Daily Inspiration: Living In The Judgement Free Zone

Living in the judgement free zone requires us to deeply examine our own points of views and perceptions. If we find ourselves passing judgement, what is it that we’re judging? If we are really honest with ourselves we will find that whatever we disapprove of in another is really a disowned quality within ourselves that we have projected outward. We are only able to see what we are. So living in the judgement free zone requires us first and foremost to be totally and completely at peace with ourselves. We love another unconditionally when we love ourselves unconditionally. And we love ourselves unconditionally when we accept ourselves fully and completely. So today, live in the space of total acceptance. Realize that everyone is always doing the best they can from where they’re at in consciousness. When you make it your habit to always look for the highest and best, by Law, the highest and best will be what you see and experience. This then tends to have a ripple effect, and you find yourself being a powerful healing presence in the world.

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