Affirmations, Weekly Recap, Latest Podcast and Video Message

Posted bellow are our latest affirmations. As always, allow the powerful vibrations of these words to sink deeply into your awareness. Begin to say them, repeat them, and feel into them! Allow yourself to stand in your spiritual authority and call forth what you want to experience.

And also posted bellow you will find the audio versions of the latest two video messages. So if you’d like to download them, simply right click and save. :)


I am compelled and propelled into divine right action by the voice of Spirit in me!

My life is a radiant expression of God’s glory and a bountiful demonstration of plentitude and abundance!

Health, wholeness, and well-being reign supreme in me!

I am an ambassador of peace and a messenger of love, joyously shining the light wherever I go!

Containing the totality of the All-Good within me, I freely circulate and gratefully receive the infinitude of divine blessings!

I live for God! My life is the life of God! And it sure is a good life!

Gratefully I allow it be! And so it is! Amen!


Proper Seeing

Yielding To Unconditional Love

Who You Really Are

Live From The Center

Standing In Your Spiritual Power



“Redirect Your Attention & See Clearly”

Daily Inspiration: Embody Your Wholeness

Being the spiritual image and likeness of God means that we contain within us all of the sacred qualities of the Infinite. So within every single one of us truly lies the totality of the All Good. In order for us to experience this, we must first embody it. What we embody in consciousness we become. Choose to begin every day by feeling into your innate wholeness through meditation, affirmative prayer, and contemplation. Realize that as a spiritual being there could not possibly be anything missing within you. You are whole, perfect, and complete at the center of your being. As you contemplate and feel into this on a regular basis, it becomes ingrained into your subjective awareness, meaning you are literally reprogramming your mind. You are allowing the Truth of who you are to take you over. So today, embody your wholeness. Know the Truth about who and what you are, and make the decision that your life will become the living demonstration of that.

Affirmations, Latest Video & Daily Inspirations


I am divinely guided and divinely supported as I walk in the conscious awareness of my oneness with God!

Surrounded by infinite possibility and free from all lesser perceptions I surrender to the highest and best for my life!

Fully equipped and empowered by Spirit I am a vehicle for divine love, peace and harmony to express in me, through me, and as me!

Freely I withhold nothing, knowing that nothing is withheld from me!

Gratitude and generosity are the sacred vibration of my being!

Joyously I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


“Embrace the Real You; From Turbulence to Magnificence”


With Awareness Comes Choice

You Are Divinely Supported

Free From The Shackles Of Memory

It’s At Hand Now!

Seeing With The Inner Eye

Latest Podcast & Daily Inspirations, and Some Powerful Affirmations!


Divine Right Action manifests in all areas of my life expressing in me, through me, and as me!

My awareness of God’s omnipresence is fully sufficient and shows up as all my needs being met!

Free from the debris of the past I shape my life with an ease and grace as the masterful soul-artist that I am!

The inner harmony of my being reflects and reveals itself in all areas of my life!

It shows up as perfect health! It shows up as harmonizing prosperity! It shows up as divine opportunities! Right here and right now!

Freely I receive and freely I give! And in the spirit of gratitude I let it be!

And so it is! Amen!




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Daily Inspiration: Perceiving And Discerning Spiritual Reality

By turning to the center of my being I tap into the infinite organizing power that is within me!

With awe and wonder I behold as my life unfolds to reveal wholeness, perfect peace, and unconditional love!

Harmonizing prosperity and generosity of heart are the sacred songs of my being!

Fully aware that God is my Source and Infinite Supply I withhold nothing, knowing nothing is withheld from me!

With ease and grace I break past any and all limiting paradigms, embracing the infinite potentiality that is available to me!

Joyously and thankfully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Announcement About Video Messages & Upcoming Podcast, and Our Powerful Affirmations!

Beloved readers and viewers,

If you have been wondering about the absence of video messages these past few weeks, I can gladly report to you that videos will be making their comeback this next Saturday!

What has happened was that these past few weeks have been somewhat preoccupied with my settling into my new surroundings after having moved from Houston, Texas back to Los Angeles. I am happy to say that I am now back in Los Angeles, excited about all the wonderful new beginnings that are happening in my life, and I am ready and looking forward to getting back to doing weekly video messages!

These new videos will be slightly different from the way they have been done in the past. Basically what will happen is that the videos will simultaneously be released as a weekly audio podcast called “High Evocations—Calling Forth Your Highest And Best!” This will give you the option to choose to either watch the video, or to download the mp3 audio version, carry it with you, and listen to it whenever and wherever is most convenient.

The theme for the month of April will be “Practicing the Presence.” And this will be all about emphasizing our moving away from merely having an intellectual understanding of these spiritual principles and universal laws, towards practically applying them in our day to day lives. We are basically talking about up-leveling our faith, going from believing to knowing, and entering into the realm of experience. After all, transformation is experiential.

Powerful breakthroughs are always seeking to happen, particularly in those areas of our lives where we have been experiencing challenges—challenges simply being opportunities for growth and expansion—and so our task is to create the conditions within our own awareness that will allow for these breakthroughs to become our experience. So I hope you will join me for the first podcast in this powerful series, to be released this Saturday.

Now before we move on to our affirmations, I just want to encourage all of you to post any feedback you may have. Let me know if there is something specific you would like to see addressed. And let’s connect! It’s all about connection and creating a sense of community, whether that be face to face or virtual. I always love hearing from you.

For more updates and inspirational postings, I also invite you to follow me on and to “like” the as well.

Thanks so much to all of you wonderful supporters out there, and let’s continue on this magnificent journey together.

Much love, peace and richest blessings to all of you!



My steps are ordered by the sacred vibration of unconditional love!

I joyously and boldly embrace the limitless possibilities before me!

All areas of my life reflect and reveal the fundamental order and harmony of my being!

Each moment presents me with opportunities to more fully give expression to God!

I am a luminous emanation of wholeness, perfect health, and harmonizing prosperity!

In the spirit of gratitude and celebration I express my divinity to its fullest!

I am the embodiment of these words! And so it is! Amen!


I joyously become more fully myself as I surrender to the Highest and Best within me!

Infinite overflowing good bursts forth into expression through me!

All areas of my life are resurrected with joy, plentitude and success as I allow Divine Love to have its way with me!

My body temple is a vibrant expression of perfect health and radiant luminosity!

I am a receptive vehicle for more of God to reveal itself in me, through me, and as me!

I joyously embody the high vibration of these words!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Affirmations, Audio Version Of Latest Video Message, and Weekly Recap

Beloved readers and viewers,

Posted bellow you will find the mp3 audio version of our latest video message, titled “Freedom! Release the Old, Embrace the New.” Simply to download, save it, and listen to it anytime and anywhere you like. And as I like to say from time to time, if you feel blessed by any of the messages, please always feel free to re-post and share any of them.

And as we do every Sunday, let’s take a moment to contemplate our affirmations. Give yourself permission to really feel into the powerful vibrations behind these statements as you say them out loud and contemplate them.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and magnificent day! Look forward to speaking to you again soon, and am sending you much light and love, peace and blessings!


I walk in the joyous awareness that God is my infinite Source and supply!

Divine substance is the foundation of my being, effortlessly and easily showing up as whatever is required!

Free from the illusion of separation I desire for others the Good I know has been freely given to all!

All areas of my life reflect the unity of my awareness and the fundamental order and harmony of my being!

I hold on to nothing, joyously participating in the ongoing circulation of the All-Good!

I feel and embody the power and the truth of these words!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


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Affirmations, MP3 Files for Recent Video Messages, Weekly Recap & Video Message

Beloved community,

Posted bellow you will find our latest affirmations. Be sure to deeply feel into the truth of these statements. To experience their fullest effect it is recommended that you say them out loud with conviction and authority, and then just give yourself permission to be transformed from the inside out.

And also bellow you will find something that I hope you will enjoy. The latest video messages are now also available in MP3 format! So this means you will be able to download them and listen to them at anytime and anywhere, if you choose. Simply right click the links bellow and then hit “save.” I truly hope that these messages are a blessing to you, that they resonate with something deep inside of you, and I look forward to continue doing them.

Much love, peace and blessings to all of you!


I walk in the awareness that all the good I have asked for is within me, and I am ready and willing to set it free!

Divine opportunities rain supremely on me as I contemplate the truth of my being!

I enter fully into the newness of each moment, filled with wonder and gratitude for the miracle of Life itself!

My joyous celebration of Existence calls forth radiant health, fulfilling relationships, divine right action, and all my needs met!

I open the blessing channels through my own self-givingness, freely circulating the bountiful supply of good!

My entire being vibrates high as I deeply feel and fully embody the truth of these words!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!



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Affirmations, Video Message & Weekly Recap

It’s affirmation Sunday here at Awakened Life Now!

Posted bellow are our affirmations for the week. As always, allow yourself to deeply feel into the power and the truth of these statements as you contemplate them throughout the week, and as you let your life to be transformed from the inside out. And also posted bellow you will find our weekly recap as well as the re-posting of the latest video message, titled “Give Yourself Permission To Shine.”

Sending you much love and light, peace and blessings!


I give freely from the abundant wellspring of my Soul, recognizing that God is my infinite Source and supply!

All areas of my life reflect and reveal God’s infinite wholeness and divine perfection!

The gifts of divinity are coming into full expression through me!

I surrender to the divine pattern for my life which exceeds even my wildest imaginings!

Wherever I go, whatever I do, whomever I’m with, God shows up fully in me, through me, and as me!

I recognize that I am one with all of humanity, and so I regularly contemplate the highest and best for the entire planet!

Joyously and gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


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