Daily Inspiration: One Conscious Breath

One conscious breath is often all it takes to pull us out of what might otherwise de-evolve into an unconscious reactionary pattern, and it enables us to instead choose our response from a more conscious place. As we remember to stop and just breathe, we are creating space between what is occurring in our experiential reality—the surface level of our lives—and our response to it. One conscious breath has the ability to pull us out of the surface mind with its opinions, its points of views and belief systems, and it allows us to simply just be. Pure unadulterated Being puts us in touch with our True Self, that luminous emanation of light and love that is us. So today, remember to just breathe. As you take one conscious breath, and then another and another, let it guide you back into a realization of what is Real, True, and Eternal; and allow your actions and responses to flow out of that.

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