Video Message: “Delete The Deletion-Consciousness; See All The Good That Is Here Now”

Beloved community,

Thanks so much for all of your generous and loving comments this past week, both here and over at LinkedIn. Your love is greatly felt and greatly appreciated!

And now it’s of course that time of the week again where posted bellow you will find our latest video message followed by this week’s affirmations. Today’s message is titled, “Delete The Deletion-Consciousness; See All The Good That Is Here Now.” It is my hope that you continue to be blessed by all that emerges through this online presence as you continue to move in the direction of your soul’s evolution, always embodying more of your limitless potential. Keep posting your comments, and feel free to share any questions and insights that may arise.

Much light and love, peace and blessings!


“Delete The Deletion-Consciousness; See All The Good That Is Here Now”


In the spirit of the “all things new, all things possible consciousness” I say yes to the boundless opportunities that are seeking to come into expression as me!

I am a spiritual alchemist, transmuting any seeming negativity into Light with ease and grace!

My powerful prayer time manifests as perfect health and joyous harmony in all of my affairs!

With gladness and appreciation I behold what is Real, letting it take over every aspect of my existence!

I surrender freely to God’s will for my life, which is is perfect happiness and absolute well-being! I am in alignment with this now!

With gratitude I allow these words to manifest as my life!

And so it is! Amen!

Daily Inspiration: Your are Divinely Supported

Today, enter into a conscious realization that you are divinely supported. Realize that you live, move, and have your being in an infinite field of overflowing good. Know that all you could ever need, all you could ever hope for or desire has already been given to you before time began. Your task is to simply accept this marvelous gift, and in so doing you are giving it permission to flow into your experiential reality. So take the leap today and make it your conviction to discard any and all thoughts that are contrary to this. At first it may seem to you that you are ignoring so-called “facts.” But as you stick to your conviction, as you make it your prayerful practice to know only the Truth, you soon find that whatever facts had once seemed so real and solid are revealed as being not quite so solid after all. Facts are never solid but always fluid. Facts are always changing, always in a state of flux. Facts, just like circumstances and conditions, are merely the result of a particular way of thinking. Yes, actions certainly play a role in creating facts, but then again what are actions? Are actions not merely thoughts acted out? And are words not merely thoughts articulated? So we may see here then that everything—with no exception—always begins and ends in our own thought. Change the thought, and the facts will follow.

Affirmation: “I rejoice in the realization that I am divinely supported. I accept that the divine gift has been given, and I freely receive from the everlasting wellspring of the Spirit. I hang out in the realm of eternal gratitude as the facts of my life follow my exalted awareness.”

Daily Inspiration: Discerning And Perceiving Spiritual Reality

The essence of spirituality is to live in the awareness that there is more to life than what we are able to perceive with our physical senses. The truth is that our physical senses will only get us so far. If we were still going by what our physical senses are telling us, we’d have to assume that the earth is flat, simply because that’s what it looks like from most vantage points on the surface. Yet just as we know that the earth is not flat, so too may we rest assured that what we are able to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is but a tiny fragment of what Life truly is. As you take the time daily to withdraw your attention from the world of phenomena, as you turn inward, as you listen to the sweet stillness within your very being, you are developing and perfecting your capacity for perceiving and discerning spiritual Reality. You are realizing that this has nothing to do with taking on any particular belief system or with following a religious creed, but much rather has it everything to do with having a deeper awareness of what is Real, True, and Eternal—a deeper awareness of your own true nature. And of course your true nature is infinite, whole, perfect, and complete, simply because that is how God created you by becoming you, by remaking itself in its own spiritual image and likeness and naming it you. Your task then becomes to allow your life to now be the living demonstration of all that you truly are.

Affirmation: “Today I see myself the way God sees me. I listen to the sweet sound of stillness within my own being. I allow the still small voice to speak to me, to guide me, and to show me the way back home into a complete embodiment of who and what I really am.”

Daily Inspiration: The Fundamental Goodness Of Life

There is a principle at work in the Universe that says that if you push against something, it will push against you. The kind of energy that you put out there is exactly the kind of energy that will be reflected back to you. A profound freedom arises once we are able to give up our need for struggling, once we let go of the mistaken notion that there is something “out there” that is opposed to us, and we instead relax into an awareness of the law of least effort. Rather than resisting the flow of Life, we learn to trust Life. We learn to trust that the Universe is on our side even in those moments where can’t quite see how something will play out. We learn to radiate an open, friendly, and receptive kind of energy, and we invariably find that this energy then comes straight back to us. Just as the acorn seed doesn’t struggle to become an oak tree, so too you can simply give up struggling right here and right now, and replace it with a simple, child-like faith that knows that all the forces and all the laws of Heaven are ready to support you at all times.

Affirmation: “Today I relax into an awareness of the fundamental goodness of Life. I know that I am divinely guided and divinely supported. I freely receive the bountiful gifts and the rich blessings that Beloved Father-Mother God has in store for me. And so it is.”

Daily Inspiration: Joy Is The Evidence Of God

Joy is the evidence of God. Sometimes it’s good to just be reminded that life is meant to feel good and you are meant to have fun. When you give yourself permission to tune into that intrinsic sense of joy and well-being that is within you, you find that it will guide you into a complete restoration of wholeness and unity. Joy is one of the sacred qualities of the Infinite. There is joy that comes with the everlasting, eternal expansion that is your true nature. Experiencing this joy requires us to release any and all false beliefs in apparent lack or limitation. So today, simply invite the joy of all that is Real to be fully present in your life. Let it guide you and inspire you, and watch how your very presence will lift up the vibration everywhere you go. When you radiate joy, you powerfully announce that where you are all of God is in all of God’s fullness.

Daily Inspiration: Embrace Everything, Hold Onto Nothing

The principle of embrace everything, hold onto nothing, is a principle of non-resistance. In other words, we embrace everything that is happening in our experiential reality—the things we would label good and the things we would label bad—yet we do not hold onto them, meaning we do not cling to them. We are fully aware that everything in the world of physical phenomena is constantly changing, and we are willing to just let it all pass through. This does not make us distant and removed, however; it actually allows us to be more fully present, to feel more connected and at one with all that flows into our lives. We are able to love more fully, without holding onto expectations; we are able to give of ourselves more completely, without holding onto preconceived notions of how our good will flow back to us. We are fully present in the moment, living in that sweet space that allows the highest and best to be revealed to us at all times. Today, practice the principle of embracing everything, yet holding onto nothing. Realize that you live in a loving Universe that is always supporting your growth, expansion, and greatest fulfillment. So say “yes” to it, and allow more of Heaven to break out on earth through and as you.

Video Message: “Let Go Of The Patterns; Choose Joyous, Authentic Freedom!”

Beloved readers and viewers,

Today we begin our August theme here at Awakened Life, which is “All Things New, All Things Possible.” Each and every moment can be a new beginning in our lives, because at any moment we may simply turn within and enter into the eternal creation moment which is here and now, and in which all things are being made new and possible by the Divine Presence within us.

So I invite you to join me as we explore how we may break free from any and all past experience that does not serve us, thereby releasing ourselves from the karmic cycle and becoming available to the good that is constantly seeking to flow into our lives. You will find the first installment in this series posted bellow, and it is titled “Let Go Of The Patterns; Choose Joyous, Authentic Freedom!” As always, feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or insights you may have.

Sending you much love and light, peace and blessings!


“Let Go Of The Patterns; Choose Joyous, Authentic Freedom!”


The Presence of God as my life makes all things new and all things possible!

All good in my life comes from God, and only good can come into my life!

I live, move, and have my being as a radiant beacon of God-Consciousness!

All the cells in my body temple dance the sweet dance of perfect health, strength and vitality!

As I hang out in the high vibration of gratitude, I let the infinite overflowing good take over my life!

Joyously I abide in an expectancy of peace, well-being and harmonizing prosperity! I let these qualities reign supreme everywhere I go!

With absolute gratitude and appreciation I let it be!

And so it is! Amen!

Daily Inspiration: Ambassadors Of The Divine

We are always calling something forth. This is a constant. The reason is that we are creative beings, and we are creating with our every thought, word, and action. As we climb the ladder of awareness, we inevitably go from creating by default to becoming conscious co-creators with God. When we realize our true creative power, it serves us well to make calling forth the highest and best a priority. Today, withdraw from the reactionary nature of the surface mind, and enter into the awareness that you have the ability to consciously shape each and every moment of your life. Enter into every interaction, into each moment with the realization that you are an ambassador of the Divine, and that you are here to shine the light of love upon everything and everyone you encounter. See only the highest and best, and watch as the divine light within you transforms everything into a sacred song of love.

Daily Inspiration: Giving Up The Lesser For The Greater

True growth happens once we have given ourselves permission to die to the lesser and be born to the greater. So when facing any challenge, rather than thinking that something has gone wrong, realize that everything has gone right. The challenge is there because it is a stepping stone. Its purpose is to help you let go of whatever you may need to release so that you may step into a greater activation of your potential. What this entails is a continuous giving up of what is unreal, and a constant embracing of what is Real. As the old paradigms fall away you may temporarily feel like your very life is falling apart—that’s what it means to be dying to the lesser. Yet soon you come to realize that nothing has fallen apart at all, but much rather has everything been coming together. Then suddenly you awaken one day to find that you are no longer who you once were. The old self has died. And you discover that to be “born again” really means to return to your True Self—the Real You. It is a rebirth, a rediscovering, and a sweet remembrance of who and what you really are as a luminous being of light, here to shine forth the radiance of your own magnificent being.

Daily Inspiration: A Conscious At-One-Ment With Pure Spirit

We may experience a great sense of delight when we realize that everything we could ever require is already within us, waiting to be recognized, embraced and activated. Rather than looking to externals for answers, we learn to trust the intuitive guidance that comes from within. Rather than believing that our good comes to us from the world of appearances, we realize that all good always comes from the limitless wellspring of Divinity that lies within us. This allows us to take on a calm assurance, a profound trust in the goodness of Life. Today, live in the sweet space of conscious communion with the Source within. Realize you can draw from it whatever you need at any given moment in your journey through this world of time and space. And being consciously aware of this will elevate the journey into a level of joy, beauty and absolute well-being that far exceeds even your wildest imaginings. There is tremendous bliss in having a conscious at-one-ment with pure Spirit.