Inclusivity & Unity—The Common Thread That Unites Us All

My message is one of inclusivity. It is not about religiosity, which often tends to exclude people. I believe we live in a time where we can no longer afford to live by standards of artificial division. The time has come for all of us to have the courage to overcome our differences and enter into the common realization that beneath the surface of seeming division and apparent separation there is a thread that binds us all.

So my aim is to reach individuals of all backgrounds, of all faiths, of all spiritual traditions. Whether you consider yourself a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a “New Ageist,” or simply just spiritual but not religious; or whether you think of yourself as someone who is not spiritual at all but more scientifically inclined, perhaps even an atheist, my aim is to be able to reach you as well.

At first glance this might seem a little contradictory, but I assure you it is not. The reason for that is that, regardless of what tradition we’ve subscribed to, or what terminology we use to articulate the deeper nature of reality, at the core, as I said, there is something that binds us all together. It’s this ineffable something that I speak of in all my messages. And whether you think of it as your soul, spirit, super-conscious, or your higher self, matters not one bit. What matters instead is that all of us cultivate a conscious awareness of this deeper dimension of our being, an awareness that transcends mere intellectual concepts and belief systems.



When I speak of transcending beliefs, what I mean is that once you have the direct experience of something belief in it is no longer necessary. If I asked you, for example, whether or not you believed in electricity or in gravity, most likely you’d be wondering if I was feeling alright. Because naturally a belief in electricity, or a belief in gravity is not necessary simply because we all have the direct experience of electricity and gravity in our day to day lives. We experience electricity every time we walk into a room and turn on the light. We experience gravity all throughout the day. Gravity is what’s keeping us bound to the earth right now, it’s what is keeping us all from floating off to the ceiling or into space. So there can be no denying that gravity and electricity exist.

In much the same way, once you have the direct experience of the deeper dimension of your being—regardless of what you call it—a belief in it is no longer necessary. In simple terms, we don’t seek to believe in God. Ultimately a belief is something intellectual, it is mental. It does not necessarily have transformational value. So what’s better than believing in God is to actually have the direct experience of the sweetness of the Divine Presence, the Great Ineffable, in our very own lives. Once you’ve experienced God, you no longer need to believe in God. That’s because God has become a part of your everyday experience. The Divine Ineffable has become as real to you as the very air you breathe. What’s happened is that you’ve raised your level of awareness. You’ve become conscious enough to perceive that Indescribable Presence that is everywhere in its fullness, right now expressing in, through and all around you. You have come into the awareness that when we speak of God we are not talking about some far off deity that is separate from us. Instead, we are speaking about the very core of our being, the very essence of who and what we are. Simply put, we are talking about both Existence itself as well as that which exists. And as we live from that space, we no longer have to believe in it any more than we have to believe in gravity and electricity.

So my invitation to you is to cultivate a deeper awareness of who and what you really are. As I said, verbiage and terminology is not all too important. Whether you refer to the Great Ineffable as God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence; or if you like to use scientific terms such as the Unified Field or the Quantum Field, all of it is ultimately pointing to the same thing. All of these are descriptions that seek to articulate that which ultimately cannot be articulated.

In the past humanity has found itself living from a consciousness that perpetuated a false sense of separation and division, creating artificial borders not only between nations and cultures, but also between faiths and religious traditions. It is my belief as well as my experience that we have now entered into an age where slowly but surely we are leaving behind these mistaken beliefs in separation and otherness, and instead we are discovering that common thread of unity that binds us all together. I see this in my own life every day as I meet more and more individuals who are, in one way or another, living from this place that recognizes our unity more than it does our apparent differences.

So my intention behind putting out these messages, writing blogs, doing podcasts and things of this nature, is to contribute to this elevation of consciousness that is already happening right here and right now. Because what happens once we all start living from this deeper awareness is that not only will we live our own lives at our highest potential, we will have quite automatically become a beneficial presence on the planet.

It’s important to be aware, though, that we’re not setting out to “save the world.” As Howard Thurman put it, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” As we cultivate an awareness of our true nature, living from what I like to refer to as our deepest most authentic self, we find we are quite naturally drawn to doing what brings us our greatest fulfillment. And just as the pieces of a puzzle all come together to form one coherent picture, so too if all of us do what brings us joy and fulfillment, if all of us do what we are here on this earth to do, we all play our part in creating a world that works for everyone. Each of us is like a piece of the puzzle, and if all pieces go where they belong we create a picture of humanity that surpasses even our wildest expectations. We create the picture of humanity that is held in the Mind of the Infinite, and that is seeking to burst forth into expression through and as each and every one of us.

And so I invite you to play your part in this. I invite you to become aware once again that you have a great destiny. As the world waits for you to sing your song and to dance your dance, give yourself permission to say “yes!” Give yourself permission to become the embodiment of your highest potential, and you will not only be a blessing to yourself, but also to everyone whose life you touch.



I live my life as an authentic and complete being. I withhold nothing, expressing fully who and what I am. Free from doubt, knowing and experiencing my true nature as an infinite and limitless spirit, I allow all the love, all the joy, all the fulfillment, all the harmony, and all the fullness of the infinite potentiality to be revealed in, through and as me. I know who I am, and I let my light so shine before the world. My steps are ordered by the sacred vibration of unconditional love. This is my declaration. This is my experience. I am the embodiment of this now. And so be it. Amen.

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