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A sign that we are maturing on the spiritual path is when we begin to release our acquisitive nature – the part of us that is always seeking to get something – and instead commit to being of service.

Rather than going out into the world, believing that the world somehow holds our happiness, we instead have a very real and powerful sense that our happiness comes from within. It emanates from the core of our very Self.

And it is with this awareness that we are overcome with a palpable lightness of being, where every instant becomes a celebration, and everything we do we do with a glad heart.

Rather than asking, “How can I get what I think I need in order to be happy or survive?”, we instead approach every moment, every situation, every interaction with the question: “How may I be of service? How may I bring value? How may I be a blessing?”

We have realized that we are not here to try and get more stuff. Instead, we know that we already have it all, and it is our joyous task to simply demonstrate this truth in our experience.

We are here to freely share all of our gifts, skills, and talents; to freely shine our light, sing our song, and dance our dance.

And when we do this – which is seeking first the Kingdom of God, the Realm of the ever-expanding Good – we soon find that everything we thought we needed to chase after comes bursting into our experience.

Our lives are filled with riches and blessings beyond our wildest imagination simply because we are the blessing. And Life will always reflect back to us exactly what we are.

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The Divine Life Principle is forever expressing and revealing Itself all throughout the Cosmos. Its nature is to always expand and demonstrate more of Its beauty.

We may see this Principle unfolding when we take the time to pause and look at a beautiful rose. We may see It when we watch a beautiful sunset.

We may see It when we look into the eyes of a beloved. Or into the eyes of any fellow traveler on this grand adventure called Life.

It is seeking to express and reveal Itself in new and wondrous ways through every single one of us. Yet we have been given the gift of free will, which means that our willingness is required.

We must be willing to go with the stream of Life, to allow Its rivers to gently guide us to our destiny. Or we may get caught in some resistance pattern made up of conditioned thought forms revolving around fear, scarcity, lack, and limitation.

The spiritual journey is always one of moving away from fear towards a fuller embodiment of Love.

As such it serves us well to sit every day to consciously release any and all patterns of limitation, and to then surrender to that which is seeking to emerge in, through, and as us.

So right now, at this very moment, pause for a few seconds, and allow yourself to declare your sacred and joyous “Yes!”

You are saying to the Universe that you are willing to activate your fullest potential. You are willing to become more fully yourself. You are willing to let your life blossom into the wondrous work of art that it is meant to be.

Allow yourself to make this part of your daily practice.

You will be glad you did.

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One of the things we need to cultivate in order for us to live our lives at our highest potential is a regular spiritual practice. Spiritual practice simply means setting aside some time each day to consciously focus our awareness towards that which is Real and Eternal. Spiritual practice can include, but is not limited to, meditation, affirmative prayer, contemplation, spiritual study, as well as making ourselves available to and tuning into the highest vision for our lives.

Simply put, spiritual practice is what plugs us back into our Source and recharges our spiritual batteries! It’s what allows us to then bring this higher awareness – the awareness resulting from our fully charged and fully functional spiritual batteries – into our day to day lives. It’s what keeps us from walking around as sleepwalkers, merely coming from a place of reacting to the world of sensory phenomenon, to actually walking in an awareness of Reality with a capital “R.”

And as this higher state of awareness begins to be from where we live our lives – as we consciously begin to live, move, and have our being in it – we begin to realize that there is a perfect spiritual idea, held within the Mind of God, for everyone and everything in existence. And furthermore, we develop the ability to be able to see this perfect spiritual idea – which is the embodiment of highest potentiality – regardless of what our physical senses are showing us at any given moment.

This is what True Vision is all about. What I’m referring to as “blind sight” is simply looking at life merely through the five senses. It’s how many people still live their lives. Yet True Vision is a step up on the evolutionary ladder. It is where we begin to realize that there is much more to life than what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. True Vision is, in fact, what Jesus the Christ alluded to when he declared, “Let those who have eyes to see, see! Let those who have ears to hear, hear!”

  • Demonstrating True Vision

So what does True Vision look like? Let’s say you’re perceiving an individual that may not be demonstrating their highest potential because, maybe they’re doing something you think is inappropriate, or maybe they’re acting in a way you’ve perceived to be rude or offensive – whatever your mind is telling you about the situation.

If you can learn to perceive this individual with True Vision, you will be able to look beyond what is seemingly happening on the surface level. You will no longer merely see what your mind may have labeled as a rude or obnoxious person, and instead you will have a very real and powerful sense that, though it might be clouded up, though it may be hard to make out, beneath the surface, beneath the debris field of past experience, there is nothing less than the Holy Presence of the Divine emanating from that being.

Perhaps they have temporarily forgotten who they are and are displaying this in their actions, but with your higher awareness you will be able to remember for them. By doing this you are imparting a great gift to yourself and this other individual who, in Reality, is not separate from you at all.

The spiritual textbook, A Course in Miracles, states that, “Every attack is a call for help.” So by perceiving this other being as who they truly are, despite of what the surface mind is telling you about them, you are in fact answering this call for help, which is nothing less than the call for love.

So perhaps the best way of summing this up is to say that instead of feeling the need to judge, you will find that you are able to feel a sense of compassion.

Compassion is simply the understanding of the lack of understanding in another.

Compassion does not mean that we necessarily condone their actions, but it does mean that we are no longer drawn into some robot-like lower consciousness reactive pattern. Instead of unconscious reaction, we find we are able to hold the space from which we are able to consciously respond.

  • Embodiment

Today I am willing to demonstrate True Vision in my life. I am able and willing to look beyond what my physical senses may be telling me, and I am open to receiving all the guidance, all the insight, and all the inspiration necessary to step up to the next level of my spiritual evolution. I release any and all thoughts of judgment, anger, or resentment, any thoughts of lack, limitation, and scarcity, and I allow my heart to be filled with peace, the very peace that passeth all understanding. I know that God, Ineffable Divine Source, Universal Beloved, only sees Beauty and Perfection, and it is with this understanding that I now heal any and all false perceptions within my own awareness. I may have been blind, but now I see. The Spirit in me is helping me to see. I can see. I can see clearly. And I’m liking what I’m seeing! For this and so much more I give thanks and I simply allow it to be. And so it is. Amen.

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There is something timeless and formless that exists within all of us.

This deeper Realm is beyond the five senses. It is birthless, deathless, and eternal. And It is in a process of forever unfolding and revealing Itself throughout the Cosmos.

If we are to seek true fulfillment, we must learn to regularly withdraw our attention from the world of the senses, the world of effects, and instead turn within.

As we turn within, we access this sweet and delicious Presence that is forever shining forth within us. It is from this Presence that we may draw whatever is required at any given moment.

We are indeed fueled and funded by the all-giving Spirit of Life. This Divine Spirit has remade Itself in Its own image and likeness, and It has named Itself each and every one of us.

As our awareness is flooded with this realization, all the stuff that we thought mattered, all the drama of the world of effects, begins to lose its appeal.

We have become but a field of radiant peace.

Our hearts have become an open doorway that lets Love flow to and fro.

We have truly become the Light of the World.

So with this joyous promise awaiting nothing other than our conscious realization of it, let us regularly turn within so that we may access that part of us that was never born and which will never die.

Let us walk in an awareness of our True Nature, and let us freely shine our light upon everything and everyone that enters our field of awareness.

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One of the most powerful tools that we can apply in our day to day lives in order to experience more peace, joy, and lasting happiness, is the tool of observing stillness.

Most people are trapped in the prison of the conditioned mind, yet they do not realize this. Their attention is constantly focused on thinking.

This thinking either involves obsessing over the past or the future, or it involves complaining in one form or another.

Whenever we’re in such a state of mind, we’ve allowed ourselves to get identified with thinking, thus the mind has taken us hostage. We’ve forgotten that we are not our thoughts.

We are the observing presence, the field of awareness in which thinking happens.

An easy way to notice this is to just become still. Just stop. Just for a few moments. You can do it right now. Allow yourself to become completely present. And then observe whatever thoughts arise. Just allow them to be.

Notice them.

Watch them.

With no judgement.

Just let them be.

They’re drifting by like clouds in the sky.

As you learn to do this, you will find that, gradually, the mental chatter will begin to clear away, and you will experience moments of pure stillness.

And in that stillness you will notice something extraordinary:

When all thoughts cease, you are still there.

The thoughts are gone, but you remain.

That is because you are not your thoughts.

With this realization, you learn to not always take your thoughts so seriously, particularly when they become infused with negativity.

All forms of negativity are merely conditioned mind patterns.

You learn to see beyond the patterns.

You learn to see beyond the clouds of illusions.

You learn to rediscover the Real You that lives in a space beyond all thought, beyond all judgement, and beyond all negativity; it lives in that space that so many of us have forgotten even exists. The space of eternal stillness.

That space is pure bliss, pure love, pure joy.

It’s your home.

And it’s your natural state of being.

May you experience this profound peace in your life each and every day!

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