Daily Inspiration: Standing In Your Spiritual Power

Will you stand in your spiritual power today? Spiritual power does not mean power over others, which is not really power at all. Spiritual power begins with you recognizing and embracing just what a luminous and powerful being you actually are. When you do, you will never again fall prey to the false belief that there is something outside of you that holds any power over you. The Spirit of Life has poured the entirety of itself into you. It has entrusted you with all of its limitless capacities, its sacred qualities and creative faculties. Now all the forces of Heaven are waiting to see what you will do with what has been given to you. So today, let go of acting as if you didn’t know who you are. Decide to take a stand for the sacred qualities of love, peace, creativity, well-being, beauty, and harmonizing prosperity. As you let the I AM Presence within you shine, it will guide you to exactly where you need to go in order for you to become the embodiment of your highest potential.

One thought on “Daily Inspiration: Standing In Your Spiritual Power

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