Daily Inspiration: Something About Love And Compassion

As we free ourselves from the surface mind’s compulsion to incessantly label and judge, we awaken to the realization that it is possible to simply just be in the moment as a calm and loving presence. When habitual thoughts of judgment or fear arise within the field of our own awareness, rather than resisting what is we find we may instead bring in the powerful energy of compassion. Compassion is the highest form of love. Compassion is a profound and soulful understanding of the lack of understanding. The high frequency of compassion dissolves all lesser perceptions and thought forms, and it opens the door for healing and restoration. This begins in our own lives as we are compassionate towards ourselves when needed, and then it extends into all our affairs. We become a powerful presence of love and compassion on this planet at this time in human history.

Daily Inspiration: Free From Maya

When we awaken to the fact that everything we experience is actually a reflection and manifestation of our own thoughts, beliefs, expectations and conceptualizations, we free ourselves from maya, the illusion of an external world that exists separate from us. This allows us to place more attention on our inner state of being than we do on whatever circumstances or conditions happen to surround us. This in turn frees us from the bondage of condition-based happiness, seeking fulfillment in the external, and instead we continuously experience the sweet bliss that comes from being in touch and in tune with that infinite overflowing good that is within the depths of our own limitless being.

Daily Inspiration: Tending First To Our Soul’s Journey

When our spiritual growth and transformation becomes our highest priority, everything else naturally falls into place. As we begin each day with the high intention that today we will unveil more of our authentic self, today we will uncover more of the magnificent God-Essence that is within us, we are naturally guided into a place of alignment, where all areas of our life arrange themselves in a manner that reflects our well-being, harmony in our affairs, soulful fulfillment and all our needs being met. As we tend first to our soul’s journey—seeking first the Kingdom—all else will take care of itself as it is added unto us.

Daily Inspiration: The Greatest Fulfillment Lies In The Unknown

When contemplating the highest vision for your life, realize that it will be totally and completely unique. You are not here to do what anyone else has done, you are here to set free the gifts, skills and talents within you in a way in which it hasn’t been done before. Free yourself from all limitations, let go of all preconceived ideas of how something “should” be by opening yourself up the unknown. The truth is that it’s in the unknown where your greatest fulfillment lies, for the highest and best vision for your life will always exceed your present paradigm. This is the joyous process of unfoldment and evolution, where we always become more fully ourselves and we eternally unveil more of our true, authentic and divine Self.

Daily Inspiration: You Represent The Totality Of Life

Today, live in the awareness of your true identity as a sacred emanation of Life itself. Realize that you represent the totality of Life, and that within you there is a sense of preciousness, a sense of sacredness, a vibration of pure Love that is nothing less than the feeling tonality of your true being. This vibration is found at the center of all of Life. Perhaps you had become accustomed to viewing yourself as merely the son or daughter of your parents, but today become aware of who you were before your parents were born. This is who you are right now—a beloved child of the Universe, here to reflect and reveal the eternal qualities of the Ineffable within this experiential world of time and space.

Daily Inspiration: Everything Has Been Given

The eternal verities of the soul are ever present and always readily available. At any time we may tune into these sacred qualities of love, truth, beauty, harmonizing prosperity, wisdom, loving-kindness, generosity, and many others. This requires us to shift away from waiting for things in the external to change, and to realize that we can feel into these qualities regardless of circumstances or conditions. We change first, then circumstances and conditions will follow. And when we live from the qualities that we wish experience, we create the space for them to show up by realizing that they are indeed eternally at hand. Everything has already been given, and it is up to us to be available and receptive to it.

Daily Inspiration: Nothing To Do But To Be Yourself

Consider that just perhaps there is nothing for you to do but to be yourself. This means shifting away from what you think you “should” be doing in order to be complete, shifting away from projecting happiness and fulfillment into the future, and shifting away from looking at yourself through the eyes of the past. Instead, give yourself permission to just be yourself. Here and now. Realize you don’t have to do one more thing to be complete, for you already contain within you the totality of All That Is. So as you become interested in the Real You, and as you let your intention be to be more fully yourself, you find that out of this state of consciousness right action flows, inspiration, joy and enthusiasm reign supreme, and you are guided ever so gently down the streams of the river of Life.

Daily Inspiration: Uncover Your Authentic Self

The Authentic You cannot be found in any particular activity. You will not uncover your Essential Self on the surface level of your life. Beneath all the activity, beneath whatever may arise in each new now-moment, lies something that ultimately cannot be described, but it can be felt. It cannot be perceived with the physical senses, but it can be spiritually discerned with the senses beyond the five senses. This is why spending time each day in silent communion with the Spirit of Life is so crucial. When we experience our intimate at-one-ment with Spirit, we free ourselves from all that does not belong. We invite more of our Real Self to emerge and come to the surface. As we do this consistently, we find we bring forth all of the sacred qualities of our true being. We anchor the transcendent realm of the infinite overflowing good on earth through our words, our actions, and our intentions.

Daily Inspiration: The Sweet Space Of Surrender And Receptivity

Living in the sweet space of surrender we cultivate an unshakable trust in the fundamental goodness of Life. Surrender is not something to be done reluctantly, it is something we do with joy, with a child-like openness and enthusiasm. The reason being that as we surrender to the flow of Life, we are yielding to the highest and best, the divine pattern of perfection held in the Mind of the Infinite. Sometimes this requires us to set aside our idea of how something “should” be, so that we may instead allow things to be. Yet without exception, if we are available, if we are open and receptive, our yielding mentality will always result in better than we can imagine scenarios. When we let go and let God, we open ourselves up to blessings that exceed our wildest expectations. I invite us to live in this sweet space of surrender and receptivity.

Daily Inspiration: Consider The Possiblity…

Consider the possibility that just perhaps you have chosen this lifetime as the one in which you wake up and become fully self-realized. Then everything that emerges in your experience, everything that has ever happened, must have in some way been geared towards your growth, expansion and evolution. Even the events you may have labeled as bad or unwanted actually held some kind of hidden blessing for you, some sort of opportunity for you to release a lesser perception and to become more fully yourself. Now as you align your perspective to see this, and as you approach your day to day life with this insight, you are in that moment aligning yourself with the fundamental order and harmony of the Universe, which indeed is geared towards constant growth, expansion and evolution. You are no longer resisting the flow of Life. Instead, you are saying “yes!” to your soul’s invitation for you to awaken to the magnificent and luminous light-being that you are.