Daily Inspiration: There Is Only One Of Us

Being of service is a way of life. When we look for opportunities to serve, we are sending a powerful message to the Universe that says we have and we are willing to give. So we move out of the have-not-and-getting-mindset into the all-needs-met-and-giving-mentality. And the more we give, the more we open ourselves up to receive since giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. A life of service also breaks down the barriers of separation. Ultimately we can only ever serve the One. And as we serve the One, we come to find that regardless of what form it may take at any given moment, One is really all there ever is, fully present anywhere we look, within or without. Today, look for opportunities to give of yourself. Withhold nothing. Give freely. Realize that what you do for another you are also doing for your Self, because in truth there is only ever One of us.

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