Daily Guide For Inspiration: Our Wonderful And Ever Reliable Feedback System

As we go about our journey through this world of time and space, let us pay attention to our ever reliable feedback system. It is both our internal state of being in the form of how we feel, but it is also the seeming external reality. The seeming external always gives us feedback as to how we are doing because it is constantly reflecting our internal state of being back to us. So as we become aware of our “spiritual mirror,” let us begin to use it in ways that will serve us. Rather than condemning whatever is unwanted, let us take it as a sign that there is something within us that we need to reexamine. Perhaps there are old perceptions or opinions that we need to make peace with and release. When we begin to use our wonderful feedback system in this way, we are no longer feeling as if we are at the mercy of circumstances, and instead we find that we have reclaimed our spiritual dominion. And exercising our spiritual dominion is nothing less than our birthright as individuated expressions of the One Life which is the Life of God.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Better-Than-We-Can-Imagine Scenarios

There are always vast numbers of possibilities before us. Some of these may be more desirable than others. Yet isn’t it simply wonderful to be aware that it is nothing other than our own focus that will determine which of these possibilities we call forth into our experience?

So with this awareness, let us spend time daily training ourselves to focus upon the highest and the best—the Divine Reality. Let us have the intention to move away from contemplating worst case scenarios, and instead let us contemplate not only best case scenarios, but better-than-we-can-imagine scenarios. As we do this we may not always know what the highest and best is, and that is a good thing. It teaches us to let go of trying to control the details, and instead encourages us to simply surrender to that sweet unfolding of good that’s trying to happen. And when we’re in that state of surrender, we are no longer “tying the hands” of the Universal Presence. By definition we have made ourselves available to all of those wonderful blessings that have been waiting for nothing other than our own permission to come into our lives.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: How To Know We’re Moving In The Right Direction

Whenever faced with a decision, no matter how big or small, a surefire way to know we are moving in the right direction is to simply pay attention to whether or not the decision we are about to make will bring us more joy, more peace, greater happiness, and a greater sense of fulfillment—and perhaps most important of all, whether the decision we are about to make is coming from love. If the answer to all of that is yes, then we may rest assured that we are moving in the direction of greater expansion and self-expression. And as we do so, we are fulfilling our ultimate purpose which is to reflect and reveal the fundamental order and harmony of the cosmos, which is always expanding and revealing more of its infinite nature. So no matter what decisions we face, let us be sure that the choices we make are in integrity with our Soul’s ongoing evolution. As this becomes our criteria, the result of our choices will always yield the greatest benefit for all concerned.

Announcements, Video Message, Recap, and Affirmations For The Week

Beloved community,

I hope each and everyone of you has had a magnificent and wonderful week! Thanks so much for choosing to invest some of your time into visiting our beautiful growing online presence here. I want to welcome all those of you who are new, and as I briefly touched upon in yesterday’s video, feel free to introduce yourself and/or begin to comment on any of the entries here. I would love to get to know you!

In other news, you may have noticed that the Meditative Thoughts have become the Daily Guides For Inspiration. That seems to emphasize their purpose more, since they are short notes that go out Monday thru Friday which will inspire you, empower you, as well as remind you of what at a deeper level you already know. So you can sign up to get your daily inspiration straight into your inbox, or simply just check back with the site where you will find them posted as well.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, I definitely want to encourage you to check out my weekly video messages. The latest one is posted bellow. The actual talk starts about six minutes in and goes for about thirty minutes. I’m really excited about our new theme this month, which is “Your Magnificent Life: Your Greatest Work Of Art!” So be sure to check it out. There will be some more powerful talks following on this subject, each will be posted on Saturday mornings. And in addition I will be doing some shorter videos as well (under 10 minutes) that you will be able to find here on the site once they become available.

And finally, posted bellow is our weekly recap followed by our affirmations. As always, it is my hope and prayer that you are as blessed by receiving these messages of truth, inspiration and empowerment as I am by sharing them.

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Video Message: Trust Your Silent Partner And Make That Leap!

Daily Inspiration: The Highest And The Best

Daily Inspiration: Choose Ahead Of Time…

Daily Inspiration: The Sweet Song Of Silence

Daily Inspiration: Highest Potentiality

Daily Inspiration: All Is For Us


I am freely and joyously shining my light upon anyone and anything I encounter!

I am a radiant beacon of God-Consciousness, overflowing with divine love and infinite compassion!

Within me is such joy, such magnificence, such beauty, such luminosity! I see it! And I am setting it free!

I am a Soul-Artist, and I am shaping my greatest work of art with every thought, word, and deed that emanates from my being!

I see beyond appearances and recognize that all is God, all is good, and all is Love!

I feel the truth of these words! I feel the power of these words! I am the embodiment of these words!

With deep gratitude and appreciation I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Video: Trust Your Silent Partner And Make That Leap!


Daily Guide For Inspiration: All Is For Us

Much of our path through this world of time and space consists of us having to unlearn some of what we may have picked up through our society or through our surroundings. As we learn to undo this “worldly training” we come to find that it is in the nature of things to always unfold with spontaneous ease and grace. And rather than us struggling to accomplish some desired outcome, we instead learn to simply surrender to that which is seeking to happen through us. We come to understand that what is seeking to occur, if not resisted, is always the highest and the best. This is because the highest, the best, and the most harmonious are always the Divine Reality. So rather than struggling against some imaginary force of opposition, we allow ourselves to become aware that the One Power that creates infinite worlds is arranging things on our behalf. And with God being for us, there could literally never be anything against us.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Highest Potentiality

Deep within us lies that part of us that is completely untouched by human experience. Regardless of what has occurred on the surface level of our lives, regardless of what we may have been through, beneath all of it, in the sweet stillness of our being, lies that part of us that is timeless, eternal, and forever at peace. It is the part of us that is conscious of its oneness with All That Is. As we make accessing this deeper dimension of our being our daily practice, we will find that we no longer get carried away with whatever appears to be happening in the seeming external. Instead we will have developed a peacefulness, a divine reassurance, a knowingness that as we just remain anchored at the center of our being, simply surrendering to what is seeking to happen, we will most assuredly be guided into the highest potentiality for our lives. As we do this, we are letting go of old limitations, and we are truly making ourselves available to the boundless good that is always seeking to be revealed in our experience.


Everything originates as a state of being. A loving state of mind will produce loving encounters. A peaceful state of mind will lead to peaceful relationships. And a heart filled with joy will lead to joyous experiences. Yet always and with no exception the state of being comes first. So in order to live our lives with intentionality we must choose ahead of time what we wish to embody in consciousness. As we choose to feel the kind of feelings that we want to feel, regardless of conditions, we then allow our experiential reality to fill in the details in the form of new harmonious experiences. And as we make it our intention to always embody the highest and the best, we may rest assured that we are moving through our lives in joyous alignment with that vast creative power of the cosmos that effortlessly creates new galaxies out of nothing but pure potentiality.

Meditative Thought: The Highest And The Best

As we look at the vast number of possibilities that are always before us, we may find some of them to be less desirable than others. Knowing that whatever we place our attention on we are drawing into our experience, let us be aware that the Mind of God only thinks in terms of the highest and the best. This means that the Divine Reality is always the most joyous, the most loving, the most harmonious, the most peaceful, and the most beneficial for all concerned. And it is up to us to make ourselves available to it so that this Divine Reality may demonstrate in our day to day experience.

So let us make ourselves available to truly “more good than we can imagine.” Because the truth is that, no matter how good we may have been visualizing something, God’s vision for our lives will exceed even our wildest expectations. That is because God only perceives the highest and the best in us, in everyone around us, and in all of humanity. So let us stretch ourselves in how much good we let flow to us and through us.

Video Message, Recap and Affirmations For The Week

As we like to do every Sunday in this corner of the internet, posted bellow you will find the recap for last week, followed by our affirmations.

As I always say, allow yourself to really feel the power behind the words when reading the affirmations. Especially as you contemplate them and repeat them throughout the week, you will find that they have the ability to have a powerful impact on your life. What’s beautiful is that they are short phrases that you can repeat to yourself anytime you like, and anywhere you are. So I always recommend that you truly take advantage of them and put them to good use.

Also bellow is a re-post of yesterday’s video message, titled “From Now And Then To All Here Now.” If you haven’t done so already, allow yourself to check it out. And while you’re at it, you may also want to listen to the beautiful song, titled “Genesis,” from the , posted underneath the video message. The song speaks nicely to the message’s “back to the beginning” theme.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! It is my hope and prayer that you be blessed by all that you find here. And definitely feel free to share any of it, and recommend us to whomever you feel might benefit from this.

With much love and appreciation,



Video Message: From Now And Then To All Here Now

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Meditative Thought: Soul-Language


I am receptive to the loving guidance and insight coming to me from my Highest Self!

This moment is my Point of Power as I walk in the awareness that I am intimately at one with the Divine Presence of God!

I am living from the inside out, feeling the vibrant Presence of the All-Good within me!

I freely radiate the luminous love and joy of God!

I am a radiant presence of light, calling forth divine harmony in every encounter!

I am willing to step out of my comfort zone, knowing that I have a Silent Partner that always supports me with whatever I may need!

My Soul is filled with overflowing gratitude and deep appreciation for the gift of existence itself!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!