Daily Inspiration: Be As Little Children

Becoming a more complete embodiment of our Authentic Self requires us to gradually unlearn what the world may have taught us. It is a returning to our state of original innocence that we completely inhabited when we arrived here in this world of time and space. We enter into Heaven-Consciousness by becoming as little children because children are quite naturally in touch with this uninhibited state of joy and wonder that is who we really are. There is an inclination towards possibility thinking, a free flow of imagination and ingenuity, a sense that all is well and that Life is for us. This is the state of being from which we originated, and it’s the state of being to which we return. The beautiful thing is that we can choose to live from there once again right here and right now. Today, get in touch with your inner child. Allow that part of you that is pure joy to come to the surface and play in the sandbox of your life. Release any sense of looking at life as being “serious,” and instead behold existence with a sense of awe and wonder. Be grateful that you get to choose what state of consciousness you bring into your experience, and then let all that you are flow freely into all that you do.

4 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration: Be As Little Children

  1. Absolutely, God is certainly beyond anything that words could ever articulate. It’s so important to always remember that words are just symbols, sign posts that may show the way, but we never want to get too attached to any specific words when it comes to the Ineffable.

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