New Mid-Week Inspiration Mini-Podcast!

Hello and welcome to our first mid-week inspiration mini-podcast!

Yes, this is a surprise, and hopefully a pleasant one! :) This is a brand-new series here at Awakened Life called

These are short audios that remind us of our true, magnificent, and inherently divine nature. Short and sweet, just over 9 minutes in length, these are ideal for receiving that little dose of inspiration, empowerment, and sweet remembrance as you go about your week. So sit back, listen, and be reminded that… Life is good!

This first installment is titled “We Live In A Loving Universe.” Simply and feel free to come back and share any insights or feedback you may have.

A little side note, these will be released on Wednesdays! And I had actually recorded this yesterday, but technical reasons had delayed it for a day. But starting next week, look for these to be out every Wednesday.

Peace and Blessings!

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