Video Message: “From Have-Not & Getting to All-Needs-Met & Giving”

Posted bellow is our latest video message, titled “From Have-Not & Getting to All-Needs-Met & Giving.” In the video we are talking about how everything we are able to perceive with our physical senses is merely an effect, whereas causation always occurs in the unseen; in the spiritual realm, the realm of consciousness.

As we become aware of this, we realize that we already have everything we need within us, and we are giving it permission to show up in our lives in greater ways as we no longer proceed under the false assumption that there is something missing that we have to try and get “out there” somewhere.

As always, the emphasis is on practicality. So most of the second half focuses on practical tools, spiritual technology that you can begin to apply in order for you to embody this shift in awareness. As we know, life is lived from the inside out. So as we shift our perspective, as we change how we look at things, the things we’re looking at will change. So I hope you will join me for this message. And let me know if you have questions. Or if you would like to have something addressed in more detail, please let me know as well and I will do so.

Much love, peace and blessings to all of you!


“From Have-Not & Getting to All-Needs-Met & Giving”

Video Message: “Give Yourself Permission To Shine”

Welcome to our latest video message! Today of course we are starting our new video series for March, and the theme is “Transformation & Transmutation: Uncovering Your Potential.” I hope you will join me for this. Especially if you are a regular reader and if you have been enjoying the daily guides for inspiration, I believe that these video messages will also speak to you.

So throughout March we’ll be exploring both transformation and transmutation, what exactly we mean by that, and how we may go about uncovering our potential. Because the truth is, at the core of our being we are already enlightened, we are already whole, we are already complete. It’s only oftentimes the debris of past experience that has been covering up our true nature, which is inherently divine. So we’ll be talking about uncovering who and what we really are. And with everything always starting with our permission, the topic of this first installment is “Give Yourself Permission To Shine.”

Please feel free to post your comments and let me know about any feedback and/or questions you may have. If there is anything in particular that you would like to have addressed more, let me know and I will do so.

Much love and light, peace and blessings to all of you!


“Give Yourself Permission To Shine”

Video Message: “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Beloved community,

You will find the latest video message posted bellow. This week’s message is titled “The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”, and what we’re talking about is shifting our perspective so we can come into an awareness that our needs are met (remember, consciousness precedes form), and then giving ourselves permission to place our attention on our sacred life purpose.

Awakened Life Now has truly evolved into what I like to call a “virtual spiritual center,” meaning that these weekly messages are just like messages you might hear when attending an in person spiritual community. So I hope these messages are a blessing to you. I believe that if you allow yourself to listen to them and as you apply the spiritual principles that they entail, you will open yourself up to allow your life to be transformed in powerful ways. And of course the intention is to reach as many individuals as possible, so please feel free to re-post and/or share any of what you find here with anyone you feel may benefit from it as well.

We live in an age of great awakening! And there is something extraordinary trying to happen in all of our lives right now! Our task is to simply be available to it through raising our level of expectancy, surrendering to the Highest and the Best which is the Divine Reality, and through always being open to those better-than-we-can-imagine-scenarios.

So I hope you will check out the video. And feel free to post any comments, feedback, or questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you!

Much love, peace, and blessings!


“The Basics Have Been Covered; Moving On To Your Purpose!”

Video Message: “Invoking The Highest And The Best”

Posted bellow you will find today’s video message. The topic is “Invoking The Highest And The Best,” and what we’re talking about is “high invocation,” which is calling forth the highest and best for our lives. In the video I describe the steps in order to do this in an effective way. There is also a guided meditation towards the end, which I highly recommend you participate in. Remember, your words and thoughts are powerful beyond measure, and the Great Law of Life is always responding to what it is you’re giving it to work with.

Whenever we go through life, there are always possibilities before us. Some of these possibilities are more desirable than others. And the highest and best possibilities, those better-than-we-can-imagine-scenarios, those are the ones that are coming straight from the Mind of God! These are always available to us, but what’s required is that we are a vibrational match to them. So in the video I talk about how we can do exactly that, and how we can begin to tune into and allow the highest and best to become the reality of our lives.

I love doing these videos, and look forward to continuing them. I hope you find them to be a blessing. Feel free to re-post or share any of what you find here with anyone you feel may benefit from it as well. The intention is to reach as many individuals as possible.

Much love and blessings!


“Invoking The Highest And The Best”

Video: Trust Your Silent Partner And Make That Leap!


Video Message, Recap and Affirmations For The Week

As we like to do every Sunday in this corner of the internet, posted bellow you will find the recap for last week, followed by our affirmations.

As I always say, allow yourself to really feel the power behind the words when reading the affirmations. Especially as you contemplate them and repeat them throughout the week, you will find that they have the ability to have a powerful impact on your life. What’s beautiful is that they are short phrases that you can repeat to yourself anytime you like, and anywhere you are. So I always recommend that you truly take advantage of them and put them to good use.

Also bellow is a re-post of yesterday’s video message, titled “From Now And Then To All Here Now.” If you haven’t done so already, allow yourself to check it out. And while you’re at it, you may also want to listen to the beautiful song, titled “Genesis,” from the , posted underneath the video message. The song speaks nicely to the message’s “back to the beginning” theme.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! It is my hope and prayer that you be blessed by all that you find here. And definitely feel free to share any of it, and recommend us to whomever you feel might benefit from this.

With much love and appreciation,



Video Message: From Now And Then To All Here Now

Peace of Mind: The Law of Perfect Reflection

Meditative Thought: Staying Focused Upon The Here-And-Now-Moment

Meditative Thought: Contemplating Oneness

Meditative Thought: Trusting Our Inner Guidance

Meditative Thought: The Sweet Practice Of Expecting Miracles

Meditative Thought: Soul-Language


I am receptive to the loving guidance and insight coming to me from my Highest Self!

This moment is my Point of Power as I walk in the awareness that I am intimately at one with the Divine Presence of God!

I am living from the inside out, feeling the vibrant Presence of the All-Good within me!

I freely radiate the luminous love and joy of God!

I am a radiant presence of light, calling forth divine harmony in every encounter!

I am willing to step out of my comfort zone, knowing that I have a Silent Partner that always supports me with whatever I may need!

My Soul is filled with overflowing gratitude and deep appreciation for the gift of existence itself!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Song: “We Let It Be” and Weekly Recap & Affirmations

With another Sunday comes another weekly recap!

And you may have noticed our new website design that has gone live! Definitely take a moment to check out the updated About Page on which you can find the new Awakened Life Now Mission & Purpose Statement. It describes the vision and mission behind this online presence, and articulates why we are doing what we’re doing. And the new FAQ Page also contains some more information about the background and history of the timeless teachings and messages of universal truths that are shared here.

Now the first weekly video message should be going live sometime next week. Look for that as we get a little bit closer to the weekend. I am really excited about doing these. In them we will be focusing on a different topic every week that is connected to our monthly theme; this month’s theme being “In the Beginning…”

The video messages will be similar to the Saturday articles, only that they will allow us to go into much more detail. And rather than reading them, you’ll just get to sit back and watch. So I hope you will check that out. :)

Now before we get to the recap and the affirmations down bellow, I wanted to share a beautiful little song with you, called “We Let It Be.” It fits perfectly with the title of yesterday’s article, which was “We’re here! We’re available! We let it be!” I absolutely love the lyrics. Be sure to check it out and “let the love wash over you.”

Much love, peace, and blessings!


We’re here! We’re available! We let it be!

Meditative Thought: We Already Carry The Treasure Within

Meditative Thought: No Limit On The Limitless

Meditative Thought: Adding Value In Every Encounter

Meditative Thought: Out Of Time Into Eternity

Meditative Thought: Everything Begins In Consciousness


All of the gifts of Divinity are within me, and I am here to set them free!

Love, joy, peace, well-being, and prosperity are my natural states of being, and I radiate them freely wherever I go!

I am shining my Light for the Divine Presence within my own being!

As I surrender to the flow of the great unfolding, I am receptive and available to more good than I could imagine!

Divine right action is taking place in all areas of my life as my steps are ordered by the great Law of Life!

I know that all things are working together for my good, and for the good of all concerned!

I am deeply thankful! And I am deeply receptive!

And so I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Gratitude Song, Weekly Recap, Recommended Links, and Affirmations

And with another Sunday comes another weekly recap. We’ve had quite some activity on the site this week, including two video posts, one of which being my first video blog. There will definitely be more of these video messages coming up very shortly, so keep an eye out for that. And I would like to take this moment to also introduce you to this particular site:

What you will find there is an . It’s still in the beginning stages, but basically the idea behind it is to create a hub that features a vast number of higher consciousness videos — anything from music to interviews to seminars and workshops. I figured it would be nice to have a channel where you can find a lot of the great teachings that are out there right now. Some of which you may already be familiar with, and some of which may be new to you. Anything from EFT to Science of Mind, Abraham-Hicks, and much, much more. So definitely and allow your Soul to be nourished by these empowering, healing, and revealing teachings of truth.

Also, if you are a regular reader of this website and you find that you resonate with what is being shared here, please feel free to keep referring your friends or anyone you know that may be interested. The internet is powerful in that it connects us with individuals all over the world, and what it does here is allow us to come together — regardless of where we are within the confines of time and space — for the purpose of simply just expanding our awareness together, and allowing us all to become more of our true selves.

And now, as you proceed to check out our weekly recap, the recommended links and the affirmations, allow yourself to just feel deeply grateful. Grateful for this moment, grateful for this day, grateful for all existence.

Much Love and Blessings!



Becoming Revolutionaries of Oneness

Peace of Mind: Transcending Thought

Awakened Life Now Welcome Video

Musical Inspiration: “In The Land of I Am”

Meditative Thought: Living the Awakened Life Now

Meditative Thought: Self-Love

Meditative Thought: Stop. Look. Listen. Breathe.

Meditative Thought: Your Sacred Dreams

Meditative Thought: Releasing Old Habits



I live, move, and have my being in a field of infinite possibilities.

I am deeply thankful for my life, and every day I freely give from the abundant wellspring of my Soul.

My entire being radiates with the pure Life Force of Divinity.

Today and on all days I am being the very best me I can be; I am shining my light, singing my song, and dancing my dance.

I am consciously aware that I live in a friendly universe.

The great Love Intelligence that permeates every corner of the cosmos is working on my behalf right here and right now.

For this and so much more I give thanks. And I let it be. And so it is.

Musical Inspiration: “In The Land Of I Am”

And as Awakened Life Now continues to grow, evolve, and give you more reasons to come back, here we have our very first entry in the Musical Inspiration Category. Enjoy this powerful song, which will put you straight into The land of your I Am Presence, the land of your Highest Self, the land of your True Self.