Daily Guide For Inspiration: Trusting The Process Of Life

Sometimes the most empowering thing we can do is to stop every once and a while, let go of trying to figure out all the details, and simply surrender into the complete and full awareness that our life is now unfolding in alignment with the evolutionary impulse of the Universe, always geared towards evolving into a greater expression of its own Highest and Best. Trust is one of the most powerful spiritual tools we can apply. When we trust the process of Life, when we’ve decided that we live in a friendly Universe and that Life is indeed on our side, it becomes easier to let go of attaching to specific outcomes, to certain ways of how we think something “should” turn out. Instead, somewhere beyond the surface mind’s inclination to look for evidence in the external, we simply know that all is always well, and that nothing could ever truly be against us other than our own perception. This allows us to then embrace each new moment with that sweet realization that it offers us nothing less than an opportunity to express and reveal more of our True Self.

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