Daily Guide To Inspiration: Feel The Joy That You Are

Sometimes you just want to give yourself permission to tune into that deep sense of joy and bliss that comes out of a realization of your at-one-ment with Spirit. You do not need anything in the physical to change to experience this right now. Just go within with the intent to feel all of the love, all of the peace, all of the joy, and all of the wisdom that is already there. Make it your practice to do this each day, and you will find that you are always compelled into divine right action. But rather than insisting that anything in the external changes, make joy your priority. And as joy is your priority, by Law, the outer will shift accordingly to mirror your joyous state of being back to you.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: See Yourself As You Really Are

Suffering is generally caused by a lesser perception that we’ve been holding onto. If we could but catch glimpses of ourselves as we really are, we would easily release any and all suffering first from our individual lives, and ultimately from the planet. Challenges are part of the journey, but suffering is optional. See yourself as you really are. Realize you are a luminous being of light, filled with unlimited potential, made in the spiritual image and likeness of the ineffable presence we call God. Become aware that your work is primarily done within. As you do the inner work of cleansing your perception, your outer reality will rearrange itself accordingly. You find you are compelled into divine right action, you are open to insight and intuitive guidance, and your primary intent becomes to be in greater service of Love, Truth, and Beauty. In this manner you contribute to alleviating and finally eliminating the unnecessary suffering that has been common to the human experience.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Comfortable In The Process Of Unfoldment

Lasting peace is experienced when we let ourselves be comfortable in our own process of unfoldment. In other words, we are not projecting our happiness into a future moment where all our dreams have come to pass, but we are allowing ourselves to be happy right here and right now. Being comfortable in the process of unfoldment means that we have remembered that the journey is never about arriving, but that the perfection always lies in the unfolding. This applies to all areas of our life, and it can be put into practice easily as we remain open and receptive to the Here-And-Now-Moment, trusting the process of Life, fully aware that we live in a friendly Universe that is always nudging us towards greater and greater heights of self-expression. Today, declare that you are comfortable in your process of unfoldment. Claim that where you are is perfect. It is a stepping stone for you to express more of who you are. And the journey is always one from glory to greater glory.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: What Is Your Intention?

What is often even more important than what we do and say is our intention behind what we are doing and saying. When we begin to catch our underlying intention, it becomes easier to notice in what areas of our life we may need to release a lesser perception. So we simply ask, “What is my intention? What is it that I’m seeking to experience here?” Of course our highest intention is to always to come from that place of Unconditional Love, from that sense of Unity, from the perception of our Deepest Most Authentic Self. So today, pay attention to your intentions. Determine that your only intention is to serve a greater awareness of what is Real. Notice when you get caught up in the misperception of separation and declare, “My intention is to wake up! My intention is to serve Spirit! My intention is to only come from Love!” Then watch as your high intentionality dissolves any and all lesser perceptions. When you turn on the light, darkness disappears.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Asking The Right Kind Of Questions

So much of our experience is determined by the kind of questions we ask. When we ask disempowering questions such as, “Who is to blame? What has gone wrong?” or “Why me?”, our experience reflects our own sense of disempowerment back to us. We experience ourselves as victims. But the moment we begin to ask empowering questions such as, “How can I grow here? What’s the opportunity?” or “What higher quality is seeking to be birthed in me? How can I contribute to creating more peace and well-being on the planet?” When these become the questions we ask, our experience becomes one of empowerment. Rather than seeing ourselves as victims, we see opportunities. Rather than experiencing nightmares of fear and separation, we remember that we are creating the dream of our life—and we can choose for this dream to be as pleasant or as painful as we make it, according to our own perceptions and beliefs. And so rather than experiencing ourselves as helpless, we recall that we already have everything we need within us in order for us to become more fully ourselves. Today, ask the right kind of questions. Then listen to your own inner guidance, and the still small voice within will gladly show you the way.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Trusting The Process Of Life

Sometimes the most empowering thing we can do is to stop every once and a while, let go of trying to figure out all the details, and simply surrender into the complete and full awareness that our life is now unfolding in alignment with the evolutionary impulse of the Universe, always geared towards evolving into a greater expression of its own Highest and Best. Trust is one of the most powerful spiritual tools we can apply. When we trust the process of Life, when we’ve decided that we live in a friendly Universe and that Life is indeed on our side, it becomes easier to let go of attaching to specific outcomes, to certain ways of how we think something “should” turn out. Instead, somewhere beyond the surface mind’s inclination to look for evidence in the external, we simply know that all is always well, and that nothing could ever truly be against us other than our own perception. This allows us to then embrace each new moment with that sweet realization that it offers us nothing less than an opportunity to express and reveal more of our True Self.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Hang Out In Eternity And Invite Miracles

We have all had those moments where just perhaps we may have looked at something that was right before us, and perceived it through the lens of the past. This is a common experience as we move about our journey in this three dimensional world of time and space. The surface mind interprets its reality based on a linear sequence of events—past, present, and future—and it tends to look to the past to evaluate both the present and the prospective future. This is invariably limiting. There is a more beneficial, a more empowering way of perceiving reality—a way that transcends the surface mind’s attachment to past experience. Rather than looking to the past, we keep our attention centered right here and right now, in the Eternal Present, the only Moment there ever is. We realize we are intimately and intricately at one with a Source that is timeless, eternal, and forever making all things new. We rise out of the little box of limited linear thinking, and enter into the unlimited horizon of trans-rational awareness. That is the realm in which miracles occur. Miracles are never birthed within time. They do not arise out of a rational sequence of events. Miracles break into time, but they come straight from Eternity. Today, hang out in Eternity and invite miracles to break out all over.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Living From The Center

All of us sense intuitively that our inherent nature is wholeness, peace of mind, fulfillment, and all our needs being met. Somewhere deep within us there is a voice that calmly proclaims this to be the truth about us. Our ability to hear this voice varies according to how well we are tuned into it. And yet regardless we have all taken on different ideas of how we might go about arriving at this place called contentment, this place called happiness, this place called living and expressing our true selves. A profound turning point occurs once we realize that we cannot ever arrive there by means of anything in the external, that nothing in the world of phenomena holds the key to our happiness. Instead, the key lies within us. It can only be found in and as the center of our very soul. Today, practice living from the center. Declare that nothing in the external holds the key to your happiness. Proclaim that you are a free spirit, that you are here to fully express and embody the limitless gifts and treasures that are within you. Step into your spiritual authority, and watch as the world around you begins to shift to mirror your new state of being back to you.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Available To The Unexpected Good

We may often think we know exactly what we want, when we want it, and how we want it to show up. Yet while it’s certainly wonderful to set intentions and to move towards them, in order to truly experience the highest and best that is available to us, it is imperative that we make room for the unexpected. When we approach each day with an open and receptive mentality, with the perspective that we’re available for good to show up even in and though unexpected ways, we have opened ourselves up for our lives to sour off into the miraculous. Today, affirm that you are available to more good than you can imagine. Declare that you are comfortable with the unknown, and that you surrender fully to the Divine pattern of perfection for your life. Then stay open and available, and refrain from judging by appearances. Before you know it, you may find that you are already surrounded by far more good than you have realized. It’s an upward spiral from there.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: You Are The Blessing!

Spirit loves you so much it has imparted the entirety of itself into you. In other words, within you are all of the divine qualities and creative capacities of the Infinite. This is the meaning of having been made in the spiritual image and likeness of God. Yet as a being of free will you always have the option to choose. You can choose to embody and express your true nature, which includes but is not limited to love, joy, geniosity, ingenuity, creativity, peace of mind, well-being and generosity. Or you can choose to block the flow of these divine qualities by holding on to lesser, fear-based perceptions. Today, make it your practice to meditate on the higher qualities that are within you seeking to be set free. Decide that you are going to consciously tune into them and invite them to express through you. As this becomes your priority, the windows of your perception are cleansed, and rather than waiting for a blessing to occur, you realize with sweet delight that you are the blessing!