Video Message: “Surrender, Willingness & Total Commitment” (Originally Aired 05/04/2013)

Beloved community,

Posted bellow you will find this week’s featured video message. This particular video is a “rebroadcast” and was originally released on 05/04. Whether you’ve already seen it and are revisiting it, or if you’re checking it out for the first time, I hope that you will find it to be a blessing on your ongoing journey of unfolding, revealing, and uncovering more of your true and limitless nature.

The theme for the month of July is “Faith As An Unshakable Commitment To What Is Real.” Beginning next week and all throughout the month we will be exploring some of the cornerstones of a faith-filled life, and how we may take on a faith that is nothing less than a commitment to knowing the absolute Truth of our being, independent of circumstances and temporary appearances. Scripturally faith has been described as “the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.” So ultimately our task becomes to get comfortable with trusting in the unseen aspect of Life. And as we do, we create the conditions that will allow the Divine Presence to literally shower us with more good than we can imagine.

The first installment in this new faith series will be out next Sunday. In the meantime, feel free to immerse yourself in the video posted bellow which acts as a nice lead-in since “Surrender, Willingness & Total Commitment” are certainly crucial aspects of taking on an unshakable and committed faith.

Thanks so much for choosing to be here and for being a part of this online presence, and as always feel free to contact me with any insights, questions, or feedback you may have.

Peace and Blessings to you!


“Surrender, Willingness & Total Commitment” (Rebroadcast)


My steps are ordered by the sacred vibration of unconditional love!

I joyously and boldly embrace the limitless possibilities before me!

All areas of my life reflect and reveal the fundamental order and harmony of my being!

Each moment presents me with opportunities to more fully give expression to God!

I am a luminous emanation of wholeness, perfect health, and harmonizing prosperity!

In the spirit of gratitude and celebration I express my divinity to its fullest!

I am the embodiment of these words! And so it is! Amen!

Video Message: “Your Inward Sense Of Purpose”

Beloved community,

I invite you to enter into our “virtual sanctuary” and check out our latest video message titled “Your Inward Sense Of Purpose.” Today we wrap up our June theme, which has been “The Fundamentals of Wholeness and Unity,” as we explore getting in touch with that deeper dimension of our being from which comes that creative urge that is seeking to propel us towards greater and greater heights of self-expression. Ultimately we are all here to reflect and reveal the face of the Infinite, each according to our own unique set of gifts, skills, and talents. As we learn to get in touch with our inward sense of purpose, we create the conditions that will allow us to come into alignment with the highest and best for our lives.

Look for the audio version of today’s sermon, which will be up within the next few days. And be sure to also catch this week’s affirmations, posted bellow as well. Thanks so much for choosing to invest some of your time into visiting this online presence. As always, I hope you find everything here to be beneficial to the continuing unfolding of your soul.

Peace and Blessings!


“Your Inward Sense Of Purpose”


I easily discern the inner voice of Spirit guiding me towards my highest and best!

Embodying my true nature of infinite potential, my life overflows with blessings and opportunities that exceed even my wildest expectations!

I live in the sacred space of gratitude, allowing its sweet vibrations to manifest as abundance, well-being, and total fulfillment!

Following my inward sense of purpose, I am compelled into divine right action at all times!

All I do is motivated by my high intention of reflecting and revealing more of the sacred qualities of God!

My life is a good life! So be it now! And so it is! Amen!

Video Message: “Stand In Your Spiritual Power; Receptivity And Humility As Your Way In”

Beloved community,

Posted bellow is the latest video sermon, titled “Stand In Your Spiritual Power; Receptivity And Humility As Your Way In,” accompanied by some powerful affirmations that go along with it. If you haven’t yet checked out any of these messages, I encourage you to do so. These videos, as all of the postings here, are grounded in New Thought-Ageless Wisdom Teachings. So they are essentially the types of messages you will hear at any new thought church or spiritual center, thus making Awakened Life a virtual spiritual center.

I’d also like to welcome all of our new readers/viewers. We’ve had quite a few individuals subscribe to our email list this past week, which means most likely you’re reading this in your inbox right now. :) Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself. Of course we’re all connected beyond the seeming confines of space and time, but I invite us to also connect right here in the physical. Either way, I am happy and grateful that you have chosen to follow this website. Make yourself at home, take and put to practice whatever you find works for you, and feel free to share any of the messages here with whomever you feel will benefit from them as well.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings!


“Stand In Your Spiritual Power; Receptivity And Humility As Your Way In”


I stand in true empowerment as I am receptive to the I AM Presence of my being!

With receptivity and humility I yield to the Highest and Best that is unfolding right here and right now!

My exalted awareness manifests as compelling insight, divine right action, and a consciousness of plentitude and abundance!

I behold the sacredness of my body temple, giving it permission to radiate perfect health and absolute well-being!

I joyously contemplate better-than-I-can-imagine-scenarios, knowing that God is working in me, through me, and as me!

With gratitude and appreciation I let it be! Now and forever!

And so it is! Amen!

Video Message: “Focus & Intent; What Are You Bringing Into The Space Of Your Life?”

Beloved community,

Posted bellow is our latest video sermon, titled “Focus & Intent; What Are You Bringing Into The Space Of Your Life?” As we continue exploring our monthly theme of “The Fundamentals of Wholeness and Unity,” let us always be mindful of what we are bringing into each and every moment of our life. Are we bringing the sacred qualities of love, peace, joy, harmony and well-being? Or have we gotten caught up in a lesser perception? As we consciously direct our focus and intent towards allowing these qualities to express through us we rise out of any sense of mediocrity masquerading as normality, and we become a blessing not only to ourselves but to everyone whose lives we touch.

Thank you so much for choosing to make Awakened Life your place of inspiration and empowerment today! Your presence here is felt and deeply appreciated. Feel free to post any insights, comments, or feedback you are willing to share. And also, be sure to catch the affirmations posted bellow the video.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings!


“Focus & Intent; What Are You Bringing Into The Space Of Your Life?”


The Spirit of Life in me is guiding me and directing my steps towards my highest and best!

Knowing I am divinely supported, I embrace the highest possibility of each and every moment!

Radiating the sacred qualities of God, I consciously bring healing and well-being into all the spaces of my life!

Wholeness and unity are the activity of my awareness! I embody them with ease and grace!

Infinite supply is readily available to me, and my life overflows with plentitude and abundance!

Gratefully knowing that this is now so, I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Affirmations, Weekly Recap, Latest Podcast and Video Message

Posted bellow are our latest affirmations. As always, allow the powerful vibrations of these words to sink deeply into your awareness. Begin to say them, repeat them, and feel into them! Allow yourself to stand in your spiritual authority and call forth what you want to experience.

And also posted bellow you will find the audio versions of the latest two video messages. So if you’d like to download them, simply right click and save. :)


I am compelled and propelled into divine right action by the voice of Spirit in me!

My life is a radiant expression of God’s glory and a bountiful demonstration of plentitude and abundance!

Health, wholeness, and well-being reign supreme in me!

I am an ambassador of peace and a messenger of love, joyously shining the light wherever I go!

Containing the totality of the All-Good within me, I freely circulate and gratefully receive the infinitude of divine blessings!

I live for God! My life is the life of God! And it sure is a good life!

Gratefully I allow it be! And so it is! Amen!


Proper Seeing

Yielding To Unconditional Love

Who You Really Are

Live From The Center

Standing In Your Spiritual Power



“Redirect Your Attention & See Clearly”

Video Message: “Redirect Your Attention & See Clearly”

Beloved community,

Today we begin our video series for the month of June with the first installment posted bellow. The theme for this month is “The Fundamentals of Wholeness and Unity.” To become the embodiment of our highest potential it is crucial that we release all sense of separation and isolation, and instead come to the powerful and experiential realization that unconditioned Consciousness, pure Spirit, is the Ultimate Reality.

We embody wholeness by realizing that everything we could ever want, hope for, or desire is already within us, waiting to be set free. As we enter into this higher state of awareness, unity becomes an extension of wholeness. Unity involves the letting go of all sense of otherness as we realize that, beneath the surface of appearances, beneath that marvelous kaleidoscope of diversity expressing as every single one of us, in truth there is only ever one of us—we are all one within the One.

I hope you continue to find the messages here at Awakened Life to be a blessing as we continue to grow as a virtual cyberspace community of individuals just like you, committed to transformation and to becoming the embodiment of their highest potential. As always, feel free to post any comments, questions, or feedback you may have. Let’s connect! Let’s continue to grow together!

Much love, peace, and richest blessings!


“Redirect Your Attention & See Clearly”

Affirmations + Latest Video Message: “Out Of Time Into Eternity—Your Ticket To Freedom”

At last the final part of our May video series has arrived! :) And also posted bellow, our latest affirmations!

My apologies for the delay, but these past few weeks have been more busy than normally due to my having started a wonderful new job. However I’ve finally been able to put this latest video together. Even though technically it’s already June, this installment wraps up our May series. The topic is “Out of Time into Eternity—Your Ticket To Freedom.”

Look for the audio version of this as well, which will be going live within a day or two. And if you’d like to revisit any of the previous videos, simply head over to the Video Archives Page.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings to all of you!


All good in my life comes from God, and only good can come into my life!

Joyously I abide in the realm of plentitude, freely circulating the abundance that has already been given!

Fully aware of my oneness with all of Life, I radiate all the peace, all the love, and all the harmony that I wish to see!

My awareness that all is good and all is God manifests as a shower of rich blessings and infinite possibilities!

Living from the inside out I let the sacred qualities of God shine as my life!

I live these words! I embody these words! I AM these words!

And so I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


“Out Of Time Into Eternity—Your Ticket To Freedom”

Affirmations, Latest Video & Daily Inspirations


I am divinely guided and divinely supported as I walk in the conscious awareness of my oneness with God!

Surrounded by infinite possibility and free from all lesser perceptions I surrender to the highest and best for my life!

Fully equipped and empowered by Spirit I am a vehicle for divine love, peace and harmony to express in me, through me, and as me!

Freely I withhold nothing, knowing that nothing is withheld from me!

Gratitude and generosity are the sacred vibration of my being!

Joyously I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


“Embrace the Real You; From Turbulence to Magnificence”


With Awareness Comes Choice

You Are Divinely Supported

Free From The Shackles Of Memory

It’s At Hand Now!

Seeing With The Inner Eye

Video: “Embrace the Real You; From Turbulence to Magnificence”

Beloved readers and viewers,

With a new Saturday comes a new video! Today’s installment of the podcast is titled “Embrace the Real You; From Turbulence to Magnificence.” And the core of this message is about embracing our whole, perfect and complete nature as spiritual beings, the very image and likeness of God, as well as embracing our very own uniqueness. As we learn to completely and totally embrace and accept ourselves, we create the conditions that will allow for the higher frequencies of Divine Love to transmute any turbulence in our lives into pure magnificence.

I hope you will join me for this message as we grow and become more fully ourselves together. And if you would like to download and listen to this, you can do so by or by going to the High Evocations page where you can get the audio version as well.

Much love, peace, and richest blessings to you!


“Embrace the Real You; From Turbulence to Magnificence”

Latest Podcast & Daily Inspirations, and Some Powerful Affirmations!


Divine Right Action manifests in all areas of my life expressing in me, through me, and as me!

My awareness of God’s omnipresence is fully sufficient and shows up as all my needs being met!

Free from the debris of the past I shape my life with an ease and grace as the masterful soul-artist that I am!

The inner harmony of my being reflects and reveals itself in all areas of my life!

It shows up as perfect health! It shows up as harmonizing prosperity! It shows up as divine opportunities! Right here and right now!

Freely I receive and freely I give! And in the spirit of gratitude I let it be!

And so it is! Amen!




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