Daily Inspiration: That Which Cannot Be Perceived With The Physical Senses

When we speak of what is ultimately Real we are speaking of that which cannot be perceived with the physical senses. Ultimate Reality is timeless and eternal. Naturally none of what we can see in physical reality meets this criteria. The world of physical phenomena is constantly changing. It is a continuous appearing, disappearing, and reappearing of form. Yet beneath this never-ending flow of activity lies a dimension that is untouched by all of it. Beneath the ripples on the surface of the ocean of Existence lies a place of profound depth, a peaceful knowingness out of which the Wellspring of Good freely supplies whatever is required to nourish and sustain all that is. It is when we live from an awareness of this deeper dimension that we find ourselves in alignment with its evolutionary impulse which is always geared towards harmony, well-being, and continuous self-expression.

Daily Inspiration: Surrender Does Not Denote The Absence Of Intention

When we realize that we live, move, and have our being as part of one unified Whole—a perfect spiritual system that is self-sustaining, self-nourishing, and life-giving—we begin to find it easier to cultivate trust in that which is seeking to unfold in our lives. We may rest assured that as we surrender to its flow, the Divine Ineffable will guide us in the direction of our greatest fulfillment. Surrender, however, does not denote the absence of intention. We must hold the intention to grow and become more fully ourselves without getting caught up in all the specifics. In other words, as we surrender to the flow of the Infinite we may hold the intention to release the sacred qualities of love, joy, creativity, and harmonizing prosperity. We actively move in the direction of our intention, withholding nothing, ready to always give freely of ourselves. And then we allow the Infinite to carry us in the palm of its hand, letting the right individuals to show up at the right time, allowing the right doors to open and the perfect opportunities to appear. So we hold the intention, and we surrender to its highest and best unfolding.

Daily Inspiration: Embrace Everything, Hold Onto Nothing

The principle of embrace everything, hold onto nothing, is a principle of non-resistance. In other words, we embrace everything that is happening in our experiential reality—the things we would label good and the things we would label bad—yet we do not hold onto them, meaning we do not cling to them. We are fully aware that everything in the world of physical phenomena is constantly changing, and we are willing to just let it all pass through. This does not make us distant and removed, however; it actually allows us to be more fully present, to feel more connected and at one with all that flows into our lives. We are able to love more fully, without holding onto expectations; we are able to give of ourselves more completely, without holding onto preconceived notions of how our good will flow back to us. We are fully present in the moment, living in that sweet space that allows the highest and best to be revealed to us at all times. Today, practice the principle of embracing everything, yet holding onto nothing. Realize that you live in a loving Universe that is always supporting your growth, expansion, and greatest fulfillment. So say “yes” to it, and allow more of Heaven to break out on earth through and as you.

Daily Inspiration: The Abundant Wellspring Of Your Soul

The key to authentic joy cannot be found anywhere in the external. It has nothing to do with chasing after outer success symbols or with gaining external validation. These may lead to temporary short-term highs, yet they quickly burn out leaving us craving for yet another “thing” to fill that inner void. Only when our lives become about a soulful uncovering of our true nature, the qualities of our Authentic Self, do we come to find that within us is an infinite and overflowing wellspring of joy, bliss, excellence and fulfillment that can never be found in the without. As you know, we are not here to get anything from the world, but to bring to the world all that has already been given. This is how we come to find that whatever we may have thought was missing in our lives has been within us all along, waiting to be recognized, embodied, and experienced. So today, commune with that vast treasure house that is within you. Look for ways to give from the abundant wellspring of your soul, and free yourself to be all that you are truly called to be.

Daily Inspiration: The Entire Ocean In A Drop

The Persian poet Rumi wisely remarked that ”you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” Today, I invite you to live in the sweet awareness of your true oceanic identity as a cosmic being containing within you the totality of All That Is. There is a pattern of perfection within you that wants to be set free in the form of you freely giving of your unique gifts, skills and talents. Feel deeply into your innate wholeness and completion, and then give it permission to take over your life. When you find that there is nothing missing within you, you move away from trying to get and seeking fulfillment in the external, towards living in a vibration of giving and sharing. You realize that as you circulate the limitless good that has been freely given, it always and with no exception returns multiplied. Giving and receiving truly are two sides of the same coin.

Daily Inspiration: True Fulfillment

True fulfillment comes from fully and completely expressing who and what we are. It has nothing to do with accumulating things in the external or with gaining validation outside ourselves. True fulfillment is purely an inside job, and no one other than ourselves can do it for us. We get there as we give yourselves permission to let go of looking outside, and instead listen to that still small voice within that is ever so gently propelling us to radiate sacred qualities such as love, joy, creativity, harmony and generosity. When we give ourselves permission to shine our light freely, we release ourselves from the miss-perception that there is something lacking within us. So we experience true fulfillment when we live from that space of not seeking to get, realizing that we already have, and that the wellspring of infinite supply lies within our very own being. Today, look within. Discover the richness of your soul that wants to be expressed and set free—and say yes to it!

Daily Inspiration: Being Okay With Living An Extraordinary Life

Allow yourself to be truly okay with living an extraordinary life. Let go of any sense that you have to hold onto anything less than absolute joy and fulfillment. Because the truth is that the divine pattern of perfection for your life contains far more good than you can imagine from your present paradigm. So be willing to grow and expand, be willing to enlarge your perspective so that you can begin to see your life the way that Divine Intelligence sees your life. Today, affirm that you are moving in the direction of your highest potential. Live in the space of knowing that all the forces of Heaven are working on your behalf, and that all is conspiring to bring about your highest good. Declare that you are now transcending any areas in your life in which you may have believed yourself to be stuck, and then rest in the quiet assurance that comes from being in alignment with the ineffable Source of All That Is.

Daily Guide For Inspiration: Living From The Center

All of us sense intuitively that our inherent nature is wholeness, peace of mind, fulfillment, and all our needs being met. Somewhere deep within us there is a voice that calmly proclaims this to be the truth about us. Our ability to hear this voice varies according to how well we are tuned into it. And yet regardless we have all taken on different ideas of how we might go about arriving at this place called contentment, this place called happiness, this place called living and expressing our true selves. A profound turning point occurs once we realize that we cannot ever arrive there by means of anything in the external, that nothing in the world of phenomena holds the key to our happiness. Instead, the key lies within us. It can only be found in and as the center of our very soul. Today, practice living from the center. Declare that nothing in the external holds the key to your happiness. Proclaim that you are a free spirit, that you are here to fully express and embody the limitless gifts and treasures that are within you. Step into your spiritual authority, and watch as the world around you begins to shift to mirror your new state of being back to you.

Video Message: “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Beloved community,

You will find the latest video message posted bellow. This week’s message is titled “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”, and what we’re talking about is shifting our perspective so we can come into an awareness that our needs are met (remember, consciousness precedes form), and then giving ourselves permission to place our attention on our sacred life purpose.

Awakened Life Now has truly evolved into what I like to call a “virtual spiritual center,” meaning that these weekly messages are just like messages you might hear when attending an in person spiritual community. So I hope these messages are a blessing to you. I believe that if you allow yourself to listen to them and as you apply the spiritual principles that they entail, you will open yourself up to allow your life to be transformed in powerful ways. And of course the intention is to reach as many individuals as possible, so please feel free to re-post and/or share any of what you find here with anyone you feel may benefit from it as well.

We live in an age of great awakening! And there is something extraordinary trying to happen in all of our lives right now! Our task is to simply be available to it through raising our level of expectancy, surrendering to the Highest and the Best which is the Divine Reality, and through always being open to those better-than-we-can-imagine-scenarios.

So I hope you will check out the video. And feel free to post any comments, feedback, or questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you!

Much love, peace, and blessings!


“The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Daily Guide For Inspiration: How To Know We’re Moving In The Right Direction

Whenever faced with a decision, no matter how big or small, a surefire way to know we are moving in the right direction is to simply pay attention to whether or not the decision we are about to make will bring us more joy, more peace, greater happiness, and a greater sense of fulfillment—and perhaps most important of all, whether the decision we are about to make is coming from love. If the answer to all of that is yes, then we may rest assured that we are moving in the direction of greater expansion and self-expression. And as we do so, we are fulfilling our ultimate purpose which is to reflect and reveal the fundamental order and harmony of the cosmos, which is always expanding and revealing more of its infinite nature. So no matter what decisions we face, let us be sure that the choices we make are in integrity with our Soul’s ongoing evolution. As this becomes our criteria, the result of our choices will always yield the greatest benefit for all concerned.