Daily Inspiration: Live From The Center

As you learn to accept the fact that there is no external world other than as the out-picturing of your thoughts, beliefs and expectations, you will have stepped back into your power as a limitless multi-dimensional being, containing within you the totality of the All-Good. Vedanta reminds us that “I am not in the world, the world is in me. I am not in the body, the body is in me. I am not in the mind, the mind is in me.” This points to Consciousness, pure Spirit, being the Ultimate Reality. Yet let us be careful to not get lost in thinking of this as some complicated mental exercise. We are not talking philosophy here, we are talking about taking this on as a way of life. So let’s make it practical. Simply practice becoming aware of yourself as the observer of your life. Notice yourself as the I AM Presence that is independent of the content that is flowing through your field of awareness. Begin to live from the center, and you will see that you are never at the mercy of what is at the circumference. You learn that you have the ability to always choose what quality of consciousness you want to bring into each moment. And as you allow the higher qualities to flow, you will witness your life transform into the miraculous.

One thought on “Daily Inspiration: Live From The Center

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