, and a sweet remembrance of who and what you really are as a luminous being of light, here to shine forth the radiance of your own magnificent being.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Letting Go Of Fear-Based Judgments

Judgment invariably restricts our perception. When we are caught up in being judgmental, by definition our perception becomes very narrow because all we are able to see is our own little viewpoint. Yet as we open ourselves up to seeing things from another viewpoint—regardless of whether or not we have agreed with this particular viewpoint—we are in that moment expanding our perception. Perhaps we become aware that diversity is always to be celebrated, and to never be judged. Perhaps we have remembered that we do not need to defend our opinions simply because our opinions are not what defines us. When we no longer feel we have to cling to rigid belief systems and points of views, we free ourselves from the need of making fear-based judgments, and instead we are able to embrace that wonderfully sweet diversity which exists to reveal the infinitude of All That Is.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: One With The All

The journey of spiritual awakening and self-realization takes us beyond a mere intellectual understanding of spiritual principles and teachings into a practical application of its truths. Rather than merely being able to recite various passages of holy scriptures, our intentionality becomes to practically apply the teachings of Jesus the Christ, Gautama the Buddha, Bhagavan Krishna, and many others—to actually endeavor each and every day to become the living embodiment of what these wonderful masters across the ages have taught.

Are you up for this? So how do we go about doing it? We have to absolutely begin with a certain level of trust. Trust that if we just have that faith the size of a mustard seed, it will be sufficient to propel us into greater and greater heights of self-realization. So we begin with the awareness that we are immersed in, part of, and have our very being in an ineffable Love-Intelligence that is forever seeking to express and reveal more of its infinite nature. We begin to sense this, we begin to live from this awareness. And as we do so, we will find that we are leaving behind those acquired mental patterns of fear, doubt and worry, as we have a conscious realization that within every single one of us lies the infinite potentiality of Divine Love, and the limitless capacity to express its sacred qualities according to our unique set of gifts, skills and talents.

So today, allow yourself to meditate on the truth that you are One with the All. Contemplate that infinity actually lies within you, and that the very urge you feel to express yourself is nothing less than the Eternal seeking to break into time through you. The surface mind won’t be able to comprehend it. So do your surface mind a favor and give it a break. Instead, go to that part of you that simply and quietly knows.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Be Still And Know That I Am God In The Midst Of You

When you become aware of your true nature as an individualized expression of All That Is, realizing that the infinite potentiality of the All-Good is within you, it becomes self-evident that you already have everything you could ever want, hope for, or desire. Yet what we endeavor to do is to move beyond a mere intellectual understanding of this truth into a conscious and experiential realization of it. So today, give yourself permission to contemplate that you are not your body, that you are not your thoughts, and that you are not what happens to you. Become aware that beyond all of that there is a silent witness, a conscious observer, ever present. This silent witness is pure consciousness. It is timeless, formless, birthless, and deathless. This is the Real You. It is free from all false sense of lack or limitation. Let yourself get in touch with this aspect of your being today. Commune with it, live from it. As you do, you will find that you no longer get carried away with the surface mind’s preoccupation with what appears to be missing, and instead you remember to simply “be still and know that I am God in the midst of you.”

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Remembering Your True Nature

The purpose of a daily spiritual practice is for us to remain constantly aware of that which is Real. As we take time each day to turn inward, as we listen to the sweet sound of stillness within our own being, we are in that moment breaking free from letting the world of phenomena and effects control our state of consciousness. Instead we are communing with that timeless, formless, and eternal essence out of which all good ultimately flows. So just as you take time each day to tend to the affairs of your body temple, to shower, to brush your teeth, so too take time each day to do your inner work. Take time daily to be reminded of your true nature which is nothing less than a totally unique and individualized expression of the All-Good—the very spiritual image and likeness of God. And then with this awareness go about your day, shining forth the luminosity that is within you seeking to be expressed and revealed regardless of where you find yourself.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: No Limits, Only Doorways

Anytime we explore new domain in our lives, when we expand our resolve to make the higher choice, when we stretch ourselves in how much we are willing to love, and when we maximize our readiness to give of ourselves, we are moving out of our comfort zone into our excellence zone. While the comfort zone may have seemed alluring for just a little while, we have recognized that true fulfillment cannot be found by remaining in what is familiar and comfortable. It is in the nature of All That Is to always expand and to unfold. And so as we place ourselves in a position of expansion and unfoldment, always reaching just a little beyond of what we had perceived to be our limits, our lives begin to reach new heights of fulfillment. Soon we come to realize that our perceived limits weren’t limits at all, but only doorways into revealing more of our infinite nature and limitless capacity.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Trust In The Infinite Organizing Power Of The Ineffable

Living from the inside out involves the gradual retraining of our perceptions, how we choose to approach our day to day experience. When we live from the inside out, we understand that we do not live in a material world that is separate from us. Instead we sense that we are part of a vast spiritual system that is intimately and intricately interconnected. We realize that this system is friendly and on our side. We realize that we are a unique expression of it, and so what we earnestly desire is actually what is seeking to happen through us. The desires of our heart is how the All-Good is seeking to express itself through us and as us. So when we live from the inside out, we begin to set our intentions ahead of time. We focus upon the qualities we wish to experience, we give ourselves permission to follow the calling of our heart, and we move in the direction of our preferences and inclinations. And finally, we trust in the infinite organizing power of the Ineffable which always stands ready to surprise and amaze us with the magnitude of its goodness.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Peering Through The Clouds

When contemplating the nature of All That Is, we will come to find that there is no withholding involved whatsoever. The self-givingness of the Spirit is total and complete. Just as the sun never withholds the warmth of its light, so too the Divine Presence never withholds the light of its love, the peace of its wisdom, or the joy of its being. Even when temporarily covered up by clouds, the sun never goes anywhere. And so too the Divine Presence is always there, even when covered up by the cloudy skies of a lesser perception. Yet the very instant we shift our attention away from the lesser perception, we will find that the clouds dissipate, proper seeing is restored, and we realize that we are always showered by the boundless good of the Ineffable. So our job is to consciously peer through the clouds, and to set our sights upon the eternal truths of the Spirit. Though these truths may get covered up from time to time, they are always there, waiting to be recognized and embraced.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Surrender Does Not Denote The Absence Of Intention

When we realize that we live, move, and have our being as part of one unified Whole—a perfect spiritual system that is self-sustaining, self-nourishing, and life-giving—we begin to find it easier to cultivate trust in that which is seeking to unfold in our lives. We may rest assured that as we surrender to its flow, All-That-Is will guide us into the greatest fulfillment of our desires. Surrender, however, does not denote the absence of intention. We must hold the intention to grow and become more fully ourselves without getting too caught up in all of the specifics. In other words, as we surrender to the flow of the Infinite we may hold the intention to release the sacred qualities of love, joy, creativity, and harmonizing prosperity. We then actively move in the direction of our intention, withholding nothing, ready to always freely give of ourselves. And then we allow the Infinite to carry us in the palm of its hand, letting the right individuals to show up at the right time, allowing the right doors to open and the perfect opportunities for expansion to appear. So we are holding the intention, and then we surrender to its highest and best unfolding.