Short Clips From Recent Video Messages & Affirmations

Beloved community,

Today we’ve got something a little different for you. Do you remember back when television shows used to have what they called a “clip show,” where they would basically have several clips from previous episodes that made up most of that particular week’s episode? Well, today is what we might call “Clip Show Sunday!” here at Awakened Life! :)

In other words, I’ve been taking this weekend off and I felt a good thing to do might be to post some clips from recent High Evocations messages. You may also find these and more over at the .

I’m aware that there’s some of you who love the Daily Inspirations, but perhaps you’ve been staying away from the video messages because they seemed a little long to you. So the beautiful thing about these clips is that they are very short, and they allow you to still get some of the gems that have emerged throughout these recent talks. I hope you will check them out, like them, and also share them. Let’s multiply this consciousness, and try and reach as many individuals as possible!

Next Sunday I will be back with a regular installment of our weekly podcast, and I look forward to beginning our theme for October, which is: “Tune Out The Mental Chatter—Tune Into Inspiration” You won’t want to miss that! So be on the lookout for it a week from today. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these clips.

Sending you much love and light, peace and blessings!

“Going On A Date With Abundance”

“Your Daily Reality Check”

“Global Shift In Consciousness”

“The Real You”

“Trained Thought Is More Powerful”

“Trust In The Fundamental Goodness Of Life”

“Flowing With The Flow Summary”

“Close Out Prayer/Evocation”


I am compelled and propelled into divine right action by the voice of Spirit in me!

My life is a radiant expression of God’s glory and a bountiful demonstration of plentitude and abundance!

Health, wholeness, and well-being reign supreme in me!

I am an ambassador of peace and a messenger of love, joyously shining the light wherever I go!

Containing the totality of the All-Good within me, I freely circulate and gratefully receive the infinitude of divine blessings!

I live for God! My life is the life of God! And it sure is a good life!

Gratefully I allow it be! And so it is! Amen!

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