Daily Inspiration: Embody Your Wholeness

Being the spiritual image and likeness of God means that we contain within us all of the sacred qualities of the Infinite. So within every single one of us truly lies the totality of the All Good. In order for us to experience this, we must first embody it. What we embody in consciousness we become. Choose to begin every day by feeling into your innate wholeness through meditation, affirmative prayer, and contemplation. Realize that as a spiritual being there could not possibly be anything missing within you. You are whole, perfect, and complete at the center of your being. As you contemplate and feel into this on a regular basis, it becomes ingrained into your subjective awareness, meaning you are literally reprogramming your mind. You are allowing the Truth of who you are to take you over. So today, embody your wholeness. Know the Truth about who and what you are, and make the decision for your life to be the living demonstration of that.

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