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Hi, everyone!

I’d like to take this moment to thank you for checking out Awakened Life Now. Your presence here is greatly, greatly appreciated! Whether this is your first time visiting the site or if you’ve become a regular or semi-regular reader, thank you, thank you, thank you for being here!

And as you’re reading these words, allow yourself to just be aware that, if the content on this site registers with you even in the slightest way, if it speaks to something within you, that is a sign that you are evolving. You are on the path towards embodying a higher state of awareness. You are on the path towards becoming the next greatest version of yourself. You are on the path of creating the conditions within your own consciousness that will allow the desires of your heart to flow into your experience.

You are on the path towards embodying a state of awareness that acknowledges that you are, indeed, a limitless being and a journey of joyous unfolding — always becoming more, and never less, of your True Self.

Just allow yourself to feel really good about that right now! :)

Now, it goes without saying that Awakened Life Now is still a very new site, and so it is still very much in the process of finding its rhythm. You will find an updated Purpose Statement on the About Page. The vision behind ALN is that we will begin to attract more and more readers across the globe that resonate with the healing, inspiring, and empowering message that is being put forth here.

We are living in profound times. There’s no denying that there’s some changes happening all over the planet. Yet these changes aren’t anything to be afraid of, for they are nothing less than the birthing of a new earth. The old structures of scarcity, limitation, and not-enoughness are beginning to fall apart (they never really worked in the first place), and more and more of us are beginning to awaken to a greater sense of our Oneness with All Life, our Oneness with All That Is.

Now, what I’m getting at here is… we are seeking to create a community here! A community of like-minded individuals committed to the path of transformation.

So I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or questions; or if you simply want to connect, feel free to add your comments to the articles on here. As I said, I would love to hear from you, and perhaps some of you would love to hear from each other. So let’s see if we can get some connections going here.

And if you like what you’ve seen on this site so far, please recommend it to anyone you think may also resonate with it. Let’s spread the word. There’s individuals out there who need to hear what is being said here. So let us be the messengers of the good news!

Now, as new content is being added pretty much on a daily basis now, I will be posting these weekly recaps, along with some affirmations as well as recommended links to other websites and blogs that may resonate with you.

So if you don’t get a chance to visit the site on a daily basis throughout the week, or if you’d like to revisit an entry that has particularly resonated with you, on every Sunday, beginning today, you will be able to find links to all of the previous week’s content right here.

It is the profound desire of my heart that you find these articles, meditative thoughts, and affirmations to be beneficial to the continuing unfolding of your Soul.

Much Love, Peace, and Blessings,




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In every moment of every day I walk in an awareness of my True Nature, which is one of greatness, limitless possibility, and endless joyous expansion.

I am aware that the Great God of the Universe is my Source, and that I live, move, and have my being in a Field of Infinite and Overflowing Good.

Everywhere I go I freely shine the light of my awareness; I am a dispenser of Divine Blessings.

I am deeply thankful for all that I have, for all that I am, and for all that I’m in the process of becoming.

Each and every day, in every way, I give thanks for the boundless good that is flowing into my life. My life is very good, indeed.

And so I let it be. And so it is. Amen.

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The Divine Life Principle is forever expressing and revealing Itself all throughout the Cosmos. Its nature is to always expand and demonstrate more of Its beauty.

We may see this Principle unfolding when we take the time to pause and look at a beautiful rose. We may see It when we watch a beautiful sunset.

We may see It when we look into the eyes of a beloved. Or into the eyes of any fellow traveler on this grand adventure called Life.

It is seeking to express and reveal Itself in new and wondrous ways through every single one of us. Yet we have been given the gift of free will, which means that our willingness is required.

We must be willing to go with the stream of Life, to allow Its rivers to gently guide us to our destiny. Or we may get caught in some resistance pattern made up of conditioned thought forms revolving around fear, scarcity, lack, and limitation.

The spiritual journey is always one of moving away from fear towards a fuller embodiment of Love.

As such it serves us well to sit every day to consciously release any and all patterns of limitation, and to then surrender to that which is seeking to emerge in, through, and as us.

So right now, at this very moment, pause for a few seconds, and allow yourself to declare your sacred and joyous “Yes!”

You are saying to the Universe that you are willing to activate your fullest potential. You are willing to become more fully yourself. You are willing to let your life blossom into the wondrous work of art that it is meant to be.

Allow yourself to make this part of your daily practice.

You will be glad you did.

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Two of the most powerful words that we can ever think, say, or embody, are: “Thank you.”

Whenever we are thankful, whenever we feel appreciation for something or for someone, we are actually creating a powerful vibratory field that will allow more things for which we may be thankful to flow into our experience.

Gratitude is an affirmative mental approach to Life. We shall make it a habit to say, “Thank you,” and we shall make it a habit to say it often. We have been given the keys of the kingdom, and we shall enter its gates with praise and thanksgiving.

So let us become joyous appreciators, always on the lookout for good. Always anticipating more to appreciate. Always ready to sing a song of praise, for we know that Life is good, and all is God.

And the highest form of gratitude is simply being thankful, not for anything in particular, but much rather for the gift of Life Itself.

When we can be thankful simply for the fact that we exist, when we can appreciate nothing other than that we are here, that the Divine Life Principle is powerfully flowing through every fiber of our Being, that’s when we will have entered the highest form of ecstatic appreciation.

So, my friends, be of good cheer. For you have been given the grandest gift of them all. The gift of Life Forevermore. And Life Forevermore is always seeking to express and reveal Its grandeur through you.

And how sweet the taste of that is!

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Everything flows from the unmanifested into the manifested. Everything we see first began in consciousness. This is also true for abundance.

True abundance means there is more than enough for everyone. We are able to freely share and joyously give from the overflow.

And though abundance often expresses in all manner of material forms, it is actually a Divine Quality that begins in consciousness. Abundance is a vibration, a feeling tonality which, when actualized, manifests all throughout nature.

We may see this when we look at the countless grains of sand spread across beaches all over the world.

We may see it when we contemplate the limitless blades of grass or the vast number of leafs growing from trees.

And we may see it as we consider the billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars, spread across a universe that is expanding at an incredible pace.

There is no concept of lack or limitation in God’s World.

Yet for us to be in alignment with this truth, we must learn to train ourselves to notice abundance rather than lack, to look for what’s already there rather than dwell upon what we think is missing.

A good way to start is to find some area in our lives where we are already experiencing some sense of having, no matter how insignificant or little our surface mind may have labeled it.

Gratitude is the key. As we give thanks for what we already have, we are opening a space through which more good can flow into our lives.

So let us become joyful appreciators. Let us be aware that Divine Mind knows no shortage. And let us be receptive towards all the good that is seeking to flow into our lives, if we will but let it.

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