Affirmations & Weekly Recap

It’s affirmation time! As usually on Sundays you will find our weekly recap posted bellow followed by the affirmations for the week. The recap is fairly short and simple this time, but if you’ve missed any of the daily guides for inspiration, or if you just want to revisit them, you can do so bellow. And after a slight technical delay this past week, I will of course be back with a new video message this coming week (all happens in perfect divine timing). Until then, feel free to check out the ones that are up on the video page right now, or you may want to take a moment to go through the beautifully growing archives of inspirational articles, affirmations, and daily inspirations here as well—just to allow yourself to always be in that state of joyous remembrance of what at the deepest level of your being you know.

As for the affirmations, as always, be sure to really feel the power of these statements as you’re making them! They are declaring the truth about you, and as you allow yourself to go back to them repeatedly throughout the week you will find that they begin to transform your consciousness. And as your consciousness is transformed, by Law, your life is transformed.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings,



Daily Guide For Inspiration: How To Know We’re Moving In The Right Direction

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Daily Guide For Inspiration: Finding The Hidden Blessings


I am an open channel for God’s infinite and unconditional love!

My ongoing romance with the Divine Presence is the basis for all my relationships!

I am a powerful co-creator with God, calling forth the highest and best wherever I go!

Divine love is at the core of my being, and I am joyously setting it free!

All the good I could desire is mine! I give it permission to demonstrate in my life with harmonious ease and grace!

My awareness of the Divine Beloved is a powerful healing presence, restoring all aspects of my life to their natural state of perfect well-being!

The truth of these words vibrates powerfully within me!

With gratitude I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Announcements, Video Message, Recap, and Affirmations For The Week

Beloved community,

I hope each and everyone of you has had a magnificent and wonderful week! Thanks so much for choosing to invest some of your time into visiting our beautiful growing online presence here. I want to welcome all those of you who are new, and as I briefly touched upon in yesterday’s video, feel free to introduce yourself and/or begin to comment on any of the entries here. I would love to get to know you!

In other news, you may have noticed that the Meditative Thoughts have become the Daily Guides For Inspiration. That seems to emphasize their purpose more, since they are short notes that go out Monday thru Friday which will inspire you, empower you, as well as remind you of what at a deeper level you already know. So you can sign up to get your daily inspiration straight into your inbox, or simply just check back with the site where you will find them posted as well.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, I definitely want to encourage you to check out my weekly video messages. The latest one is posted bellow. The actual talk starts about six minutes in and goes for about thirty minutes. I’m really excited about our new theme this month, which is “Your Magnificent Life: Your Greatest Work Of Art!” So be sure to check it out. There will be some more powerful talks following on this subject, each will be posted on Saturday mornings. And in addition I will be doing some shorter videos as well (under 10 minutes) that you will be able to find here on the site once they become available.

And finally, posted bellow is our weekly recap followed by our affirmations. As always, it is my hope and prayer that you are as blessed by receiving these messages of truth, inspiration and empowerment as I am by sharing them.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings,



Video Message: Trust Your Silent Partner And Make That Leap!

Daily Inspiration: The Highest And The Best

Daily Inspiration: Choose Ahead Of Time…

Daily Inspiration: The Sweet Song Of Silence

Daily Inspiration: Highest Potentiality

Daily Inspiration: All Is For Us


I am freely and joyously shining my light upon anyone and anything I encounter!

I am a radiant beacon of God-Consciousness, overflowing with divine love and infinite compassion!

Within me is such joy, such magnificence, such beauty, such luminosity! I see it! And I am setting it free!

I am a Soul-Artist, and I am shaping my greatest work of art with every thought, word, and deed that emanates from my being!

I see beyond appearances and recognize that all is God, all is good, and all is Love!

I feel the truth of these words! I feel the power of these words! I am the embodiment of these words!

With deep gratitude and appreciation I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Video Message, Recap and Affirmations For The Week

As we like to do every Sunday in this corner of the internet, posted bellow you will find the recap for last week, followed by our affirmations.

As I always say, allow yourself to really feel the power behind the words when reading the affirmations. Especially as you contemplate them and repeat them throughout the week, you will find that they have the ability to have a powerful impact on your life. What’s beautiful is that they are short phrases that you can repeat to yourself anytime you like, and anywhere you are. So I always recommend that you truly take advantage of them and put them to good use.

Also bellow is a re-post of yesterday’s video message, titled “From Now And Then To All Here Now.” If you haven’t done so already, allow yourself to check it out. And while you’re at it, you may also want to listen to the beautiful song, titled “Genesis,” from the , posted underneath the video message. The song speaks nicely to the message’s “back to the beginning” theme.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! It is my hope and prayer that you be blessed by all that you find here. And definitely feel free to share any of it, and recommend us to whomever you feel might benefit from this.

With much love and appreciation,



Video Message: From Now And Then To All Here Now

Peace of Mind: The Law of Perfect Reflection

Meditative Thought: Staying Focused Upon The Here-And-Now-Moment

Meditative Thought: Contemplating Oneness

Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

Meditative Thought: Soul-Language


I am receptive to the loving guidance and insight coming to me from my Highest Self!

This moment is my Point of Power as I walk in the awareness that I am intimately at one with the Divine Presence of God!

I am living from the inside out, feeling the vibrant Presence of the All-Good within me!

I freely radiate the luminous love and joy of God!

I am a radiant presence of light, calling forth divine harmony in every encounter!

I am willing to step out of my comfort zone, knowing that I have a Silent Partner that always supports me with whatever I may need!

My Soul is filled with overflowing gratitude and deep appreciation for the gift of existence itself!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Peace of Mind: The Law Of Perfect Reflection

“All’s love, yet all’s law.” Robert Browning

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

                                                                                                                  Luke 6:37 & 38

We live in a universe that is governed by perfect divine law.

What this means is that nothing in this universe ever happens by accident. As we allow ourselves to truly take in what surrounds us, we will come to find that there is an indescribable and unfathomable intelligence at work everywhere we look. This intelligence is what is keeping the planets spinning in perfect orbit around the sun; this intelligence is what is beating our very hearts at this moment; and this intelligence is what is causing the sweet song of nature to always sing in a perfect rhythm and with a melody so harmonious that it cannot help but declare the magnificence of All That Is.

As we take in this vast complexity of Existence—as we allow ourselves to truly see it, to truly contemplate it—we will find that the presence of this Infinite Intelligence cannot be denied. In what way could such an intelligence function other than by the means of a perfect divine law that is always and forever in motion?

  • What are Universal Laws?

When we speak of universal laws, what we are referring to are constants that are always operating regardless of whether or not we know about them. Indeed, regardless of whether or not we believe in their existence! The law of gravity is perhaps the most well-known example that points to such a universal law. Gravity is always working. In fact, it’s what’s keeping us attached to the earth right now.

Universal laws are always impersonal, meaning it doesn’t matter who is using them. They will work for all of us regardless of who we may consider ourselves to be. The law of gravity does not care about our past deeds. Whenever we toss something up, we may rest assured that it will come back down.

In our society we generally know a great deal about universal laws in our physical world—such as the law of gravity or the law of electromagnetism—yet what many individuals are still unaware of is that, just as in our world of physicality, there are universal laws that exist in the metaphysical or spiritual realm.

So as we grow and mature throughout our spiritual path, it will certainly serve us well to develop a clear understanding of these universal spiritual laws. The reason being that, once we realize that these laws exist and we understand how they work, we may move out of the realm of blind faith—which always leaves room for doubt—into developing something of a calm knowingness instead. This calm knowingness comes from realizing the harmonious perfection that underlies everything in existence. It’s the knowingness that recognizes that the flow of All That Is is always geared towards greater expansion, evolution, and self-expression; and that, as all of us are part of one indivisible Whole, there can never be anything against us other than a mistaken perception we may have held about ourselves and our world.

So our task becomes to develop such a knowingness that will allow us to move beyond merely believing in something towards actually embodying the very essence of it. When we speak of this knowingness, we are indeed referring to “knowing the Truth that makes us free.” It will allow us to not only turn our own lives into those magnificent works of art that they are meant to be, but it will also cause us to radiate such luminosity, such calm, peace, and poise, such a powerful presence of love that we cannot help but shine as that bright beacon upon a hill.


When we speak of the Law of Perfect Reflection, what we are referring to is what Jesus the Christ is describing in the above quote taken from Luke 6:37 and 38. This law states that our outer experience will always and with no exception reflect back to us whatever our internal state of being happens to be. This means that our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations indeed create our experience of reality.

There are many ways we might go about describing this universal constant. Yet regardless of how we choose to articulate it, what matters is that we have an awareness of it. What matters is that we realize that, regardless of what our experience, it is never about punishment or reward but much rather about a perfect reflection within the world of time and space of what is happening within the depths of our own consciousness.

So as the above scriptural reference indicates, as we cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards life, we will find that we will not be judged. The reason for this is that anytime we feel that we are being judged, this is actually an indication that somewhere, in some area of our life, we ourselves have been harboring some form of judgement. Our spiritual mirror is simply reflecting our own judgment back to us.

In the same manner, we can only feel condemned if we have already been carrying around the energy of condemnation. That is to say if we do not condemn, we will not be condemned simply because the energy of condemnation is not active within the vibration of our being.

As we give, we participate in the law of circulation. This means that whenever we give from a deep sense of willingness and inner sincerity, our giving will be mirrored back to us in the form of us becoming recipients as well as distributors of the blessings. Again, there is no reward or punishment involved here. Reward and punishment are human concepts that exist merely at the level of the surface mind. These do not exist in Ultimate Reality. What’s happening here is that, rather than us being “rewarded” for our acts of kindness, our generous spirit is simply being reflected back to us on our spiritual mirror. Indeed, a perfect reflection.

As the above reference also indicates, it will be given back to us “pressed down, shaken together, and running over.” This implies that, if we allow it, we will always receive back more than we have originally given. This points to the fact that the universe is in a constant state of expansion. Evolution only goes one way. So it is in the nature of All That Is to always become more, and never less. As we participate in the law of circulation, we may rest assured that—so long as we are receptive—we will always receive back in greater ways than we may have thought possible.

The key here is that we must train ourselves to give not in order to get something back. Because once we give for the mere reason of getting back, this would imply conditionality and a sense of withholding; we would not be giving if we didn’t know we’d be getting something back. And yes, this sense of withholding would then be reflected back to us in the form of things being withheld from us. This is why we speak of PERFECT reflection. We cannot fool or mislead the universe. So we must learn to instead give freely, without expecting anything back. And the paradox is that once we do this, we have opened ourselves up to receive back pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

A good way to get in the habit of doing this is to just be mindful that when it is given back to us, it will not necessarily happen through the individual to whom we have given. The reason being that we are not receiving back from a particular person, we are receiving back from the Source of all Creation. We are receiving back from the Ineffable Divine Presence that is always ready to shower us with more good than our surface mind could fathom.

So the great Teacher in the above quote then concludes with: “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” In other words, whatever we’re putting out there in the form of thoughts, beliefs, or expectations, will be perfectly reflected back to us on our spiritual mirror which is our experiential reality.

Remember, universal laws are constants. Universal laws do not play favors. They are simply, just as the law of gravity, ingrained deeply within the fabric of Reality. So our task is to become aware of these laws,  and then to learn how to use them consciously in order to allow powerful transformations to take place within our experience.

As we do this, we go from being unconscious participants in the eternal dance of creation, to being conscious participants. Because the truth is, we will be participants either way simply just because we are here. We exist. We are and always will be part of All That Is. So we might as well be conscious about it.

Life is indeed magnificent! Let’s taste this sweet magnificence today as we allow it be the reality of our experience!


Everything I observe in the seeming external is a reflection of my internal state of being!

I walk in an awareness of Love! I walk in an awareness of Perfect Spiritual Reality! Perfect God! Perfect Life! As this becomes my dominant state of being, my experience is shifted into the realm of the miraculous!

Video Message, Weekly Recap and Affirmations

Posted bellow you will find our weekly recap. So if you haven’t had a chance to visit the site on a regular basis throughout the week, you may want to take a moment to immerse yourself (or re-immerse yourself) into last week’s beautiful meditative thoughts, each of which can help you to reconnect with that sweet, blissful, and timeless essence within you that is your True Self.

Also, be sure to catch my second video message, titled “Your Spiritual Mirror: High Watch Toward The One,” which you will also find bellow, followed of course by our weekly affirmations. As always, allow yourself to really feel the powerful vibrations when you read these affirmations either silently or state them aloud, and see yourself being the embodiment of them. You may also want to go back to them throughout the week, even print them out if possible, in order to really let them take root in your awareness. Because they aren’t just words, they are declaring the truth about you!

And as I say in the video, what you are doing as you are immersing yourself in all the truths here (the videos, the articles, the meditative thoughts, and the affirmations), what you are doing is rewiring your nervous system. You are retraining yourself, so that you may begin to live your life from a constant awareness of your true nature which is indeed the very spiritual image and likeness of God. There’s brilliance, beauty, and magnificence that is seeking to be expressed through you. Make that decision today that you will let it.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings to you!


Your Spiritual Mirror: High Watch Toward The One

Meditative Thought: Conscious Choosers

Meditative Thought: Taking Pleasure In Allowing The Infinite To Surprise Us

Meditative Thought: Deepening Our Relationship With The Sweet Divine Presence

Meditative Thought: Periods of Transition

Meditative Thought: The Greatest Gift Of Them All


I joyously walk in an awareness of my deepest innermost Self which is conscious of its oneness with All That Is!

I am open and available to miracles as I surrender to the sweet unfolding of the Infinite in me, through me, as me!

I am here for God, setting free the boundless divine gifts that are within me!

I am radiating the unconditional love of God that is seeking to be expressed at all times!

I am available to that which is seeking to happen in my life, allowing the Divine Presence to surprise me with the magnitude of its goodness!

Gratitude and appreciation are the sacred songs of my heart!

Well-being and generosity are the order of my day!

It’s all very good indeed! And so I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Weekly Video, Recap & Affirmations

As many of you have probably seen by now, this week we’ve released our very first weekly video message/sermon, which has also been added to the weekly video archive page. The message is titled “Living From The Inside Out,” and it is part of our “In the Beginning…” January theme here on Awakened Life Now. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check it out. It’s a little longer than what they will usually end up being, but if you choose to invest the time, you will most certainly derive a benefit and a blessing from it! The two questions for you to ask yourself towards the end of the message have the power to transform your life beyond measure; I know this from my own experience. :)

Bellow you will find the video posted again. Feel free to comment on it or let me know if you have questions or would like to have something addressed in more detail. As for when to expect these weekly messages, starting with the next one they will always be posted on the site every Saturday morning. So rather than a lengthy Saturday article, I will instead include what I was going to mention in the article in the video messages. There will still be articles in both the Activate Your Soul’s Potential and the Peace of Mind categories respectively, but most likely they will be posted throughout the week instead. And rather than on a weekly basis, we will probably be putting those out more periodically. The Meditative Thoughts, obviously, will continue to be posted Monday thru Friday. And every Sunday, such as today, you can expect some powerful affirmations that will remind you of the magnificence and the limitless potential that is within each and everyone of us. So you can really always expect something good on whatever day you choose to be a part of our beautiful unfolding online presence here. Life is magnificent, indeed!

As always, it is my prayer for you that you find all the content here on Awakened Life Now to be beneficial for the continuing unfolding of your Soul!

Much love, peace, and richest blessings to you!



Video Message: Living From The Inside Out

Meditative Thought: The Courage To See Our Own Greatness

Meditative Thought: Fulfillment An Inside Job

Meditative Thought: Surrendering To That Great Unfolding

Meditative Thought: A Delightful Practice For Experiencing More Peace

Meditative Thought: Our Holy Partnership With The Infinite

Allow these following affirmations to really speak to you. These aren’t merely words, these are statements of Truth. They are declaring the Truth about you. So be sure to feel their powerful vibration, and allow yourself to contemplate them throughout the week so they may become a part of your vibration!


My holy partnership with the Infinite is all I need to realize my sacred dreams and the powerful desires of my Soul!

I am surrounded by and I live in a boundless field of rich blessings and infinite possibilities!

I am the very image and likeness of perfect health, peace of mind, gratitude, loving-kindness, and generosity!

I am here for God, and the Great Infinite Spirit is my silent partner always working on my behalf, allowing more good than I could imagine to come into my experience!

I allow that which is seeking to happen through me to take place, feeling the blissful joy of being a receptive vehicle for God!

For this and so much more than words could say I give thanks!

I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Song: “We Let It Be” and Weekly Recap & Affirmations

With another Sunday comes another weekly recap!

And you may have noticed our new website design that has gone live! Definitely take a moment to check out the updated About Page on which you can find the new Awakened Life Now Mission & Purpose Statement. It describes the vision and mission behind this online presence, and articulates why we are doing what we’re doing. And the new FAQ Page also contains some more information about the background and history of the timeless teachings and messages of universal truths that are shared here.

Now the first weekly video message should be going live sometime next week. Look for that as we get a little bit closer to the weekend. I am really excited about doing these. In them we will be focusing on a different topic every week that is connected to our monthly theme; this month’s theme being “In the Beginning…”

The video messages will be similar to the Saturday articles, only that they will allow us to go into much more detail. And rather than reading them, you’ll just get to sit back and watch. So I hope you will check that out. :)

Now before we get to the recap and the affirmations down bellow, I wanted to share a beautiful little song with you, called “We Let It Be.” It fits perfectly with the title of yesterday’s article, which was “We’re here! We’re available! We let it be!” I absolutely love the lyrics. Be sure to check it out and “let the love wash over you.”

Much love, peace, and blessings!


We’re here! We’re available! We let it be!

Meditative Thought: We Already Carry The Treasure Within

Meditative Thought: No Limit On The Limitless

Meditative Thought: Adding Value In Every Encounter

Meditative Thought: Out Of Time Into Eternity

Meditative Thought: Everything Begins In Consciousness


All of the gifts of Divinity are within me, and I am here to set them free!

Love, joy, peace, well-being, and prosperity are my natural states of being, and I radiate them freely wherever I go!

I am shining my Light for the Divine Presence within my own being!

As I surrender to the flow of the great unfolding, I am receptive and available to more good than I could imagine!

Divine right action is taking place in all areas of my life as my steps are ordered by the great Law of Life!

I know that all things are working together for my good, and for the good of all concerned!

I am deeply thankful! And I am deeply receptive!

And so I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Weekly Recap, Affirmations, and Agape

As every Sunday, here is our weekly recap.

This is ideal if you haven’t had a chance to check the website on a daily basis and you just want to catch up. So bellow you will find links to all of the posts of the past week, which are the five Meditative Thoughts (always posted Monday thru Friday), along with articles, links, and videos that have been revolving around and .

Birth2012 involved millions individuals all over the planet celebrating the end of an era and the beginning of a new consciousness arising for all of humanity. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live via the internet, you can still head over to the to watch some of the powerful videos and replays. The replay of the Birth2012 Gala is also available on the . And in fact I recommend just checking out and its services in general, which you can watch at any time. Agape and its powerful teachings has been and continues to be a huge influence on me. So if you like any of the articles and messages on Awakened Life Now, you may definitely want to .

And also down bellow you will find the weekly affirmations. Allow them to speak to that part of you that already knows.

Much Love and Blessings!


Conscious Evolution & Birth 2012

Birth 2012 Los Angeles Gala at Agape & Feature Documentary “2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning”

Video Interview: Understanding Conscious Evolution

Meditative Thought: Living From The Inside Out

Meditative Thought: Everything We Need Within Us

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Spot of Creation

Meditative Thought: Some Conscious Retraining

Meditative Thought: New Beginnings


In these days of joyous festivities I am celebrating the birth of the Christ-Consciousness within me!

The divine love radiating from the core of my Being is creating a powerful field of blessings that extend beyond of what I thought possible!

I am breaking past any and all old limitations!

I am breaking past my surface mind’s old paradigms!

I am making myself available to more good than I could have imagined — for myself and for the entire planet!

I stand before the rich buffet of infinite possibilities with open arms, with an open heart, and a receptive spirit!

For this and so much more I give thanks!

And so I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

ALN Video, Weekly Recap, Recommended Links, and Affirmations

Greetings everyone!

As every Sunday, here is our weekly recap. And if you haven’t done so already, check out this brief video that describes a little more the meaning behind Awakened Life Now.

Much more wonderful things will be coming up this week. Videos, articles, the daily meditative thoughts. So stay tuned for that. But for now, here’s our look back at last week:


No Accident Is Accidental

Peace of Mind: Letting Go Of The Lesser

Meditative Thought: Conscious Participants In The Eternal Dance Of Creation

Meditative Thought: Dispensers Of Divine Blessings

Meditative Thought: A Divine Conspiracy Of Good

Meditative Thought: The Most Rewarding Journey

Meditative Thought: Consistent Practice


The recommended link for this week is a website that you will definitely want to check out. It speaks to the changes that are currently happening on our planet, and it also presents you with an opportunity for how you can contribute in a greater way (via the internet) to that which is seeking to emerge at this time in human history, which is a more peaceful, loving, and kind global society. Check it out and add your name to the list, committing to share words and actions of love:

And finally, our affirmations for this week. Let these speak directly to your Soul. Let them become a part of your very Being throughout the week.

Much Love and Blessings!


I live, move, and have my Being as an individualized center of God-Consciousness.

In me is all of the love, all of the peace, and all of the joy there is.

Divine love, peace, and healing are the order of my Being.

I see the highest potentiality for myself, for everyone around me, and for the entire planet.

I am fully receptive to the divine qualities that are seeking to emerge and express through me.

And so I let it be. And so it is. Amen.

Gratitude Song, Weekly Recap, Recommended Links, and Affirmations

And with another Sunday comes another weekly recap. We’ve had quite some activity on the site this week, including two video posts, one of which being my first video blog. There will definitely be more of these video messages coming up very shortly, so keep an eye out for that. And I would like to take this moment to also introduce you to this particular site:

What you will find there is an . It’s still in the beginning stages, but basically the idea behind it is to create a hub that features a vast number of higher consciousness videos — anything from music to interviews to seminars and workshops. I figured it would be nice to have a channel where you can find a lot of the great teachings that are out there right now. Some of which you may already be familiar with, and some of which may be new to you. Anything from EFT to Science of Mind, Abraham-Hicks, and much, much more. So definitely and allow your Soul to be nourished by these empowering, healing, and revealing teachings of truth.

Also, if you are a regular reader of this website and you find that you resonate with what is being shared here, please feel free to keep referring your friends or anyone you know that may be interested. The internet is powerful in that it connects us with individuals all over the world, and what it does here is allow us to come together — regardless of where we are within the confines of time and space — for the purpose of simply just expanding our awareness together, and allowing us all to become more of our true selves.

And now, as you proceed to check out our weekly recap, the recommended links and the affirmations, allow yourself to just feel deeply grateful. Grateful for this moment, grateful for this day, grateful for all existence.

Much Love and Blessings!



Becoming Revolutionaries of Oneness

Peace of Mind: Transcending Thought

Awakened Life Now Welcome Video

Musical Inspiration: “In The Land of I Am”

Meditative Thought: Living the Awakened Life Now

Meditative Thought: Self-Love

Meditative Thought: Stop. Look. Listen. Breathe.

Meditative Thought: Your Sacred Dreams

Meditative Thought: Releasing Old Habits



I live, move, and have my being in a field of infinite possibilities.

I am deeply thankful for my life, and every day I freely give from the abundant wellspring of my Soul.

My entire being radiates with the pure Life Force of Divinity.

Today and on all days I am being the very best me I can be; I am shining my light, singing my song, and dancing my dance.

I am consciously aware that I live in a friendly universe.

The great Love Intelligence that permeates every corner of the cosmos is working on my behalf right here and right now.

For this and so much more I give thanks. And I let it be. And so it is.